City of Atascadero releases new recreation guide, encouraging families to get outside

City leaders in Atascadero are encouraging families to get outside with a new recreation guide.

There are a number of programs for kids and their parents to participate in, including soccer, basketball, yoga and zumba.

All practice takes place outside, kids are just not aloud to compete.

Terrie Banish, the City’s Deputy Manager, said these programs are important now because so many kids are at home all day due to the pandemic and school closures.

The guide also includes special events such as, dance, library, adult sports, youth sports, zoo information and more.

“We’ve gotten very creative because of this and i think some of the creativity wont go away,” said Banish.”We’ll keep doing some of these things is what I see in the future, and you know kind of moving forward to adapt to new ways of doing events as well as activities and sports.”

To find a link to the virtual recreation guide, visit this website.

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