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RE:RE:RE:Harvest Health Increases Bought Deal To C$40 Million

Company: Harborside

Symbol: HBOR


Last: $1.85

Low: $1.78

High: $2.16


Harborside: Continued Revenue Growth & Expansion


Q3 2020: Exceeding 18.5 million (Preliminary)

Q2 2020: 16.1 million

Q1 2020: 14.6 million


You can note above that based on the quarterly figures that company revenue is going up at a brisk pace.


Over the past couple of weeks HBOR announced two updates that will further increase company revenues.  The first piece of news is that HBOR is opening a new dispensary with a starting majority stake with the option to buy full ownership.  The dispensary will be located in the iconic Aight-Ashbury district in San Francisco.  The area is know for its huge hippie gatherings and demonstrations during the Vietnam war.




The next piece of news released last Friday is that they will start selling their own branded clowns at all dispensaries and the expansion of the farm by 50%.  The work should be completed by the end of Q1 2021. 




Keep in mind that we currently have 22 million shares outstanding giving us that crazy share price growth these days.  Volume is going up.  The last 2 days alone we have over 630,000 traded when we normally have 40,000 shares a day.  We’ve also had many days with daily volume of approximately 75,000 shares.




This new target is based on all the information above, Analyst coverage information and forward looking catalysts.  For more information, read tomorrow night’s discussion.

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