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Indoor recreation businesses say they’re crucial for mental, physical well-being | Coronavirus

Operators of places for indoor activity impacted by the governor’s COVID-19 regulations say their operations are essential for the physical and mental well being of the public.

Craig Rhodes, a managing partner for Kingpin Lanes in Springfield, said they were closed during the lockdown this spring, allowed to open for a few months and then closed down again.

“A, we’re in the league bowling season which is the best season for us and going into the holidays where we pick up quite a bit of extra income and foot traffic for the holidays which is not just difficult, but difficult timing as well,” Rhodes said.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker last Monday imposed prohibitions on indoor service at bars and restaurants statewide, and capacity limits on retail operations. Indoor recreation, like bowling, is prohibited.

Rhodes said he’ll be keeping a close eye on the numbers, and if there aren’t declines from all the closures, there need to be some explanations.

“If there’s no change and everyone’s closed, obviously there’s something else if afoot,” he said. “We would certainly demand to have some answers based on those numbers.”

Rhodes said while some don’t consider bowling essential, it is to his employees and to his clientele’s physical and mental well being.

For gyms, there can’t be any group exercises and locker rooms are closed under the governor’s rules. In Springfield, FitBodies owner Chris Schmulbach said he’s gone from group classes to open gym. He also said he doesn’t recommend masks.

“I can’t force them to wear masks, so I guess I’ll take the heat and deal with it from there and see what happens,” Schmulbach said.

Corynne Cooper, the general manager of a fitness facility in Chicago, will be following the guidelines to the letter.

“If [Pritzker] says masks, it is masks,” Cooper said. “If it’s not steam rooms and saunas, it’s no steam rooms and saunas. If it’s no locker rooms, it’s not locker rooms. We’re not trying to cut any corners.”

Both said keeping their facilities open is crucial to the physical and mental health of their clients.

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The Impossible April Ludgate Quiz

Beginning on Parks and Recreation as a bit part intern character, showrunners soon recognised how essential Aubrey Plaza’s dark, sarcastic and ironic April Ludgate was to the Pawnee mix, bringing an edge to the series and acting as the perfect foil to onscreen husband Andy Dwyer (a pre-Star Lord Chris Pratt).

Far and away one of the best secondary characters on the show, April was at her best bonding with Ron, tearing down Ann and generally rolling her eyes at the many schemes and situations that none of the other characters have the self-awareness to see are ludicrous.

But that’s not to say she was without heart, as April gave viewers arguably the best romance of the show, some of its most tender moments and the desire to see her small, dysfunctional family succeed.

Parks and Rec may be gone for now, but Amy Poehler’s openness about wanting to do a movie, the reunion web episode and the election of Joe Biden are good omens for the future — and we know for sure that Plaza would bring her alter ego April back with relish.

Until then, this is the opportunity to test your devotion to someone other than Li’l Sebastian, and see how many quips, quirks and strange little details you remember about the queen of deadpan, April Ludgate.

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A recreation of Varanasi ghats on Dev Deepavali

New Delhi, Nov 28 (IANSlife) The creative rendition of the city of Varanasi, or Benaras, on this unique festival falling after Diwali pays tribute and celebrates the Goddess Ganga.

Dev Deepawali, literally translating into “Diwali of Gods” or “Festival of Lights of the Gods” is a huge celebration in Varanasi. On this day, the gods are believed to descend to Earth to bathe in the Ganges. The steps of all the ghats of Varanasi are decorated and covered in diyas. This year, Dev Deepavali falls on November 30, and one can expect a mesmerizing sight with hundreds of diyas twinkling on the ghats as rhythmic chants fill the air.

Re-creating the divinity and glory of the ghats during the festival, Vegas Mall in Delhi’s Dwarka, has created an installation titled ‘Glory of Benaras’ by Karmic Events, depicting the temple structure, beautiful carvings and pillars, water bodies, twinkling lamps, and ornate bells; all as part of the grand installation.

According to Gunwant Singh, MD, Karmic Events Pvt Ltd, “The temple is about 68 feet in length, 40 feet in width, and 40+ feet in height, is unprecedented in the mall industry. Intricately designed carvings and pillars, water bodies, twinkling lamps, and ornate bells all form a part of the beautiful installation which was made possible by my hardworking team of 140 extremely skilled artisans, worked dedicatedly for 40 days and handcrafted the entire structure. The creation of this beautiful and surreal installation was ideated to make sure that our patrons feel the same spirituality and positivity they would feel on the ghats of Benaras.”

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Readers ask: redeployment and outdoor recreation

Brandon Sun readers requested specific questions be asked at COVID-19 news conferences with chief public health officer Dr. Brent Roussin and Lanette Siragusa, chief nursing officer with Shared Health.

QUESTION: I’ve heard that home care attendants from a small rural community in the Prairie Mountain Health region will be forced to go to Brandon to help at Fairview Personal Care Home. These attendants will apparently be living at a nurses’ residence for a period of time — two weeks. These same attendants visit actual homes in their community, rather than facilities. Can you confirm this is this the new plan and, if yes, how is this protective for those who need home care?

SIRAGUSA: I know conversations have been going on with the Prairie Mountain Regional Health Authority. I know that they were trying to find a way to have home care support the personal care home, which is not an unreasonable place to redeploy them. Also, as you know, being from Brandon, the travel distances are challenging, so trying to accommodate work at a different place and provide accommodations or support the workers’ family life and work life. I think those conversations continue to happen. I haven’t received formal confirmation that a decision has been made at this time.

QUESTION: Why have officials shut down outdoor activities for kids such as sledding and skating on outdoor ponds, especially if they were sticking to small groups of two-to-three kids?

ROUSSIN: Outdoor group sizes are five. So if you were out on a pond with less than five people or going for walks or anything … We shut down recreational facilities, outdoors, right now, just because we wanted to decrease the risk of large amount of people gathering. If you had an outdoor hockey rink we would expect only five people to be on it at a time, right now. So outdoor recreation facilities have been shut down just for the short period. But, still, there’s a lot of outdoor recreation that can occur. The group size limits are five.

Do you have a question about something in your community? Send your questions to [email protected] with the subject line: Readers Ask.

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UC Freeholders Officially Open Clark’s Oak Ridge Park Athletic Field

CLARK, NJ – The Oak Ridge Park Athletic Field opened officially on Monday after a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Union County Freeholders, the Union County Improvement Authority, Union County College and members of the Clark Recreation Department.

The field features an eight-lane Olympic running track, soccer and lacrosse field, field house with lockers and concession, bleachers, press box and track and field facilities.

According to county officials the field will be used by Union County College teams and athletes for soccer and lacrosse games, track and field meets and practices. The facility is also open through the County Parks Department to the public, schools, and organizations for the same usage.

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“The College’s athletic teams have struggled without a home field for many years. Frankly, it’s a social justice issue when poorer community college students don’t have the decent and safe facilities that wealthier college students take for granted,’’ said Union County College President Dr. Margaret McMenamin.  “So we are pleased to partner with the County on this endeavor. Our soccer, lacrosse, and track athletes need to compete on a modern, safe, state-of-the-art field. This includes our nationally recognized women’s soccer team that finished the 2018 season ranked third in the nation at the National Junior College Athletic Association tournament…”

The 12-acre site can be used for Division I athletic competitions and is considered to be the best in the county according to officials.  The complex also includes lighting for night competition, bleachers for up to 800 fans, a press box, an underground storm water detention area and provides scenic views of the park and the Watchung mountains.

Developers constructed a dedicated entrance to the field at the intersection of Woodland Road and Oak Ridge Road.  It leads into the parking lot which contains 120 spaces for use by field-goers.   The lot also has its own exit from the park across from the Clark Pool.

“This magnificent facility now takes its place as one of the top-notch recreational fields in the state,” said Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella. “Union County is highly regarded for its award-winning parks system, and the Oak Ridge Park Athletic Field is a great new attraction for our residents and student-athletes to enjoy.”


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City of Edmonton clamping down on mask mandate in recreation facilities, closing 22 arenas to curb spread of COVID-19

The City of Edmonton is clamping down on enforcement of the mandatory mask bylaw and will require masks in all city recreation facilities even if an individual is exempt.

a person holding a sign: A patron enters the Kinsmen Sports Centre, in Edmonton Monday Aug. 10, 2020. Starting Dec. 1, even individuals who are exempt from wearing face coverings will need to don one in the city's recreation centres.

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A patron enters the Kinsmen Sports Centre, in Edmonton Monday Aug. 10, 2020. Starting Dec. 1, even individuals who are exempt from wearing face coverings will need to don one in the city’s recreation centres.

On Friday, interim city manager Adam Laughlin announced the change, which will take effect Dec. 1 in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 as cases spike in the Edmonton region. The city has previously advised businesses to make accommodations for those exempt from wearing a face covering by allowing them in or providing curb-side pickup.


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But Laughlin said further restrictions are required with the growing number of cases. Masks can be removed when exercising or swimming inside the facilities but must be worn at all other times.

There are currently 6,614 active cases of COVID-19 in the Edmonton Zone.

“We’ve reached the tipping point where the rate of the spread of the virus could grow and cause even more devastating to our health and safety of our residents and our economy,” he said. “The priority right now is shutting down the spread of transmission and protecting our health system.”

The city’s five recreation facilities will remain open for individual exercise and swimming, but Laughlin said 22 arenas will be closing between Dec. 1-18. These arenas weren’t open to the public, but available for bookings by leagues or community organizations. Only the Downtown Community Arena will remain open as part of the World Junior Hockey Championships to be hosted at Rogers Place.

Three city-run senior centres and the St. Francis Xavier Sports Centre will also close and all indoor events and group activities at city facilities will be cancelled, Laughlin said.

Two popular holiday attractions will also look a little different this year. Zoominescence at the Edmonton Valley Zoo will continue but all guests must wear a mask and book timed-entry tickets in advance. Crestwood’s popular Candy Cane Lane will be drive-through only, with sleigh rides and food trucks cancelled this year.

Laughlin cautioned Edmontonians that if there isn’t a reduction in virus transmission by Dec. 15 an expansion or enhancement of restrictions may be required through the holidays. This could include the city taking its own action by ordering the closure of restaurants or businesses.

He also asked residents to avoid non-essential travel as much as possible and shop locally within their neighbourhoods.

Council’s emergency advisory committee is next scheduled to meet on Dec. 10.

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Nice weather hosts post-Thanksgiving recreation

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Even though it’s been more difficult this year to get a workout in, experts say it’s essential for both physical health and overall happiness.

Peter Stenson says he goes for a walk on a daily basis. “And if I go a day without a walk, I don’t feel too good.” He added working out on Black Friday also helps to burn off the extra calories from Thanksgiving the night before. 

The World Health Organization recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, while children between 5 and 17 should get 1 hour per day.

Though many things were different this year, one Rochester family did their best to keep some things consistent.

“We tried to still make some stuff on our own,” said Brian Koski. “Which ended up making us eat a little later than usual. We zoom called with half of our family, with my wife’s family. And then we did another video call with my side of the family. So that was different.”

Different with an opportunity the day after for some outdoor physical activity before the cold settles in.

“We live in Minnesota, it’s such nice weather right now, it hasn’t really gotten very cold,” said Koski. “We should all get outside.”

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Lafayette Parks and Recreation takes fun approach to community outreach

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Lafayette Parks and Recreation is taking a new approach when it comes to connecting with the community.

“It was a way to raise morale internally, but to try to give the public something positive and fun during a scary time,” Lafayette Parks and Recreation Marketing Manager, Samantha Haville, told News 18.

Haville has not only used the account to raise morale but promote safe activities as well.

“Our parks are open,” Explained Haville. “We wanted to encourage people to safely get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.”

Haville says the TikTok account has also served as a hiring tool for the department.

“Some of our returning lifeguards danced to a trending song and we kind of put out a call [for lifeguards],” Haville says the message was well received. “Immediately following we received tons of applications.”

Back in July, the department posted a video to Living on a Prayer.

“Jon Bon Jovi himself actually shared our video on his Instagram,” Haville told us.

Haville has no plans on stopping the videos any time soon. She told News 18, “It seems to be something positive and something to look forward to. I think we’re going to keep going and see where it takes us.”

Click here if you’d like to view the team’s TikTok videos.

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Canada and Yukon invest in better recreation for skiers and snowboarders

WHITEHORSE, YT, Nov. 27, 2020 /CNW/ – The safety and well-being of Northerners are top priorities of the governments of Canada and Yukon.

That is why governments have been taking decisive action to support families, businesses and communities, as they adapt to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and support the creation of good, middle-class jobs.

Yukoners need recreational facilities that are accessible, efficient and environmentally responsible.

The Honourable Larry Bagnell, Member of Parliament for Yukon, on behalf of the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development, and on behalf of the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities; and the Honourable John Streicker, Minister of Community Services, for the Government of Yukon, announced funding for recreational infrastructure at the Mount Sima ski hill in Whitehorse.

The Mt. Sima ski hill upgrades will include new electrical, pumping and stream flow control measures, as well as converting snow-making away from reliance on diesel power. These upgrades will facilitate snow-making opportunities during the low-snow parts of the season and protect natural surroundings, including Sima Creek.

The installation of LED lighting on the ski hill will help build increased capacity for training and special events on the ski hill.

The Government of Canada is investing over $3.7 million in this project through the Investing in Canada plan through the Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream (RNIS) and the Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream (CCRIS). The Government of Yukon is providing more than $1.4 million.


“Rural and Northern Canadians are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they also have unique opportunities for growth and innovation. We know that the travel and tourism sector is one of the most heavily impacted sectors by the pandemic. That is why the funding announced today for Mt. Sima – a popular winter destination for all Yukoners – will help improve the operations of this valued facility, which serves as an important winter activity and skill development venue for Yukon residents of all ages. The safety and well-being of Northerners are top priorities of our government and we will continue to support businesses and families as they adapt and move toward the post-COVID recovery.”

The Honourable Larry Bagnell, Member of Parliament for Yukon, on behalf of the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development,

“It’s more important than ever that Canadians have the opportunity to get outside to stay healthy and active while protecting our natural winter environment. The Government of Canada is investing more than $3.7 million in better winter sports infrastructure for Yukon skiers and snowboarders, including upgrades to electrical and pumping systems, improved snow-making operations and eco-friendly lighting on Mt. Sima. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

“Mount Sima has recently emerged as a destination training facility for

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