4 Benefits You Need From Your Travel Credit Card in 2021 | Travel

If your credit card is helping you earn gobs of points, you don’t want to lose them just because your trip got canceled — so choose your currencies carefully.

4. Statement credits for at-home spending, like takeout or streaming

One of the most delightful aspects about travel credit cards is the benefits you get that you might not otherwise pay for yourself, but that improve your experiences: lounge access, airport restaurant credits or upgraded boarding. Even if you’re not traveling, the same logic applies to non-travel perks.

Especially now, issuers are throwing in benefits designed for sheltering in place. As an example, you’ll find credits for Variis by Equinox, an app designed by the gym that brings Equinox’s workouts to your living room. Plus, more cards offer credits toward takeout or discounts on delivery, so you have a good excuse to order in from the new pizza place you’ve been pining for. And keep an eye out for special offers on streaming services, so you can finally binge that new hit show everyone is talking about.

You might not be the kind of person who’d pay for a Disney+ subscription or a Peloton membership on your own, but when it’s free or discounted thanks to your credit card, you may find that Baby Yoda and yoga can make your social-distanced life just a bit better.

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