Colbert Makes Conronavirus Quarantine Feel Like a Vacation (Video)

We’re in week three of this pandemic shut down now and we’re all getting a little bored — especially those of us who might have had to cancel their honeymoons or other vacations thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But in a funny video Tuesday, Stephen Colbert figured out how to turn quarantine lemons into vacation lemonade by, basically, lying to yourself.

The fake commercial from Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show” is for a fictional travel company called “Limited Travel,” that promises to help people take the vacation “you didn’t dream about.”

Examples include, “a getaway to your own guest bedroom,” where we’re told we’ll enjoy “four incredible nights in a room where your mother-in-law has sporadically slept.”

Next up, a trip to “your exotic basement,” which is “full of rustic charm, like a concrete floor, some pumps, and exposed asbestos insulation.”

Next, the cells people who wanted a beach vacation to “put your feet in the sand at Cat Turd Beach,” AKA a litter box. And for those hoping to get some golf in, there’s always a game played at Low Pile Links, where you can get in “a round of rebound golf, and then relax at the 19th hole,” which turns out to be a living room couch.

Visitors to their own houses can “get to know the colorful locals,” in this case a young girl complaining that she’s bored.

Watch the clip, and enjoy “your home away from home, inside your home,” below:

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