A Brief Introduction to Travel

A Brief Introduction to Travel

In simple words, Travel is the moving of objects or people between two geographical locations of relative distance. At times
Introduction to Travel can also include movements between different destinations with short stop over’s on the way to the final destination to be reached. But in the modern era, the significance of Travel has taken a centre stage be it in terms of vacations and holidays or Business Travel and Cargo.

Reasons and Purpose for Travel

There are a number of reasons as to why an individual or group would take up the action to travel. The purpose or motivation could vary between different individuals. Some of the many reasons as to why Travel occurs are:

Vacations and Tourism Hospitality:

A lot of Travel is usually undertaken as tourists who look for leisure, vacations and holidays. This usually acts as the base for boosting up the Tourism industry.

Adventure and Nature Travel:

Today, Adventurers and Nature lovers undertake travel in search for new grounds for adventure activities and nature surrounding environments.

Exploration Tours:

With more of research and in-depth analysis of the geographical topography of the earth, explorers undertake travel expeditions to discover unknown or unfamiliar geographical terrains on earth.

Business Travel Tourism:

Today, with every business, small or large globally connected and effected by the pressures of demand and supply, travel is often undertaken to meet clients, middlemen, competitors, and business partners.

Pilgrimage Travel Tourism:

When the activity of Travel in order to undertake a pilgrimage of spiritual importance, it is categorized as Pilgrimage Travel. Such an activity has become a global phenomenon where people travel long distances to reach a destination of spiritual importance. Examples of this can sited in tours to Hajj, MahaKumbh, Tirupati.etc..

Modes of Travel:

With time and innovation of technology, Travel too has become faster and revolutionized with the passage of time. Some of the different modes of Travel that exist today are:

Air Travel:

The fastest way to travel today and that has been responsible to a great extent of making the world a global place are the flights that operate between different cities across nations from every corner.

Railways Travel:

The most commonly used transport that connects different cities and towns within a country and at times with neighbouring nations are the railways. With time, railways have been revolutionized to operate faster and be more effective as compared to it’s the steam engine of yesterday. In India, the railways are the most sought after public transport.

Other Public Transport:

Buses, Jeeps and Cars are some of the other public transport that is often used to travel distances of short or fair distances. However, smaller automobiles such as cars and motorbikes can also be owned personally and used to travel as per the desire and requirements of the owner. However, when talking about travel, one must not overlook the lesser talked about and yet popular modes of transport within short distances such as auto-rickshaws which are used by regular city dwellers in the developing nations of Asia to travel within city limits.

Travel Safety:

While travelling, travellers are always advised to adopt certain precautions so as to make their travel safer and avoid any incident of violence or crime. For this many travellers are suggested to follow certain steps such as to leave their passport copies to a trusted person, avoid strangers, follow passenger rules, and avoid carrying any weapons of destruction.etc…This is done so as to make travel secure for all travellers on board. However, when using personal transport, certain precautions should be taken such as seat belts while driving, keeping to speed limits when driving within a city or town and so on.

With Travel having become such a global need for all, safety and security measures have become of high priority so as to avoid losing any life or valuable items on board.

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