Flood breaks out in Jerusalem coronavirus hotel

A flood of hot water broke out on the fifth floor of a coronavirus hotel in Jerusalem early Monday morning, witnesses told The Jerusalem Post.The flood started on the fifth floor of the Jerusalem Gate hotel, which is being used to isolate patients who have contracted the coronavirus but cannot isolate at home.Though the water was not particularly deep, it was hot, and video of the incident showed steam rising from the water.The flood was discovered by Aviad Kopinas, who was isolating in the hotel. Speaking to the Post, Kopinas explained he was walking around the hotel when he saw the flood of hot water coming out of the bathroom wall of one of the rooms, where an elderly religious man was isolating, though it had spread throughout the hallway.

He immediately alerted the hotel’s shift manager and two representatives from the Home Front Command, who told him to evacuate the whole floor to the lobby.However, Kopinas was only able to wake two other people on the floor – who were then evacuated to the lobby – and there are still several people sleeping, unaware of the flood.No other floors were affected by the flood. The water was shut down to the fifth floor to stop the flood, but has not yet been turned back on at the time of writing.

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