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The first question is, why arrange a home exchange?

The benefits are obvious. You can enjoy the comforts of a private home rather than a stuffy hotel room, you don’t have to tell the children they can’t make noise and you might even be able to bring little Fido with you rather than leaving him at the local veterinarian. But the real answer is much simpler. House swappingsaves money and in most cases, lots of money. By staying at another member’s home while you’re on vacation, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollar on lodging. You’ll also save money by having the option of dining in or dining out. If travel is one of your passions, but today’s economy has slowed you down, a holiday exchange may be the perfect solution.

Home exchanges allow you to travel around the world and never pay for lodging again. Whether you are searching for a resort destination like Maui or Aspen, a stay in a bustling major city like New York or London or something as simple as a week in Myrtle Beach, SC, the house swapping concept makes sense for almost everyone.

The basics are simple. First join a vacation home exchange club like The VacationExchange Network. For a nominal fee you join a group of nearly 1500 other house swapping owners interested in exchanging a stay at their holiday exchange home for a stay at yours. Arranging ahome exchange is as easy as typing in the area you are interested in visiting. A number of home exchange properties within that area will immediately appear. You then select the ones you would like to exchange with, send them a private email and wait for their response. Once they say “yes, they’re interested”, you then discuss and agree to all the particulars, such as dates of arrival and departure, number of people in the party and all the little things such as the best restaurants, local shopping, sites to see, that will make your vacation holiday exchange a truly a lifelong memory.

Yes, house swapping your home for someone else’s home might be a little frightening at first but the advantages of traveling lodging free, seeing places you had only dreamed about, makes the home exchange concept something everyone should try.

The VacationExchange Network team is ready to help you find the perfect holiday exchange.

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