How To Find A Taste Of Home During International Business Travel

Working in business means you tend to spend countless hours in the field traveling and wining and dining on the road. All the time away can have you seeking a home away from home experience. Discovering a familiar feeling at a restaurant can be an easy way to accomplish this.

For years, entrepreneur Philippe King has sought out ways to feel connected with his European and African roots while abroad. His Miami-based consulting company, King Consulting LLC, keeps him traveling over half of the year, rarely giving him time to go to his birthplace of Africa.

With a background of both European and African decent, he best feels connected when he indulges in the food of these regions. Moreover, he finds that finding a place that represents your origins can make for the perfect setting for successful meetings.

In Boston, Obosa offers one of the few locations in America that highlights truly authentic African cuisine. The residential neighborhood serves as the ideal atmosphere for delicious Nigerian dishes made with delicately infused spices from the country. During the meeting your client’s palette will be delighted in trying most likely what is completely new to them, King says.

Selections include Egusi Stew made from melon seed mixed with pounded yam; Goat Meat Pepper Soup with a side of grilled ripe plantain; and for vegetarian clients, there is the option of Beans and Dodo, which is black eyed beans and honey beans served with a side of traditional fried


Another great find in the region is Lucy Ethiopian Cafe and Restaurant. The Boston establishment serves up scrumptious African appetizers including Kik Alicha Tikl, a split pea sauce rolled in injera and cut into bite-size pieces. There is also traditional Ayib Tikl. These delicious bite-size treats feature cottage cheese seasoned with Ethiopian cayenne blend rolled in injera.

Entrees will impress clients for being both ambitious and special. The menu includes Lega Tibs with Lean beef chunks sautéed with onion, tomato, garlic, rosemary, jalapeno and cooked with awaze hot sauce; Gomen Besiga with collard greens, beef, simmered in mild sauce seasoned with spice and herbs; and Yebeg Tibs Fir Fir with sautéed lamb cubes cooked with house blend spicy sauce and mixed with injera.

When flying from America to Europe for meetings King enjoys staying at the small boutique hotel Les Jardins d’Adalric in Alsace, France. It is here that you will find a simple in-between place to meet up with other European business associates who frequently travel during the week.

Before a co-worker catches a late train back home, there is a perfect area for a meeting downstairs. Breakfast here in the hotel restaurant is served on a buffet with choices of tasty fresh, quality products. Break bread and pastries during your relaxed conversation over contracts. Indulge in their fresh fruits salad, hams, cheeses, yogurts, fruits juice, and eggs before taking off for the next conference.

As a consultant, King often finds himself needing a quick place for first interactions with potential clients in Miami. A perfect solution is found at Graziano’s for a glass of wine when time is limited. With one of the largest and most extensive wine selections in South Florida, the restaurant alone offers more than two thousand different bottles from the world’s most respected regions and producers.

Focusing on small, family-run producers from Argentina, Italy, Spain and France, they passionately know how to pour for your hour-long meeting. They represent the best of many countries, including what may be potentially your own hometown.

King’s expertise includes the provision of financial services in various areas from telecommunication, entertainment, oil, and gas services. His firm also manages the exposure of professional athletes. His across the board clients often need a diverse setting as they look on how to build networking opportunities.

It’s why he often visits Republique in Los Angeles. The restaurant possesses an international flair and a lively environment. West Coast meetings nearly always fall on loose timing and gentle talk on the business end, so discussions over a late breakfast appeal to like-minded workers.

The menu includes French Omelettes with gruyère cheese, fines herbes, and baby green salad; and Carnitas Sope with refried black beans, avocado, salsa macha, white onion escabeche, crema, and fried egg. King is fluent in various languages including French, Spanish, German, and English. He finds the environment here to be flowing with multi-language speakers both in the kitchen and at the meeting table. Everyone from every country will feel at home here.

King emphasizes that wherever in the world you go in business travel, it is always nice to feel a homelike quality in your environment. From Africa to France, there is always a place you can discover for a business meeting that is reliable, lively, creative, and adaptable to your company.

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