Free Bonuses with NYC Vacation Packages

Personal Vacation Planning

Personal Vacation Planning Assistance by Professional New York City Experts

Our Personal Vacation Planners are always happy to talk to you, give you the advice you need and make sure your vacation in New York City goes perfectly. They’ll help you plan your itinerary so you can get the most out of your vacation. They know how to get tickets to “sold out” shows, they know how to make dinner reservations for you so you won’t be late to the theater and they know what sightseeing options will fit your schedule. Simply put – they know New York City!

24-Hour Emergency
Travel Assistance

24-Hour Emergency Travel Assistance

NYCVP cares. That’s why we provide you with an emergency phone number to contact an NYCVP manager any time – night or day – in case of an emergency such as:

  • An act of God, such as weather disturbance or natural disaster.
  • Unexpected cancelation or non-delivery by a hotel, theater or transportation company for which NYCVP has made arrangements.
  • Cancelation of your entire trip due to medical or calamitous circumstances.

No-Worry Document Delivery

No-Worry Document Delivery by UPS or
Federal Express in the Continental United States

With our trusted document delivery service you can rest assured you’ll get all your important travel documents with ample time before you leave on your NYC vacation.

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