Americans Hopeful for Travel In 2021

20201202_IBT_Travel2021 Percentage of U.S. adults who have plans to travel recreationally in the next 12 months Photo: Statista/IBT

News of several effective vaccines potentially available by the end of the year has many across the world optimistic for a joyous, virus-free 2021. However, the supply and logistics for distributing a vaccine across the globe could take months – perhaps even a year or more. That’s not stopping people from daydreaming about the next trip they’ll take in a COVID-free world, and new data shows just how many people are tentatively planning to travel in the next year.

A new survey from YouGov shows around 51 percent of Americans said they plan to vacation domestically or internationally within the next year. Forty-three percent said they plan to take a domestic holiday and 14 percent said they’re planning on an international trip. Those planning to travel in the next year were split evenly among age groups, with Americans between the ages of 30-44 most likely to travel and those 65 or older least likely to travel in the next 12 months.

The global travel and tourism industries have been decimated by restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of jobs have been lost – many permanently – and experts are unsure just long it’ll take for many travel and hospitality companies to get back on their feet. With news of an effective vaccine, companies are cautiously hopeful that the next year could bring a renaissance in domestic and international travel as the virus fades and people flee their homes. Depending on how quickly people are vaccinated, the travel industry could have a sharp recovery on the horizon.

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