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Decorative Text: "Portland State Outdoor Program - 1966-2016. 50 years of student-led adventure.

Since 1966, the Outdoor Program has been helping PSU students access and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want a day of exploration and adventure or to learn a new outdoor skill, come join the ODP in exploring the wild side of Oregon.


505 SW Harrison Street 
Portland, Oregon 97201
(SW 5th and Harrison) 

Hours : Winter Term
M – F | 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Phone : 503.725.5668
Email : [email protected]

Upcoming Closures

  • The Rec Center facility is closed until further notice. This includes the Climbing Center, Outdoor Program office, and Equipment Rental Center.

Upcoming Events

All Campus Rec programs and events are canceled until further notice. 


Equipment Rental Center

Need gear to get outside? We’ve got it ready for you at prices you can afford.  Take advantage of your student fees and come down to the Outdoor Program Equipment Center and get just the right gear for your own adventure.

Camping and Backpacking | Climbing and Mountaineering | Skiing and Snowshoes | Raft Packages & Accessories | Kayak/SUP Packages & Accessories | Water Sports Clothing

ODP trip participants paddle in a boat.Visit the Rental Center page for upcoming gear rental specials, equipment rental price information, and our rental policies. 




Climbing Center

The Climbing Center wall is a Nicros traversing, bouldering and climbing wall. The wall is 32 feet high and bouldering is allowed up to 14 feet. The floor surface is a Surface America PlayBound Surface, which is made of 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber. The Climbing Center is open for bouldering during all building hours. The use of ropes is allowed during staffed hours only.



A member climbs our climbing wall.Bouldering is climbing without ropes. We offer fourteen feet of bouldering along the entire length of our wall and the wall is open for bouldering during all open Rec Center hours.

In order to boulder:

  • See Member Services to watch the Climbing orientation video or watch it on YouTube.
  • Pass the climbing quiz, taken at Member Services
  • Use your PSU photo ID or government-issued ID to check out a climbing wristband and any other climbing gear from Equipment Checkout.
  • Return your wristband and gear to Equipment Checkout when you are finished climbing. Equipment rentals are FREE.

Every time you decide to climb:

Please check out a Bouldering wristband, available at the Equipment Checkout Window. Shoes are also available to check out for free.


Top-RopingA pair of hands tie a rope at the climbing wall.

Top-roping is a style in climbing which utilizes a harness and a rope as well as a climbing partner to manage the rope. While on a rope, climbers can reach the very top of our wall. Top-rope is only allowed during staffed hours.

How to top-rope?

We have many different classes to suit all skill levels. View our scheduled classes and activities.


Belay Class

Belaying is the act of managing the rope while a climber is climbing. Belaying is an essential component of safe climbing practices, and learning how to belay correctly opens many doors for the recreational climber.

Participants will learn how to belay their climber, give proper commands as both a climber and a belayer, lower their climber, and get to climb to the top of the wall. After completing the class and successfully challenging the belay test at least 24 hours later, participants will be able to belay others on the ropes during staffed hours.

Free! Register at Member Services. View our Schedules & Events page for dates and times.

Before taking the class, you must see Member Services to watch the Climbing orientation video or watch it on YouTube. You then must pass a climbing quiz, taken at Member Services

How to belay?

  • You may ask a Climbing Instructor to belay you. Check out a harness from the Equipment Checkout Window.
  • In order to become belay certified in our gym, you must pass a belay test administered by a Climbing Instructor during staffed hours. We do not accept belay certifications from other climbing gyms. If you do not know how to belay, we offer FREE belay classes most Saturdays. 
  • After you are belay certified you may belay other climbers during staffed hours. You may check out a belay device from a Climbing Instructor.
  • You may use your own harness ONLY if said harness is inspected and approved by Climbing Center staff.
  • You are NOT allowed to do any top-roping during times when there are not Climbing Center staff on duty. This includes people who are belay certified.


For accommodations please contact Jen Armbruster at 503-725-2927 or [email protected]

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