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BETHLEHEM, Pa. – On the ninth floor in Hotel Bethlehem at the end of the hall is room 932.

In the month of October, 932 is known as the Room with a Boo.

“The Room with a Boo is still a bit of a mystery to us. There’s no back story. We haven’t been able to figure out who it is,” said Kelly Ronalds, director of room sales and guest experience at the hotel.

The suite is available seven days a week, but every Thursday through Sunday the room gets spooktacular.

“It includes dinner for two in the Tap Room, this beautiful suite the Room with a Boo, it includes a bottle of wine, and a private tour with me on all the private behind-the-scenes places you can go that normally the public doesn’t get to go,” Ronalds said.

That private tour includes the boiler room where known friendly spirit Francis “Daddy” Thomas has been known to roam. Some say the friendly spirit has peeked over the shoulder of those looking at gauges and other things.

As for the top floor of the hotel, guests have been reporting sightings.

“She heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night and she kind of sleepily went to the door and as she went around the corner to open the door and look through the peep hole a black figure went into the guest bath,”┬áRonalds said.

So far ghost hunters, and guests from as far as Nebraska, haven’t been able to solve the mystery of 932. You have a chance for the rest of the month, but the hotel says not every guest is so lucky.

“Even if you book the Room with a Boo there’s no boo guarantee,”┬áRonalds said. “It’s a lot of fun, we’re having a good time, a spooktacular time here at the Hotel Bethlehem.”

You can find out more about Room with a Boo and other spooky events on the Hotel Bethlehem website.

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