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Serengeti National Park

Tempting Tanzania

If adventure is your top holiday priority, the expansive national parks of Tanzania can provide the perfect spot. Whether you want to go on a thrilling safari, take a breathtaking balloon trip or laze on the soft coral sands, this exciting East African country is sure to impress. For affordable hotels to destinations worldwide, browse our voucher codes with has a wide choice of hotels in Tanzania, so you’re sure to find one to suit your tastes and budget. The Pangani Cliffs Lodge in Pangani is one example and offers comfortable accommodation with an outdoor pool, restaurant and bar. The nearest beach is around 6 kilometres away if you want to get the sand between your toes.

From Pangani you can go on safari to Saadani National Park. This national park has a unique spot as it’s perched on the edge of the Indian ocean, offering both bush and marine in close proximity. Here you can spot hippos, water-bucks and yellow baboons, to name but a few.

For some underwater exploration a trip to Maziwe Island Marine Reserve, just 15 minutes from Pangani, is highly recommended. Take a leisurely boat trip to the island and while you’re there try your hand at snorkelling, swim or just relax and listen to the relaxing crash of the waves. Eating local is of course a highlight of any holiday adventure, so be sure to try out the local specialities including Ugali; a dough prepared with cornmeal, usually served with fish, meat or cooked vegetables in sauce. If you’re looking for more from your next overseas adventure, check out our voucher codes with

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