IMPACT: Frontline grocery store worker surprised with vacation and donation made in her name

Meet Brenda Stroble, the “mama” of Giant Food’s with a huge heart for others.

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — For months now, we’ve seen the work of everyday heroes in our community, wearing masks, shields and capes as they stock shelves to keep our families safe.

Brenda Stroble is one of them. She’s a fixture of her neighborhood working as a “Cash Office Lead” at Giant Food since 1984.

Stroble is leading a brand new team that opened a new store right as COVID-19 hit our area. When we met her, she thought WUSA9 was coming to talk about being on the frontlines during this pandemic.

“Morning Ms. Brenda, how are you?” WUSA9’s Lesli Foster asked. “We’re just trying to explain to people what it’s like for all of you who have been working so hard during this pandemic.”

But instead, our Impact team had a big surprise, for the “mama” of the store with a big heart.

“I have never met anybody like Brenda, in my whole life,” Giant manager Bill Randall said. “She makes it very happy to come to work every day.”

“The whole time that I’ve known her, she’s been always about someone else,” another coworker said about Stroble.

Foster asked Stroble what the best part of her daily job is. 

“Helping somebody in need, that is the best part about it,” she said. 

Then, Foster got to do something she’s always wanted to do

“Good morning, and attention shoppers,” Foster boomed over the loud speaker. “We have a special special celebration coming up today, in the floral section. So while you’re shopping in the aisles, if you could join us over in the floral section for just a moment. You won’t want to miss it.”

The pair walked over to the floral department where many of Stroble’s coworkers were waiting to surprise her, and celebrate her. 

“Oh, my God!” Stroble said, clearly shocked. “Oh, wow.”

Stroble calls her colleagues her family and in her free time she helps other families who are experiencing homelessness.

“You are a true servant leader in every way possible,” Foster said. 

Randall then made a special presentation. 

“We made a donation to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church at $250 on your behalf,” he said to Stroble.

Stroble was also presented with a gift basket filled with her favorite things.

But that wasn’t the end of the surprises for this shero.

“We have some friends with visit Myrtle Beach that heard about you as well,” Foster said. “And they wanted us to give this to you.”

Foster handed Stroble an envelope, with a piece of paper inside that said: “You are a winner of a vacation in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.”

“Oh my god!” Stroble exclaimed. “Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. God bless you all. Thank you.”

“The big deal is that an entire community wanted to come together to say thank you for all that you’ve given,” Foster said. And our friends at visit Myrtle Beach hope that you will enjoy some downtime for you as well.”

WUSA9 would like to send a special thank you to Visit Myrtle Beach for donating a trip for three days and two nights of relaxation for Brenda Stroble. 

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