9 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards for March 2020

Redeeming your travel rewards depends on the card company and the type of card you have.

Here are the ways that you can cash in your rewards:

Fixed-rate redemptions

You get a set value for your points and can apply them towards any travel purchase. If you have a card that gets you $0.01 per point on travel redemptions, then 30,000 points could pay for $300 in travel expenses. These redemptions are fast and easy, and you can always count on getting a consistent value for your points.

Booking award airline tickets and hotel stays with points

You book airfare or a hotel stay and pay the points price instead of the cash price. In some cases, points prices can offer a much better value than cash prices, like when a $1,000 business-class ticket only costs 30,000 points, getting you well over $0.03 per point.

You can book travel with points when you have a credit card with a specific airline or hotel. These are also an option when you have a card that lets you transfer your points to multiple airline and hotel transfer partners.


It’s getting more common for banks to offer points you can either redeem at a fixed rate or transfer to travel partners for award bookings. In fact, American Express, Capital One, Chase, and Citi all offer travel cards that include both redemption options.

Having multiple ways to redeem your points can help you book the travel you want and get the most value in the process, so several of our top travel cards are the ones that offer this.

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