Just Started My New Job

I just started out on a new job this week. I am not really able to do much of it yet, because this requires a lot of training. You are dealing with a lot of poisons in fact when you are working to exterminate bugs. They took me out with guys who knew what they were doing. A big part of the job is act as a bed bug exterminator in NYC. The bed bug had been exterminated in the United States at one point in time, but they were brought back by some person who traveled to a country where they still existed and they have made a big comeback. That is apparently one of the big things I need to learn about because you have a lot of that to do in New York City. The big thing is to keep them out of the beds at a large hotel. Of course if you have a hotel, then the last thing you want is for your guests to go on the internet and tell the entire world that you have bed bugs. So these people have a huge incentive to do everything that they can to make sure that they do not have them. In fact they could have them brought in by any of their guests all of the time. You could just get some person who has stayed in another place where there were bed bugs and once you have a few of them, they can spread like a wild fire and soon they will be in every room that you have. So when they call us they want us to figure out which rooms are infected and then take action to make sure that they are eliminated as completely as they can be. It is that simple.