Matt Barrett’s Guides to Greece and the Greek Islands

My Greece Travel Guide began
as a hobby in 1995 and since then
it has grown in popularity and size.  99% of the material in my guides
was written by myself. I don’t have a staff. I
took all the photos with the
exception of some of the
historical ones. I update the site
continuously so unlike a guidebook I don’t
have to wait for the next printing to fix a
mistake. People have been asking me how they
can contribute. First of all you can contribute by using the agencies I recommend,
found on my  Travel Agents Page.
Without their support this site could not
exist. Another way to contribute is to help
spread the word about my Greece Travel Guides.
Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell
strangers on the travel bulletin boards. If
you have your own website or blog make a link.
 If you are on Facebook  you can use the button at the bottom of this and many of the other pages. The only way I can compete with the big commercial sites is with your help. If you plan to book hotels on your own without the use of a travel agent you can go through my affiliate page which I get a small commission from.

Important Note: There is a lot of information on my website and it is all free to anyone whether you booked through the travel agents, the hotels or Air BnB. But it is the commissions I get from hotel bookings on my affiliate website with that supports this website and enable me to continue doing the work I enjoy.  So my request to you is that if you are using other sites to book hotels and apartments and using my websites for everything else and are thankful
for the information you have received from it please think about donating whatever you can afford so I can continue to be creative. If you are appreciative of all the free information you get on my websites you can
send a donation through Paypal

You can read what others have said about my Greece Guides and the travel agencies and services on my Testimonials

Remember if you have
any questions about services, itineraries,
problems or anything having to do with Greece
or if you are looking for something on the site and can’t find it you can
e-mail me
and I will respond
quickly. There is no fee. All info is
I hope to see you in Greece!
Matt Barrett

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