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About HKR

Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation is the home of the Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Education, and Parks, Recreation, and Tourism programs. We offer programs ranging from Graduate degrees to outdoor recreation courses.

A Letter From the Chair

The Departments of Health Promotion and Education, Exercise and Sport Science, and Parks, Recreation, and Tourism are pleased to announce a significant change in organizational structure–we are joining to form the Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation – HKR. This change is a sign of strength and innovation —renewing and expanding our commitment to all aspects of health and well-being, from the individual to our global community and environment.

Each program will be strengthened through new research and teaching relationships as well as increased collaboration with a terrific faculty. Our undergraduate and graduate programs will continue to award degrees in their respective expertise areas (i.e., Parks, Recreation, and Tourism; Kinesiology; and Health Promotion and Education).

We continue to forge new relationships in our respective professions and welcome the expansion and exciting collaborative opportunities. We remain true to our respective roots and yet look forward to growing new branches with this exciting change.

Best wishes,


A. Mark Williams, PhD
Professor and Chair – Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation


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