Hotel Lincoln demolition set to go before Metro Council, officials said item will be removed | Business

The demolition of the Hotel Lincoln is set to be introduced at Tuesday’s East Baton Rouge Metro Council meeting, but officials said plans are still underway to restore the historic property.

Anthony Kimble, who owns the hotel at 400 Eddie Robinson Sr. Drive, said the demolition item will be removed from the Metro Council agenda. The demolition was set for introduction Tuesday, then to go before the council for a vote December 9.

“It’s taken care of,” Kimble said.

Historic Hotel Lincoln renovation to start soon, plans to open in 2020; see renderings

The Hotel Lincoln catered to Black entertainers, such as Aretha Franklin, James Brown and B.B. King. Plans are in the works to turn the building into apartments and short-term rentals. The hotel, which opened in 1955, has been closed since the 1980s.

Hotel Lincoln re-developers seek tax incentive for $1.75M conversion into apartment, retail space

According to a report from a city parish building inspector filed with the agenda, the Hotel Lincoln was found to be “in a dilapidated and dangerous condition”.

Planning Commission to look at redevelopment of historic Hotel Lincoln where Aretha Franklin, James Brown and B.B. King stayed

Davis Rhorer, executive director of the Downtown Development District, said he spoke to Planning Director Ryan Holcomb about the demolition motion. Holcomb said the hotel had been secured and the item will be removed from the agenda, Rhorer said. The DDD has been supportive of efforts to get the Hotel Lincoln back in business.

Rhorer said the redevelopment of the hotel is still underway. “This is an important building,” he said.

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