Minnesotans take advantage of outdoor recreation on warm Saturday

“A day like today, we were sold out probably a week ago,” Steve Whillock, general manager at Oak Marsh Golf Course.

“I love golf, it’s absolutely the perfect day to go out and hit golf balls and be out on the golf course,” said Tom Kieselbach. 

“We always feel like this is going to be it, this is the way the golfer’s world is, “This has going to be it; this has got to be it!” But — by God’s grace it’s warm again, we probably will be out here,” said Drew Ekstrom.

The pandemic and its shutdowns have been keeping everyone indoors, but here was a chance to get out. 

“You couldn’t ask for anything more, this is fabulous,” said Kieselbach. 

While at Afton Alps, it’s man-made snow, but the powder still feels fresh — a perfect chance for parents to let their children blow off some steam. 

“They just started learning how to ski like a couple years ago, and (we) thought that this would help pass the time during the pandemic, just to enjoy the outdoors,” Kari Jasper said. 

Both Jasper’s daughters, Addison and Tatum aren’t able to do their usual school sports anymore because of the recent executive order. 

“It wasn’t very fun because we had to stay home,” Addison said.

“We’re trying to stay off of electronics, and so being outdoors, going hiking, we come to Afton to go on hikes too at the state park, and just coming out here, going on walks with the dogs,” Kari Jasper said.

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