Home Depot Is Selling an 8-Foot ‘Christmas Vacation’ Inflatable That Projects Scenes From the Movie

Photo credit: Home Depot
Photo credit: Home Depot

From House Beautiful

As the holidays approach, so does the debate of whether or not inflatable decorations deserve a spot on your lawn. Are they tacky? Festive and fun? Well, if you’re team giant lawn inflatable, we’ve found the best centerpiece to display in your yard this holiday season: this enormous National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation inflatable that projects scenes from the classic movie.

Available for purchase at Home Depot, the lawn inflatable stands at eight feet tall. It’s shaped like a snow globe, which is fitting for winter. The top of the globe features a sign with the title of the movie surrounded by illustrations of Christmas lights, and the base reads, “Nuts about Christmas” with images of two squirrels on either side of the word “Christmas.”

The best part? The globe is blank so you can project scenes of the movie onto it. The inflatable comes with a LightShow projector that plays five Christmas Vacation scenes and four exciting transitions with instrumental music. You also have the option to customize the order of the scenes. Plus, you can play them on a continuous loop or show a single scene. Even better, the inflatable has external ports so you can play the entire Christmas Vacation movie and the rest of your favorite holiday movies.

Can’t get enough of Christmas Vacation? Sam’s Club is offering a virtual shopping experience that lets you explore the the iconic Griswold family home during Christmas and shop items in and around it.

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