Difference Between Leisure and Recreation

Leisure vs Recreation

What do you do in your leisure time is a question often thrown at others during formal discussions. Human beings indulge in many activities, in daily lives such as work, sleep, bathing, resting, sleeping, eating etc, and leisure is believed to be a time of rest when an individual is not working. There is another word called recreation that refers to fun filled activities that people indulge in when they are free and actually look for some thrill and fun. With the two words having nearly the same meanings, it becomes difficult for some people to choose the right word at times. This article attempts to find out the subtle differences between leisure and recreation.


Leisure is spare or free time that we happen to have at our disposal and the time we tend to spend in our own characteristic style. Some people doze off during spare time, not getting up from the bed so as to recharge themselves by taking complete rest. Then there are people who like to watch TV programs that they have missed because of work during their leisure time.

There is nothing to occupy our minds during leisure time, and we are free to utilize the time as per our discretion. Students, when they are away from education and schools and colleges on weekends, tend not to think about studies, but only fun filled activities or whatever that excites them. Even businessmen plan their weekends to have maximum fun and enjoyment to stay away from the stress.


Activities that are meant to bring joy and involve fun and excitement are referred to as recreational activities. These activities are taken up during leisure time and are generally out door in nature. Taking part in sporting activities, working out at gym, hiking, climbing, sailing, fishing, hot air ballooning etc are some recreational activities that people take up to kill boredom and fill their leisure with thrill and excitement.

Thus, experiences and activities that an individual indulges during his leisure time for some enjoyment and pleasure are referred to as recreation.

What is the difference between Leisure and Recreation?

• Leisure is the spare or rest time in the daily life of a person when he is not occupied by work, studies, sleep etc

• Recreation is indulging in thrilling and exciting activities, to derive some pleasure and have fun in one’s leisure time

• While some people just take rest, sleep, watch TV, or play video games on computer in their leisure time, there are many who like to go out for recreation and indulge in activities like cycling, hiking, sailing, surfing, swimming, fishing, etc to have some fun

Recreation is doing activities that recharge and freshens up in one’s leisure time

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