LEADING THE WAY: Miller aims to teach kids life lessons as coach, recreation coordinator | Local


A Columbus native, Miller grew up having a good childhood living with his parents, two older brothers, Rob and Craig, and younger sister, Tiffany. From an early age, sports were part of the equation.

“I mainly started out watching my oldest brother playing soccer and I became fascinated with the game,” Miller recalled. “I played a lot of sports and I watched my siblings play.”

Miller played baseball, football and soccer, but it was his father, Galen, who inspired him to want to work with youth as he got older.

“Growing up, he volunteer-coached all of us all of the time,” he said. “He did a lot of other stuff behind the scenes, so I would say he had a big influence on me.”

Miller graduated from Columbus High School in 2005 and spent a few years at Central Community College-Columbus; however, he decided to leave because he knew he desired to share his love for sports and physical activity with the younger generation like his father did. He already had gotten a taste of it, having helped coach his cousin’s sixth-grade basketball team with his dad and a local football team. He wanted to pursue that interest further.


Miller’s sister helped him land the opportunity with CASP, a role he has been in for 13 years. Each weekday, he travels to one of Columbus Public’s five elementary schools, where he works with up to 15 kids that range from kindergarten to fourth grade at one time. They’ll play sports and games, but he’ll also help out during homework time.

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