Paranormal activity at historic Hotel Apache

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Down the long and narrow hallways of the Hotel Apache and up four flights you’ll land at room 400, once known as the penthouse of the historic downtown hotel.

Tony Cornero, one of the original owners, was a bootlegger and gambling entrepreneur and as Elizabeth Bristow explained, he wasn’t known for being a very up and up businessman.

“Sometimes with that type of business can come some interesting activity that happens around those people and it’s likely some of that activity found its way near this property, if not potentially on it,” said Bristow, who’s the social media manager for TLC Casinos.

And ever since, the property with its quirky rolling hallways and dusty secret rooms, has been known for paranormal activity. Employees and guests report hearing voices, seeing shadows and noticing objects have moved. Even Bristow herself has been caught dumbfounded.

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“Right before we reopened the hotel after remodeling it, the employees got to stay to do a test run, make sure everything was working the way it was supposed to work,” she said.

Bristow arrived early in the afternoon before her friend was to join her. She began to hear noise in the next room, like someone was moving furniture and even trying to open the windows…which had just been sealed.

“My concern was someone in the room not knowing that things had been sealed would accidentally break it not knowing so I called down to our front desk.” she recounted. “She goes, ‘hold on for a second. There’s no one in that room and there’s no one staying in that room and there’s no one going to be in that room.’ Like, oh okay everything’s fine,” Bristow said with a laugh.

Bristow said that experience made all the other reports feel very real.

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And for someone who believes in that kind of thing, she said it was not only interesting but great!

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