$25 million Orange hotel set for approval despite height issue | Central Western Daily

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A $25 million hotel development at the Summer Centre has been recommended for approval even though it will be 50 per cent taller than the limit allowed for the site. Orange City Council will consider a report on the 98-room Summer Street hotel on Tuesday night. The report says the building will stand 18 metres high at its tallest point but the maximum allowed for the site is 12 metres. Public submissions on the development have also raised concerns about noise levels and its affects on a neighbouring shop. “The overall bulk and scale of the development is a significant issue for council to determine,” the report said. It said the DA was seeking to allow for the building to be taller than the site’s limit. “On balance it is considered that the increased height of this building is not unreasonable in its context and it is therefore recommended that council supports the proposed building height,” it said. One public submission said increasing the height “would set a dangerous precedent” for the CBD. A separate submission from solicitors acting for the owner of an adjacent antiques shop said there were concerns about the shop’s continued access to the rear for loading and the front for parking. It said there were concerns about excess noise from the hotel and odour from two garbage rooms to be built behind the shop. The council’s heritage advisor has also requested the facade of a former bicycle shop on Summer Street be retained in the development to contrast old and new. However, the report said a heritage impact statement had not been provided with the DA as approval for demolition of the building had already been granted. The four-storey building will have 6000 square metres of floor space providing accommodation, reception, lounges, a cafe, a function room, bars, a gym, a pool and a roof terrace. There will a pub and bistro on the ground floor with a courtyard, retail shops on the ground floor plus basement parking for 189 cars. In the total area including the new hotel, the Summer Centre shops and a site on Sale Street there is provision for 446 parking spaces. It includes 229 spaces on site at ground level, 28 in the main Summer Centre loading dock, 43 in Basement 1 Upper, 100 in Basement 1 Lower, and 46 in Basement 2. The council report said the parking was adequate for the site. Transport for NSW has recommended a left hand turning lane or an equivalent space be provided for traffic to access the hotel. “Westbound traffic turning into the site from Summer Street will be significant. Council should be satisfied whether widening of the bus bay and parking lane to serve this function is appropriate,” it said. It said the average daily traffic flow on Summer Street was expected to be 15,000-22,000 vehicles based on counts near the site. A NSW Police risk assessment of the development has found the potential for incidences of stealing from motor vehicles and malicious damage was ‘likely.’



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