Girl, 17, killed in Pompano hotel room was shot in face as gunman fired at random

Twin sisters Alissa and Aliza Cabrera-Espaillat had just celebrated their 17th birthdays on Oct. 30, and five days later Alissa was dead in a hail of shots fired at random — now, two people are facing murder charges in her death.

According to the arrest reports, 19-year-old Deangelo Cincord fired several bullets through the closed-curtained window of Room 123, striking Alissa Cabrera-Espaillat in the face and shoulder. The teen was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The family had been living in the Travelodge at 1201 N.W. 31st Ave. for about a week, said Jasmine Colon, Alissa’s older sister.

“Because of the pandemic, my stepfather had lost his job and couldn’t pay the rent,” she said. “Then a week later, this lady comes to the room and the shooting starts.”

Cincord, who was arrested Nov. 4, told police that he fired several shots through the window of Room 123 after co-accused Jayla Leondrea Patton, 23, argued with Colon’s stepfather, Armando Gonzales, in the doorway.

The family was in bed and the curtains were drawn shut, when Gonzales told detectives he heard a loud knock at the door at about 2 a.m. that night, and when he looked through the peephole he saw a hand blocking his view.

Gonzales opened the door a crack and Patton was standing there demanding to see her ex-boyfriend “Bill” who she accused of “disrespecting her grandmother earlier that night,” the report stated.

The family knew “Bill” but he was not staying with them at the hotel, according to the arrest report.

Gonzales told Patton there was no one named Bill in the room and he pushed Patton back to close the door. Seconds later, several gunshots shattered the glass window of the hotel room and Gonzales saw his stepdaughter fall to the floor, detectives said.

“She had her whole life ahead of her,” Colon said. “There were so many goals that she had and they were all ripped away from her because of two selfish people.”

Colon said the family is struggling with the senseless tragedy.

“There’s so much pain going on right now,” Colon said. “Her [twin] sister doesn’t know how to cope, her fiancé doesn’t know how to cope, I don’t know how to cope, [our] mother, stepfather… we just don’t know.”

Surveillance video obtained by the sheriff’s office appeared to show how the crime unfolded.

Patton and an armed, bare-chested man with a T-shirt wrapped around his face — later identified as Cincord — were seen on video walking toward the Travelodge. Video also shows Patton talking with Gonzales in the doorway and Cincord farther down the walkway. Patton is seen glancing at Cincord and making hand gestures.

When Patton tries to enter the room, Gonzales pushes her back and she slips and falls. When she gets up, video shows Cincord stepping forward and firing his weapon.

Cincord told detectives Patton wanted him to “pistol whip” her ex-boyfriend once she lured him out of the hotel room, but when she fell he opened fire, the report stated.

Cincord also led detectives to the Taurus 9mm handgun that he buried behind a gas station in the area, investigators said.

During questioning, Patton told police that said she didn’t know Cincord was armed. But said she saw him shoot into the hotel room.

Cincord and Patton ran toward the neighboring Budgetel hotel, at 1411 N.W. 31 Ave., after the shooting and were later arrested a short time later.

Both have been charged with murder and are being held without bond in the Broward County Jail.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with funeral arrangements.

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