Drinking Smoothies in the Middle East

Do you ever drink smoothies? Well, smoothie or also known as smoothy is a beverage that has a thick texture. Smoothies are made from a mixture of vegetables or fruit, fruit juice, and yogurt. Smoothies have three components as the main part of it. The first one is the liquid as the base. The second one is fruit or vegetable pieces. And the third one is ice. If you use frozen material such as cold vegetables and fruit, you don’t need to use the ice since the temperature is already low. Well, as mentioned above that smoothies has a thick texture. If you want to adjust the thickness of smoothies, you can adjust it by arranging the ratio of liquid to solids. For example, if you want to make a smoothie with less thickness, you can add more liquid and vice versa. 

Having smoothies in the United Arab Emirates

Well, if you live in Dubai which is a part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you may often experience the hot weather every day. In this state, you may need to drink such a fresh drink to refresh yourself. In this condition, you may try to drink smoothies from the UAE. Some companies have offered some menu for the smoothies. One of them is Life Smoothies. What are the special things of Life Smoothies? Well, it provides some good points than other smoothies products. The smoothies are made from the 100%real vegetable and fruit that makes it be healthier than the artificial fruit and vegetables. It also provides instant smoothies that can be purchased in the sachet forms. In addition, there is no additional sugar in smoothies as well as the preservative substance. It will make a real healthy drink that can be consumed by the people every day. As mentioned previously that the smoothies are available in the sachet form. You can drink it in a simple way. What you need to do is just taking a smoothie sachet from the freezer. Then, you can add the 250 mL juice and blend it. And, the smoothie is ready to drink. It also provides several flavors such as Mango Paradise, Strawberry Split, Caribbean Kiss, Green Machine, and Acai Kick. You can choose based on your taste.

Diet with the smoothies

If you have a plan for losing your weight, you can try to make some smoothie recipes that are specialized for dietary weight loss. Well, the commercial smoothies often contain high calories due to their artificial sugar and preservative. But, this is not the case for Life Smoothies since it doesn’t add any sugar. If you want to make homemade smoothies, you can try some recipes for making smoothies. The main principles of the homemade smoothies are using the real fruit and vegetables to get the fiber. It will help you to feel full longer than without fiber. In addition, you can add yogurt, low-fat milk, whey protein, nuts, and others. You may also try to use almond, banana, nuts, and other ingredients that are good for your health.