Have a wonderful trip to the Desert Safari Dubai

This tour is designed for the people of all ages and everyone can get pleasure from it. There are many adventures included in the tour of desert safari tour Dubai which is highly becoming a source of enjoyment for the people all over the world.

Sand boarding:

Sand boarding is one of the foremost wanted journey sports happening in the desert safari tour Dubai. Sand boarding has gained a vast popularity and become a must-do for everybody visiting Dubai. The abundance of mighty sand dunes with varying heights and slopes helped Dubai as middle for a range of desert-based journey sports.

The most abundant animals found in desert safari tour Dubai:

Cape hare:

Cape hare is also called desert hare. It will also be seen in the desert safari Dubai. It has well developed legs and enormous eyes and ears .Usually, it has a fine, soft coat that varies in color from brown to red to sandy grey.

Arabian spiny mouse:

The Arabian spiny mouse is wonderful species found in the desert safari Dubai. This tiny mouse has a spiny fur on its back that helps it to guard itself against predators. You do not must worry concerning this one dashing anyplace nearer to yourself though. Take your family to the desert safari tour Dubaiand show them how this little animal is totally different from those they already recognize.


Caracal is a unique medium sized cat. It has long legs, short face, long tufted ears and sharp teeth. The color of its body is reddish brown or some have grey colored bodies. The people will definitely get pleasure by seeing such type of beautiful cats in the desert safari Dubai.


Camels are the most common animal found in deserts. You will see the camels in large numbers in the desert safari Dubai. It is an animal having long legs with humped feet. Camels will be seen infinitely in the desert safari tour Dubai. Get pleasure from camel ride in the desert. Camel riding will give you long-lasting pleasure. People will also amazed by clicking various beautiful pictures.

Desert hedgehog:

The desert safari tour Dubaiwill provide you with an opportunity to seek out a wonderful kind of hedgehog called the desert hedgehog. It has a dense spiny coat. It will be quite simply an amazing desert safari Dubai tour if you get an opportunity to see and take photos of the desert hedgehog.

There you’ll be able to take rest, even as other convoys be a part of your gang, you’ll be able to select an optional Quad Biking.

An Adventurous trip:

Soon the adventures begin with sand dune bashing at Desert safari Dubai. Select a sand dune drive through the peculiarly formed red dunes. After 30 to 45 minutes of sand dune bashing drive, keep your thrills alive with sand-surfing along the dunes (sand boarding). Afterwards, we’ll proceed to the desert camp.

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