How a Lee County couple plans to restore a run-down lovebug

They always had Volkswagens, so the Love Bug was a natural fit.

Linda and Kevin Ross live on the Skunk River near Augusta on the Lee County side. They already have three older Airstream Travel Trailers — you know, the ones that look like silver beetles going down the road — so when they saw the used Love Bug camper for sale on Facebook, they just had to have it.

Kevin was the first to call the owner, and he’s glad he was. There was a flurry of interest in the 13′ fiberglass RV. The owner said, “First one here with $200 gets it.”

The man was a “junker.” The Love Bug was in a field beside 34 Raceway west of Burlington.

It was after dark when Kevin and Linda arrived. Raccoons had been living in the RV shell and it was two feet deep in raccoon excrement. Kevin and Linda had to dig it out by flashlight and pull it onto a trailer. When they got the Love Bug home, Kevin began power washing it. It took him two days to get down to the original color.