family vacations

Vacationkids is delighted when we receive your email or call requesting vacation planning help. In return we want to insure that your family’s vacation delights and exceeds everyone’s expectations.  

One of the travel agents on our team will reach out to you to schedule a complimentary 20 min. phone or video consultation. Having a full understanding of your family’s specific needs, wishes, interests and dreams is necessary to create memorable family vacation experiences.  

If you decide you’re ready to move ahead with your vacation plans, your agent will ask you to officially register your full contact and payment details with Vacationkids. This is necessary because we often have to act decisely when it comes to making airfare and other reservations and we need this information at the ready.

At this point, you will receive 60 days of our unlimited vacation planning help, quotes, research and  professional support. 

If for any reason you decide NOT to make reservations with Vacationkids within those 60 days, your credit card on file will be charged a $150 service fee for the time your agent has invested in your care. 

Proper vacation planning takes quality time and serious reasearch. Our loyal and dedicated clients deserve our full focus, time and expertise. There are just so many hours in each work day. We need to eliminate browsers, window wishers and others not ready to book their vacations for whatever reason. 

We must devote our time to clients who are serious about travel. Those who understand and appreciate the level of committment, professionalism and expertise that we offer.

This is how we insure that when you book with Vacationkids, you will receive the excellent service, care and respect you expect and deserve.


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