Perry Area Joint Recreation District finances report expected soon | News

A committee that formed to take an in-depth look at the financial condition of the Perry Area Joint Recreation District is making good progress.

That update was provided by Recreation District Board Chairman Rick Amos during the Oct. 27 meeting of the Perry Township trustees.

“They’ve done a lot of work putting together some numbers and what they see (the rec district’s) needs are going to be,” Amos said.

The committee, which is composed of recreation board members, began meeting in late September. Along with conducting a comprehensive financial review, the group also is considering the topic of annual subsidies that Perry and North Perry villages and Perry Township pay to the district.

In a previous News-Herald story, Amos said the panel intended to study the district’s projected finances for the next five years or so, and determine if funding will be able to keep community recreation sustainable in Perry.

At the Oct. 27 trustees’ meeting, Amos also talked about how the group’s findings will be shared.

“As soon as (the committee) is done, I think that they’re going to kind of give a CliffsNotes version of (the district’s) needs, and our plan is to send it to (Perry Township trustees), to all council people and to all mayors so everybody has it in their hands, so they can get a better idea,” Amos said. “I think that if we write this down, it will answer a lot of questions for everybody.”

Amos anticipates that leaders in all three communities will receive the special financial report on the rec district “way before the end of the year.”

Traditionally, the township, and Perry and North Perry villages all have provided the recreation district with annual subsidies to help the district pay for items such as insurance, employee wages and salaries, and overhead. Each year, the rec district sends out letters in January to the communities’ government leaders, reminding them about the subsidies.

Operating costs for the rec district, on the other hand, are covered through fees paid by participants in sports and other activities.

Perry Area Joint Recreation District, which offers programs for children and senior citizens, serves the three Perry communities and Perry Schools.

Although Perry Schools used to pay annual subsidies to the rec district, it hasn’t done so in recent years, However, Amos said that the school district does provide in-kind contributions by allowing its athletic fields and buildings to be used for rec district activities.

The next gathering of the committee spearheading the study of rec district finances is slated to take place at 4 p.m., Nov. 9, at the township Administration Building. That session will be followed by a meeting of the full recreational board at 5 p.m. 

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