Azur Lane Vacation Lane Collab Event Guide: New Ships & Collection Rewards

Azur Lane’s ship girls meet the ladies of the Dead or Alive series in the Venus Xtreme Vacation special crossover event aptly known as Vacation Lane.

diagram: The new Dorm theme in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

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The new Dorm theme in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

Now, there’s fan service. And then there’s Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. Let the nosebleeds begin. Anyway, I’ve managed to acquire all the new ships from the event so it’s time to do a rundown of the crossover. There’s a lot to unpack here so hold on to your seahorses as we blaze through all of them.


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New collection rewards

Now before you all get excited and run to the beach to play with watermelons, let’s start with a friendly reminder that this update also came with new Collection Rewards in the game’s Memento section.

These include some game-changing auxiliary gear like Nelson’s Pennant of Victory, which you can unlock by fully limit-breaking Nelson and Rodney. This aux can be equipped by Battleships, Battle Cruisers and Aviation Battleships and allows the ship that equips it to absorb 24% of the damage that the ship in the frontmost position of your Vanguard receives during the first six seconds of battle.

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Now what kind of serious damage can your Vanguard receive in the opening of a battle that could possibly require this kind of mitigation? Oh, that’s right, torpedo fleets and that deadly Richelieu and Jean Bart combo from PVP. It’s also still useful for PVE use thanks to its stat boosts of Firepower +50 and Hit +20 at Level 10. That compares quite nicely to the gold Type 1 white Piercing Shell’s Firepower +55 and Hit +15. Granted, it doesn’t have the white shell’s 25% boost to critical damage but the stat boost is still quite good for battleships.

Up next is another great PVP equip, the Eagle Union Elite Damage Control auxiliary unit. To get this, you will need to fully limit-break your Yorktown-class carriers, so Enterprise, Hornet and, of course, Yorktown. If you still don’t have Yorktown, by the way, she is one of the possible ship drops from the SP4 and VSP event maps for Vacation Lane.

Anyway, this aux can be equipped by all Eagle Union ships and comes with a special skill that allows its user to survive an attack that would otherwise kill it. The equipping ship will then turn invincible for eight seconds and sink after that. It’s almost like a mini-version of Hiryuu’s Final Counter skill and we all know how annoying that is to deal with in PVP. By the way, if you equip this on Juneau, her Martyr skill will trigger at the same time as the Elite Damage Control aux skill and not eight seconds later when she sinks. And no, her Martyr skill will not trigger twice because that would just be OP. This aux also boosts a ship’s HP by 500 at Level 10, which is similar to the HP bonus from a maxed-out purple Repair Toolkit. It boosts a ship’s Anti-Air stat by 20 points as well.

Next we have yet another aux that has nice PVP potential, the Frontier Medal. This one can be acquired by limit-breaking the three ships from the Aviation Vanguard collection team of Langley, Hermes and Houshou. Langley and Hermes are pretty common map drops while Houshou can be farmed at World 7-4. Anyway, as their combination implies, this aux focuses on buffing carriers. Basically, equipping this on a carrier or light carrier that serves as your flagship will boost the damage of all carriers on the map, not just in your fleet but the opposing fleet, by 10%. Now why would you want to do that? Well, this gear also lets you decrease the damage of all battleships on the map, including yours and the enemy, by 10% at the same time. So basically, you’ll want to use this when using a carrier heavy fleet while facing an enemy fleet that primarily uses battleships. As an added cherry on top, maxing out the Frontier Medal will boost the equipping ship’s Aviation stat by 100, which is equal to a gold Steam Catapult. It also comes with a small HP boost of 60.

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Then we’ve got the Washington Naval Treaty aux gear, which can be acquired by limit-breaking the Northampton class of ships: Northampton, Chicago and Houston. All three of those are common map drops as well. This aux item seems a bit odd compared to the other aux gears as equipping it on your flagship reduces the damage dealt by both sides’ ships by 15%. Now I haven’t personally used this yet so I’m not an expert in the most ideal way to use it. Just looking at it, I’m assuming it might be good against burst damage, so if you combine it with, say, Nelson’s Pennant of Victory, then you can theoretically reduce the damage from the initial salvo of an enemy torpedo vanguard or even that Richelieu/Jean Bart pre-loaded main gun combo by 39% for your main tank and then 15% overall so you start out with a smaller opening deficit from such initial bursts. Otherwise, you can just equip it on a fleet with Ning Hai, Ping Hai and Yat Sen for the lulz. Your battles are gonna be like watching paint dry.

Besides the new aux gears, the update also includes some new furniture and decorations, including some ship models as well as some unique items. For the unique options, the most amusing one is the new portrait for Queen Elizabeth, which has one of the most brutal descriptions for an in-game item:

“A two-dimensional, flat, not bouncy, moundless portrait of Her Majesty.”

My bet is either on Akashi or Shiranui being responsible. Anyway, you can get this piece of art that celebrates Azur Lane’s great plains by limit-breaking Queen Elizabeth and Warspite. 

a screen shot of a video game: Azur Lane's Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation also coincided with new collection rewards.

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Azur Lane’s Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation also coincided with new collection rewards.

Here’s a look at the rest of the new special collection items that aren’t ship models.

  • Speaker Podium: “On which no false promises are ever made, but many are broken.” Limit break “Independent Road” team of Lexington, Saratoga and Yorktown.
  • Improvised Stage: “Every Idol has to start somewhere.” Unlocked after limit-breaking the C-Class collection team of Cygnet, Comet and Crescent.
  • Hero and Leander: A painting that depicts an epic scene.
  • Unlocked by limit-breaking the Leander Class collection team of Leander, Achilles and Ajax.

Vacation Lane premise and point farming

OK, with that out of the way, it’s time to bounce into the Vacation Lane content.

So basically, the story for this event revolves around the ladies of the Dead or Alive series being mysteriously transported to the world of Azur Lane. If you’re expecting a serious and deep storyline about characters joining forces to face a world-ending threat, well, this ain’t the event for you. Instead, get ready for volleyballs, watermelons and a lot of jokes that fall flat — literally — as characters toss out quips about “flattitude problems” and how “flat is justice.” Levity is basically the name of the game this time around.

Click on the Venus Event tab with the volleyball in the logo and you will be taken to the new event hub, a beach-themed one-stop shop where you can access all the new modes and areas that the event has to offer. Your main goal for this event is to earn Venus Points, which you can use to buy stuff at the event shop, redeem point rewards for various ships and goodies, as well as ship buffs and increased experience rewards. 

Points can be earned via several ways. One is by sorties and repeatedly doing battles in the Venus Lane event map. I recommend unlocking the special VSP event as soon as you can by clearing the first four maps. Doing the VSP map allows you to earn 800 Vacation Points per day, which adds up nicely during the course of the event. Clearing the VSP map also gives you a chance to get ship girl Misaki as a map drop, Venus Vacation weapon skins, as well as blueprints for the Twin 113mm Anti-Air gun, which is one of the top-tier AA guns in the game. 

For repeated point farming, just do the highest event stage that you can. Like the previous Universe in Unison event, point farming is a bit of a pain in Vacation Lane since this is an inaugural event so you don’t get daily bonus points and the highest-level stage you can repeat — which is S4 — only gives 180 points. On the plus side, that’s higher than the 150 points from Universe in Unison’s SP5 stage. Also, since SP4 enemies top out at 80 for the boss, it’s easy to farm with a 1:1 fleet that has just one backliner and one frontliner that’s above level 100. By the way, this map has a chance for Misaki to appear as a map drop, can give out Venus Vacation weapon skins, and also has a chance to drop blueprints for the golden A7M Reppuu fighter plane. The plane isn’t quite as good as the Sea Hornet or F4U V-17 but the Sea Hornet doesn’t exactly grow on trees and the F4U V-17 requires expending resources at the core shop so it’s still one of the better fighter planes in the game.

A battle against Monica in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

© Yostar
A battle against Monica in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

Another way to earn Venus Points is through daily and one-time Mission rewards. You can earn a total of 700 points per day by building 3 ships, clearing one regular Hard Mode stage that is not part of the event, and obtaining 15 victories. You can also earn a total of 1,000 points once by building 10 ships, taking one special event commission and winning 60 battles while in Fever Mode. The special event commission is a unique commission that you can do once per day and shows up above regular commissions in the Commission tab. You can also get a nice chunk of the Fever Mode battle requirement when you clear and 3-star all four event maps. 

Speaking of clearing maps, you can earn a total of 2,000 Venus Points by clearing the first four event maps for the first time as well as 4 cubes and different gift boxes that you need to finish a special scrapbook and get the Venus Vacation statue, which I’ll talk more about later. You can get 4 more of those special gift boxes if you 3-star all four maps plus a total of 4 beach-themed gear skins.

How many points to get and raising Permit Rank

So how many points do you want to farm? The answer depends based on what you want to get. If you want to buy out the whole event shop, you will need 114,550 Venus Points so my condolences to your time and oil if you decide to do that. Otherwise, 37,500 points will get you what I consider the essentials. That would be one copy of Misaki in case you didn’t get her from construction or map drops, all the PR Ship blueprints, and all the purple plates for upgrading your weapons.

The amount of points you earn also determines what you can redeem from the milestone point exchange for the event. If you don’t care about PR blueprints and purple gear plates but want to get all the exclusive stuff from the event, all you need to do is reach the 10,500-point milestone. This will get you one copy of Nyotengu, who you can only get as a milestone reward, and a gift box for Misaki’s favorite drink, which is one of the items you need to get the Venus Vacation statue. This will also net you the special auxiliary item known as the heart key, which buffs the equipping ship’s AA stat by 35 points and the Hit stat by 30 points. On top of that, it also changes the battle music to a Vacation Lane-themed tune. 

Reaching the 10,500-point milestone should also max out your permit rank, which is a special feature of the event. Raising your permit rank allows you to level up four things: POW, TEC, STM and APL which gives you different bonuses. 

  • POW lets you do more damage in Campaign, Hard Mode, Event and War Archive stages.
  • TEC reduces the training time in the Technical Academy.
  • STM lets you earn more experience in Campaign, Hard Mode, Event and War Archive stages.
  • APL boosts the experience you earn in the dorm.

Each of these can be leveled up twice before they max out. The experience boost is especially nice if you’re leveling up the new event ships in the dorm or grinding XP for PR ships via sorties.

Otherwise, if you do decide to go for the 37,500 points I mentioned earlier, you’re going to get some retrofit blueprints, PR ship blueprints, gold skill books and a second copy of Nyotengu. Bumping that up to 40,000, by the way, gets you a third copy of Nyotengu if you want to use it for Limit Breaking or what have you.

Volleyball Scrimmage, ‘Awakening Pearl’ & Commemorative Book

Special events typically mean a new mini-game and Vacation Lane is no different. This time, the game of choice is beach volleyball, which lets you do a 2 vs. 2 match to unlock a special auxiliary gear for the DOA girls as well as Monica’s favorite drink for finishing the event’s commemorative sticker or scrapbook.

calendar: The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

© Yostar
The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

So once per day, you can clear one of seven matches in the Volleyball Scrimmage mini-game. All this is, basically, is a timing game where you have to tap on the screen at the right time in order to hit the ball properly and score on your opponent. Note that you can tap on any part of the screen. The key is that you do it with proper timing in order to get a “perfect” hit. 

I actually fell behind on my first game before rallying to win once I figured out the timing. Since the circle actually shrinks quite fast, the key is to tap just a little bit early as opposed to waiting for the circle to be on yellow and then tapping. In my case, once I see the circle hit the blue portion, I already tap since it’ll be on yellow by the time my input registers. Once I figured that out, I was able to get perfect hits all the time.

Once you clear all 7 matches, you will get the “Awakening Pearl” gear, which can be equipped by any type of ship and gives an additional 15 points for Speed and 25 points for the Hit stat. On top of that, if it is equipped by a Dead or Alive character, it increases the damage inflicted by that ship by 3%.

The Volleyball Scrimmage minigame will also give you another piece you need to complete the commemorative scrapbook. Here is a list of all 14 pieces and how to get them:

  • Clear SP1: Kasumi’s favorite food.
  • Clear SP1 with 3 stars: Kasumi’s favorite drink.
  • Clear SP2: Misaki’s favorite food.
  • Clear SP2 with 3 stars: Nagisa’s favorite drink.
  • Clear SP3: Marie Rose’s favorite food.
  • Clear SP3 with 3 stars: Honoka’s favorite drink.
  • Clear SP4: Nyotengu’s favorite food.
  • Clear SP4 with 3 stars: Nyotengu’s favorite drink.
  • Complete 1 Special Event Commission: Honoka’s favorite food.
  • Build 10 ships: Marie Rose’s favorite drink.
  • Complete 60 battles in Fever status: Nagisa’s favorite food.
  • Collect 10,500 Venus Points: Misaki’s favorite drink.
  • Complete Azur Vacation special event: Monica’s favorite food.
  • Complete Volleyball scrimmage: Monica’s favorite drink.

Dead or Alive Venus Vacation ships

Now we get to the highlight of every event, the ships.

Every time one of these new events come out, I always try to do a full analysis by getting them to max limit break and then trying to level them up to 100 so I can really test them out. But it takes so long and by the time I get to that point, the next event is already out and I end up restarting the process with the new ships. So, this time, I’ve just decided to preview the ships instead. This is just an event roundup after all so I figure I can do the more thorough guides if I break down an individual ship or fleet combination in the future. 

graphical user interface, website: The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

© Yostar
The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

Anyway, I’ll go ahead and take a quick look on their skills and stats as well as some info that was data mined by the community. 

Let’s start with the ship that took me a lot of cubes to get, Marie Rose. The funny part is that I kept pulling doubles of everyone, including 0.5% rate up Misaki before Marie Rose finally showed up. That’s 180 dead cubes and a little over 100 left alive to get her, pun so totally intended.

Anyway, Marie Rose is a gold-rarity destroyer and is looking to be the highest tier ship from this event based on early previews. That being said, I’d take early proclamations about tiers with a grain of salt since I’ve seen stuff change before once people get to use a new ship more. 

Right off the bat, Marie Rose has 2 notable stats. One is Reload, which maxes out at 223. That ties for 6th-highest alongside several other destroyers like Kitakaze and Yukikaze. Her other notable stat involves her torpedoes. Marie Rose’s max torpedo stat of 508 is actually Japanese destroyer level, and is about the same as a non-retrofitted Ayanami. Granted, it’s not among the upper echelons of Japanese DD’s like, say, Ayanami’s 569 once she gets retrofitted. Torpedo efficiency, while good at 140%, also isn’t as high as Ayanami’s 165%. Marie Rose, however, can further boost her torpedo damage with both of her skills, including a 5% increase for the first minute as well as an additional 50% boost for the first three times that she launches her torpedoes. She also buffs the speed and evasion of your frontmost ship for eight seconds every time she fires her torpedoes. 

Marie Rose has a 10% chance as well to fire a barrage everytime she gets hit and it has a 10-second cooldown if it procs. Datamining data shows damage of 25×10 for her barrage, which has a 100% modifier against light, medium and heavy armor. By the way, if you’re still trying to get her, Marie Rose’s timer is 2:40:06. Hopefully, it doesn’t take you 180 cubes like I did.

Up next is the ship that I’m interested the most in this event, Honoka, and no, it’s not for the reason some of you might be thinking. Bunch of degenerates. Anyway, the reason I’m looking forward to trying out this gold-rarity ship is because of Honoka’s skills, particularly the second one, but before that, let’s first take a look at her stats. 

Firepower maxes out at 404, which is just below Rodney and Nelson and right above Queen Elizabeth and Arizona, and speaking of Arizona, well, more on that later. Anyway, that places her right smack in the middle of all battleships, which makes her average. Her efficiency for main guns, by the way, gets up to 135%, so it’s slightly better than all those other ships around her.

HP maxes out at 7903, which is between Monarch and Gascgone and places her within the top 30% of all Battleships, so she’s above average in the regard.

Anti-Air is 216, which is at the bottom third of all battleships, and has a 200% efficiency rating. Accuracy is at the bottom as well, and by that I mean she’s literally tied for last, so make sure to equip her with gear that helps her Hit stat.

Anyway, just looking at all that, Honoka just seems, well, ‘aight. Then again, skills also play a big role in this game and she has a pretty unique one as far as battleships go. Her first skill, Rock-Paper-Cannon Salvo, boosts her modifier against light armor by 12%. She also fires one of three random barrages five seconds after she fires her main gun.

Her second skill has a 75% chance when maxed out to fire a special barrage, with the damage increasing based on the skill’s level. On top of that, it will heal 2 random ships 5% of their max HP. So it’s a bit like Arizona’s healing skill, except it tops out at 5% instead of 10%. At the same time, the heal procs all the time as opposed to half the time with Arizona. It also heals one less ship but it also sounds like it isn’t limited to targeting the Vanguard. I just wish it targeted the ship that needs healing the most when using more than two ships in your fleet. Anyway, most of her random barrages work really well against light armor, especially in conjunction with her first skill while the barrage from her second skill pack a stronger punch. As someone who also likes Arizona with the exception of that horrible 50% chance to heal, I’m actually curious to see how Honoka plays once I level her up. She might not be top tier in a game with so many good battleships but I actually like tinkering around with ships that have offbeat mechanics.

Honoka is only obtainable via event construction and has a timer of 2:35:25.

calendar: The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

© Yostar
The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

Next up, we’ve got one of the most popular characters of the Dead or Alive series, Kasumi.

Tankiness is usually an important part of heavy cruisers and Kasumi’s max HP of 4,846 puts her in the top 15. Firepower, meanwhile, maxes out at 264 which is tied with Mogami Retrofit and just a smidgen below Bremerton’s 267, placing her within the top third of heavy cruisers for the stat. Main gun efficiency is also at 135%, which is higher than the 125% of Mogami and Bremerton. 

Like a lot of Sakura heavy cruisers, though — and Kasumi is almost like an unofficial Sakura ship — she does not get Main Gun Mount +1 via limit breaking. That’s pretty much a declaration that she is a torpedo heavy cruiser. This is backed by her gaining Torpedo Base +1 and Torpedo Preload +1 via limit breaking. Now, Kasumi’s torpedo stat maxes out at 217, which is about average for torpedo heavy cruisers, and torpedo efficiency is pretty good at 165%. While those aren’t bad, however, Kasumi is trumped by Takao for both stats. Then again, stats are just part of the equation so let’s look at Kasumi’s skills, too.

Her first skill triggers a barrage every 15 seconds as well as every time Kasumi’s hits with six torpedoes. Damage for the barrage is 42×16, with the AP portion having a modifier of 90, 70 and 40 and the HE part at 120, 60 and 60, so it works best against light armor. When Kasumi sinks an enemy, she boosts her firepower and reload by 5%, which can be stacked up to three times. Once she sinks three enemy, her accuracy is increased by 15% for the rest of the battle.

Overall, the approach they decided to take with Kasumi is interesting. At first glance, she seems kind of stuck between wanting to decide between focusing on firepower or torpedoes, which is probably the reason she’s one of the lower-rated ships in the event based on early previews. That being said, her self buffs at least look promising so I’d like to do actual testing with her before rendering a final verdict.

Kasumi can only be acquired through event construction and has a timer of 2:33:43.

Next up, we’ve got our last gold-rarity ship girl from the event and the one with the best synergy with her fellow Venus Vacation faction allies, Misaki.

Misaki boasts one of the highest reload stats among light cruisers, tied for fourth place with Chapayev and Aurora at 195. Firepower is among the top 25% at 168, which is tied with the retrofit versions of Leipzig and Curlew. Main gun efficiency is 130% and secondary gun efficiency is 70%, which is par for the course among light cruisers with no torpedoes. Anti-air is not top-tier among but still slightly above average for light cruisers at 327 with 110% efficiency. In terms of survivability, her max HP of 3,883 is in the top 20% but her Evasion of 92 is below average. At the same time, one of her skills boosts her survivability if she sorties with another Venus Vacation ship. She also gets Main Gun Base +1 after her second limit break.

Misaki’s skills, meanwhile, makes her almost seem like the Muse version of the Venus Vacation ships as they work best with other DOA girls fighting alongside her. Having a Venus Vacation ship in her fleet, for example, boosts her anti-air by 15% while decreasing the damage she receives from guns by 15% due to her first skill. She also gets a 15% damage boost against light-armored foes for the first minute of a fight, regardless of whether she sorties with a Venus Vacation ship or not.

diagram: A Misaki construction pull in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

© Yostar
A Misaki construction pull in the Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

Her second skill, Venus Friends, fires a special barrage every 20 seconds. The reason it has that name, however, is because every enemy hit by the barrage receives 15% more damage from Dead or Alive characters for eight seconds. Damage from the barrage is 20×25 with a 135% modifier against light armor. The modifier drops to 95% for medium armor and 70% for heavy armor.

Misaki can be acquired via multiple ways. Her event construction timer is 2:41:47. She can also drop from event sorties in the SP4 and VSP map. Lastly, you can buy her for 8,000 Venus Points at the event shop. Overall, Misaki looks solid but she requires having at least one additional Venus Vacation girl in her fleet in order to maximize her performance. Speaking of adding one additional Venus Vacation girl to her fleet.

Our next event character is Misaki’s sister, the purple-rarity ship Nagisa.

While Misaki synergizes and works well with other Venus Vacation ships, Nagisa only synergizes especially well with Misaki, a reflection of her overprotectiveness of her little sister. 

Nagisa’s max HP of 7,510 is just a smidgen below Queen Elizabeth and puts her in the middle of the pack. Max firepower is 384, which is just below the retrofit versions of Hyuuga, Nevada and Oklahoma. Overall, it would be considered below average. 

Naturally, when a ship doesn’t have powerhouse stats, it usually means it has a different role. In the case of Nagisa, she pretty much works as a debuffer. When she fires her main guns, for example, she will decrease the speed of a random enemy by 15% for 8 seconds. Her Venus’ Unpredictability skill also increases her defense by 15%.

Every 18 seconds, Nagisa has a 70% chance to trigger a barrage. Enemies hit by the barrage will receive 12% more damage from not just Nagisa’s attacks but her sister Misaki’s as well. Nagisa can only be obtained via event construction. Her timer is 2:38:25.

Up next is another purple ship and the last event ship that can be obtained via event construction, the gambler Monica. By the way, I finally got Monica after 160 to 170 cubes. This, my friends, is why I don’t gamble in real life.

Monica’s best stats are her HP and anti-air, which place her in the top 20-25% of light cruisers. Her Torpedo stat is in the top third of all light cruisers that can use torpedoes, which is important since her barrage scales based on her torpedo stat. Reload and Evasion, while not as good as her other stats are still above average.

Her max firepower of 148, however, places her in the bottom 30% of light cruisers. I’m guessing a big part of this is due to her skills. Her first skill, Joker Card, fires a barrage of special and poker ammo every 15 seconds,  which makes enemies that are hit take 10% more damage for six seconds. And it sounds like 10% extra damage from your entire fleet.

Data mining shows that while it’s the same barrage, there are 4 possible barrage timings based on chance. The first part of the barrage does 30×4 damage with a modifier of 200% for all armor types. The second part of the barrage does 25×4 AP damage with a 100% armor modifier across the board. Her second skill, Royal Flush, increases the velocity of her main gun by 10%. Once 5 enemy planes are shot down within your AA circle, her AA and torpedo damage increases by 12%.

By the way, her construction time is 2:31:40.

graphical user interface, application: The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

© Yostar
The Vacation Lane collaboration event with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation for the Azur Lane mobile game.

And lastly we’ve got the purple feathered flyer, Nyotengu. I actually like to call her Nyotengu Dinero. Yes, I’m an idiot. Early tier previews actually rank her dead last among the ships in this event, pretty much comparing her to Ryuujou. That’s a pity if it holds true since her design is my favorite out of all the Venus Vacation characters. Which means I’ll probably use her anyway. Style over substance baby.

First, let’s look at the stats. HP is 6646, which actually isn’t bad since it’s in the top quarter of all carriers and light carriers. Her HP is about 15th-highest, right above Intrepid and just below Essex.

Her Aviation tops out at 374, which is right below Bearn and Eagle. That’s actually below average. Her plane loadout is standard with one slot for each for Fighters at 120% affinity, Dive Bombers at 125% affinity and Torpedo Bombers at 135% affinity.

Her first skill is Dance of the Heavens, which lets Nyotengu launch a special airstrike 5 seconds after you load a regular airstrike. The timing kind of reminds me of Bearn’s second skill. This particular barrage is especially effective against heavy armor, consisting of one 1,000-pound bomb, two 100-pound bombs, and a salvo with 138×2 damage.

Nyotengu’s other skill is Hanakagura, which increases the damage she inflicts against battleships by 10%. It also gives her a 70% chance to decrease the damage taken by a random ship in your front line by 12% for 8 seconds.

To get Nyotengu, you will need to accumulate 10,000 Venus Points, which will allow you to get her for free as a point accumulation reward.

Anyway there you go. A supposedly quick preview of the Vacation Lane event as well as the new collection items from the latest update that ended up being way longer than I originally planned. Don’t forget to check my other Azur Lane guides as well here on as well as my Tabiasobi YouTube channel.

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