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Just click on any Island photo above to see a listing of vacation rentals located there. You can then directly contact the owner of the rental, there is no middleman and no fee, you deal directly with them. If you can’t find the specific type of property you’re looking for, we recommend Hawaii Beach Rentals and Hawaii Life Vacation Rentals which offers a larger selection of fully managed rentals.

Be sure to also visit the home page of the Island your interested in for more useful information, like the the best beaches to see, and take advantage of online discounts for activities and golf.

Hawaii vacation rental locations

More information about Kauai More information about Moloakai More information about Lanai More information about the Big Island More information about Maui More information about Oahu

Hawaii Information

Hawaii consists of six main islands which accomadate tourists: Kauai,
Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. Of these, the most
popular tourist destinations are Oahu, Maui, Kauai and The Big Island. Lanai
and Molokai are becoming more popular, and if you want a more laid back vacation
in a less touristy locale, you might want to consider a visit to them also.

Each island is unique, with each having its own interesting tourist attractions.
Although it is possible to visit all the main Islands in one trip, it is recommended
to plan your vacation so you have enough time (at least one week) at each location
to relax and explore the area. To learn more about the islands visit Aloha Hawaii which provides information about the culture, customs and heritage of Hawaii. All island (except for possibly Oahu) will require a Hawaii car rental for full exploration. More information about things of interest, beaches,
activities, golfing, and more for each Island is available
here in our sections on Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Lanai and Molokai.

Once you have decided on an Island to visit for your Hawaii vacation, you can
also plan to visit any of the other islands for just a day. Inter-island flights
are inexpensive and allow you to enjoy a day’s stay on an island without having
to squeeze a hotel check-in and stay into your itinerary. A great Hawaii vacation
tip is to book your rental car at the same time that you book your flights. This
can save you time and money, when looking for a cheap Hawaii vacation.

One nice thing about Hawaii is that there is so much available to do. For an idea of the activities offered and even for booking in advance for a discount, take a look at our Activities pages for each Island.
There are also many free activities to be enjoyed on Hawaii family vacations.
Hiking, Hawaiian performances, and other attractions can be cost free. Because
of the tropical climate, these activities are available year-round. For more
information about where to go and what to see go to that Island’s section.

The most important Hawaii vacation tip is to plan in advance. Take time to discover your best option for a vacation rental in our directory, and research what activities your family will be interested in doing during your Hawaii vacation. Planning activities at the last minute or when you arrive wastes energy and limits your vacation time. You will want your Hawaii family vacation to be special, so the time spent planning ahead will be well worth it.

For those of you who enjoy one of the vacation homes listed on the website and would like to buy a vacation property of your own, you can search Hawaii Life Real Estate with full access to the entire MLS in the state. Remember, once you purchase your property, come back and list it with us for free!

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