Adventures To Take For A First Time Traveler In Canada

Canada is a huge country and extremely diverse. Its scenery is well-known all over the world. One of the reasons that Canada feels so big for the travelers is because it has a population of over 35 million for its spread of 3.85 million square miles. No doubt Canada is a popular country, attracting a huge number of visitors every year. This also means getting a Canada ETA is a must for foreign travelers.

For a first-time traveler in Canada, here are some adventures to include in your bucket list:

1. Canada’s Wonderland

Canada has a premier amusement and water park that is called Canada’s Wonderland. This wonderland has it all, from live shows to street festivals, to exhilarating rides. Both kids and adults alike can enjoy more than 75 rides. Parts of the admission of Canada’s Wonderland are the splash park attractions.

There are Splash Island Kiddie Slides for the kids, while the Muskoka Plunge is for those who want to experience the adrenaline rush. If you want to skip the line on certain rides, buy the wristbands for Fast Lane Plus or Fast Lane. Also, there are many other entertainment shows and various ongoing events.

2. Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

After getting your Kanada ETA, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. It is a kind of museum wherein there are people wearing costumes to role-play the life of early pioneers of Ukraine. From 1892-1930, these Ukrainians have settled in east central Alberta.

There are over 30 structures in the Cultural Heritage Village that you can explore. Some popular structures include the three churches of Eastern Byzantine Rite, grain elevator, a one-room school, a burdei, and a blacksmith shop. Also, watching the special events will take you back to the agricultural and cultural roots of east central Alberta. Make sure to try their authentic Ukrainian food when visiting the village.

3. Boldt Castle

Approximately 25km from Gananoque, the Boldt Castle is an island castle in St Lawrence. George C Boldt built this famous castle with 120 rooms and a yacht house. The castle is breathtakingly enormous and beautiful that many cruise tours stop there. It is said that the place holds a sad love story and an unfulfilled dream.

When visiting the Boldt Castle, you can see the on-going rehabilitation on several rooms and buildings. While there are many rooms on the upper floors that have been left unattended, the grandeur of the restored rooms will leave you in awe.

You need your passport and ETA Kanada to visit Boldt Castle. It is a must for travelers visiting a foreign country, like Canada. However, the visa waiver system is not only implemented in Canada. When you visit Europe by 2021, you would also need an ETIAS Visa to travel to Europe whether for leisure or business purposes.

4. Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

The only museum in Canada that showcases paleontology exclusively is the Royal Tyrrell Museum. It is one of the famous paleontological research facilities in the whole world. You simply cannot miss visiting this museum that boasts more than 130,000 individual specimens and adds about 2,000 specimens to the place more every year.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum makes it possible for visitors to learn and understand paleontology through its summer public programs, outreach programs, and award-winning school programs. The various programs are perfect for creative kids and adults.

5. Bard on the Beach

One of the highlights of Vancouver in the summertime is watching Shakespeare perform beyond a tented stage and the sunset as its backdrop. During the run, you can select from the three Shakespeare plays and one Bard work. After the performances on Tuesday nights, there are Q&A talks to watch. The wine-tasting, fireworks, and opera are other forms of entertainment.

To introduce the show, you have the popular local actor, public figurehead, and the artistic director of the festival, Christopher Gaze. Shakespeare himself would be proud of this actor-manager-director. As you enjoy the Bard on the beach, dedicate some time to explore the gift shops in the area.

6. Butchart Gardens

You can visit this magnificent garden as soon as you get your ETA Canada. The peak season of the Butchart Gardens is in July and August, although it is open to the public all-year-round. The place features five gardens, which are the Mediterranean, Italian, Rose, Japanese, and Sunken.

They have a Map & Guide app that you can download before you visit the place. It provides a brief history and the description of each garden in 22 available languages. As you explore the area, you can purchase strollers, wheelchairs, umbrellas, dog leashes, etc. Also, visit the gift store, the plant identification counter, and the restaurants.


Canada is a wonderland of diverse and vast geography. Every province has a lot to offer to the first-time traveler who wants to experience an adventure of a lifetime.