Day: November 30, 2020

The Heart of Europe to handover 2,000 units within Phase I as it re-creates the charm of the French Riviera through St. Tropez Hotel

Construction of the project’s innovative landmarks, including the Floating Seahorse Villas, Sweden Beach Palaces, Germany Island Villas, Honeymoon Island, Portofino Hotel and Côte d’Azur Resort are progressing in full speed with all the Phase I projects having topped out while engineers are currently putting finishing touches on the exterior facades and interior décor – making them ready to receive tourists from all over the world – when large-scale tourism traffic starts to pick up.

“At the beginning of the year, we made a commitment to deliver part of the Phase 1 of the Heart of Europe to the owners by the end of 2020,” Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of Kleindienst Group, said. “At that time, we were not fully aware of the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and its magnitude.

“However, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were determined to go ahead with our planned development and as the lockdown was announced in March, we shifted our entire team to the Heart of Europe islands and continued to construct. During the lockdown, we were isolated from the mainland and confined to the island and focused on construction.

“Now, I am pleased to announce that, we are ready to hand-over residential units to home-owners so that they can fit out the interiors. This reflects our strong commitment to the investors and as they start taking over, I am also excited to announce that we have started construction of the Phase II of the project – and plan to complete the development of the island by 2022.”

Since about 90 percent of the developments of the island are hospitality units, hotels and resorts will be opened when large-scale tourism traffic starts to pick up, he says.

“We are also getting ready to commercially open more than 1,500 hospitality units in five hotels and resorts – when the tourists start to travel – after the situation normalises. The recent announcement of the COVID-19 vaccine is encouraging and if most people are vaccinated in the first half of 2021, we will open the world-class leisure destination to local, regional and international tourists ahead of the Expo 2020 that starts in October 2021,” Josef Kleindienst says.

St. Tropez – an exclusive boutique hotel offering 200 keys – is gradually taking shape at the Heart of Europe, the most sustainable luxury leisure tourism destination in the world. Part of the four-hotel Côte d’Azur Resort, it will add to the growing attractions of the Heart of Europe, once complete in a few months.

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, St. Tropez offers magnificent sea views – of a large body of crystal clear blue waters at an inter-connected destination of six islands that makes up the Heart of Europe, which will be one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world.

St. Tropez promises to deliver luxury suites where every window overlooks mesmerising seascapes that shine under the sun. Guests will be able to surround themselves in the spellbinding beauty of the azure blue

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Meet Two HBCU Grads Taking Over The Vacation Rental Market

Real estate investing has long been a proven approach to helping individuals diversify their assets, build generational wealth and achieve financial independence— and that’s especially the case when it comes to two HBCU grads: Carrington Carter and Calvin Butts, Jr.

The pair, who are the founders of the premium vacation rental company, Getaway Society, are not only taking over the $113 billion global vacation rental market, but also providing a pathway for Black entrepreneurs and investors to follow in their footsteps.

And their partnership started off rather serendipitously. What began with Carter vacationing in the Poconos, later led to the college friends joining forces to turn their love for traveling into a profitable business where they currently own and manage properties in the Poconos, Martha’s Vineyard, Gatlinburg, and Hilton Head. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they have seen exponential growth in all of those markets, and there business has only continued to grow.

This comes as no surprise, with Black U.S. leisure travelers spending on average $109.4 billion on travel in 2019 – the most recent year reflecting normal travel spend prior to COVID-19. Needless to say, there’s a huge vacation rental market to be tapped into, and the Hampton University graduates are just beginning to scratch the surface. “We spend a lot of money on travel,” says Carter. “We spend a lot of money on experiences. You’re also starting to see a cultural shift, whether it’s brought on by social media, or whether it’s an age thing, where people are starting to spend a lot of money on experiences versus material things. The vacation rental industry and the travel industry are starting to benefit a lot from that.”

After putting their financial resources and knowledge together, they broke ground on their first Getaway Society property in the Pocono Mountains in 2014 — and it’s been up ever since. “We continue to grow in this space,” says Carter. “One of the things that we like about the vacation rental home market, is the many different types of ways that you can use these houses. Whether it’s a family trip, whether it’s a multigenerational family… fraternity trip, sorority trip, bachelor, bachelorette.”

Butts adds that their growing success also has a lot to do with the current social climate, “This is now the preferred way of travel for a lot of folks. Given the fact that folks are traveling in larger groups, and people looking for more privacy, and are looking to have events and need more space. If you think about where we are in this current pandemic — the need for safety, cleanliness, privacy and less exposure to others is now very important.”

Carter and Butts, Jr. haven’t stopped at vacation rentals either. The pair also co-own McKinley Carter Enterprises, a real estate investment and property management company, as well as East Chop Capital, a private equity firm that helps people create and grow businesses, as well as obtain financial education on how to raise money and find investors. “Calvin and

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This Real Estate Market Could Be a Moneymaker for Vacation Rental Investors

The first person I knew in the United States to take COVID-19 seriously was a Manhattan blogger who owned vacation rental properties in upstate New York. By February, she had pulled her children out of school and gone to the Adirondacks, a move her peers first found dramatic but turned out to demonstrate excellent foresight.

As the pandemic began to stalk New York’s five boroughs, more acquaintances began to ask for her real estate agent husband’s services — to the point where, once he’d rented out their own properties to Big Apple escapees, he became a specialist in upstate New York rental homes. And not for short-term rentals. Many families, including their own, decided to stay in the wooded, vaguely wild rural region of upstate New York until… well, who knows?

In communities like the Adirondacks, most vacation rentals are typically booked solid in peak months and slow in the off-season, with marketing efforts geared toward extending peak season numbers into the shoulder season. That’s no longer the case. Vacation travel is floundering and pummeled by COVID-19’s peaks and people’s reactions to it — just ask Hawaii, where at least two peak times have come and gone, with the islands’ hotel rooms 80% unoccupied due to near-total lockdowns.

But that doesn’t mean units must sit empty. They just need to change their rules.

The pivot away from short-term rentals

The silver lining to the slowdown in travel bookings can be the less pricey per-night, but much steadier, long-term rental.

Articles have come out everywhere, from Vogue to Business Insider to The New York Times, about wealthy, privileged folks fleeing the cities to wait out COVID-19 in luxury resort areas such as Aspen, Colorado, and Tulum, Mexico. However, as social distancing and remote work become the norm, more people are looking for a long-term alternative to cities, and they don’t need jet set destinations. Some folks are buying, but many are choosing — for financial reasons, or just caution — to rent.

Length of stay, regulations, and market pricing issues

Family circumstances led to me fixing up and renting out a relative’s Maui condo six months into the pandemic. As an owner, landlord, or manager in Hawaii right now, the first thing to know is that when stay-at-home and mandatory quarantines hit, short-term rentals are pretty much not allowed.

Even in most of the developments that do typically allow them, COVID-19 quarantine orders banned renting to anyone quarantining. And other states have implemented similar measures. Yet plenty of people decide to wait out the bans at a hotel or a relative’s house and then look for a two- or three-month lease.

For people who can only accept long-term leases, the flurry of three-month requests is a major annoyance. But for many vacation rental property owners, it was a great turn of events that helped make up for months without bookings earlier in the year — provided the county and complex allows it.

The issue is when would-be renters expect to pay

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Hoboken Winter Recreation Programs Benched Amid Ongoing COVID Concerns

HOBOKEN, NJ – While area schools are altering programs to mitigate COVID risk for kids, the City of Hoboken has made the decision to blow the whistle on winter recreation programs.

“As we continue through the next stage of the second wave, and with cases surging in New Jersey, we have made the difficult decision to indefinitely postpone all City-run recreation programs for the winter, including all indoor sports and flag-football,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla. “We have seen some recent COVID-19 cases coming from recreation leagues, and given the expected increase in cases, we feel it would be irresponsible from a health perspective to continue with indoor sports where social distancing is not practical.”

Hoboken Public Schools have resumed virtual learning this week, and are tentatively scheduled to return to classrooms on December 7. Other schools serving Hoboken students are operating under different plans based on the COVID impact to their classrooms. Parents and guardians are recommended to check in with their student’s specific classroom as virus responses continue to evolve.

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Western Maine tourism, recreation get a funding boost

FRYEBURG — The federal government is making an investment in the tourism and recreation industries in western Maine, an area popular with hikers, campers and outdoor adventurers.

The University of Maine has received $286,800 to provide workforce training for the industries, U.S. Sens. Susan Collins, a Republican, and Angus King, an independent, said.

The money is through a partnership between the Northern Border Regional Commission and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Collins and King said in a statement that UMaine’s work “will preserve and protect western Maine’s rich history and beautiful landscapes by expanding workforce and professional development opportunities for Mainers.”

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Which Cast Member Guest Starred on ‘Chappelle’s Show?’

Most fans of Parks and Recreation know that many of the cast members went on to do big things after the show ended. But plenty of the stars actually guest-starred on other uber-popular shows before they got their big break on Parks and Recreation. Of course, many people know that Rashida Jones (who played the bubbly nurse, Ann Perkins) also starred in The Office before she found her place in Pawnee. But Jones also guest-starred in a few episodes of Chappelle’s Show.

Parks and Recreation cast
Parks and Recreation cast | Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Chappelle’s Show premiered back in 2003 on Comedy Central, six years prior to Parks and Recreation. Created by comedian, Dave Chappelle, the show featured mostly sketch-based content. Using humor, Chappelle often explored taboo and/or polarizing content in a way that many viewers found entertaining and educational. Though the show was wildly popular, it was cut short after just two seasons when Chappelle abruptly quit. However, Jones was able to make an appearance in the cast twice as a guest star.

‘Parks and Recreation’ cast member, Rashida Jones guest starred in ‘Chappelle’s Show’

Jones makes her first appearance in episode 5 of Season 1 in a sketch called Roca Pads. The premise of the sketch is that rappers have gotten out of hand with the products that they’re trying to sell to the public. In the sketch, Jones recommends the sanitary products, Roca Pads, to her friend. She ensures her friends that Roca Pads are “mutha fu*kin tizight” before said rapper pours alcohol over his pads to prove that they have high absorbancy. The sketch was well-received, so it makes sense that the Parks and Recreation star came back for another episode.

RELATED: ‘Parks and Recreation’: Nick Offerman Got So Much Free Meat From Fans His Doctor Intervened

Jones also starred right alongside Chappelle in a particularly memorable episode of Season 2. In episode 4, Parks and Recreation fans will be able to spot Jones a sketch called The Love Contract. The premise of the sketch is that both parties sign a binding legal contract to prove that they are engaging in consensual sexual activities. In the sketch, Jones plays Chappelle’s love interest. When she is underwhelmed with his performance, he also implores her to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Jones enjoys the freedom that over-the-top roles provide her with

Clearly, Jones has been working hard to make a name for herself long before she was cast on Parks and Recreation. Though she is often cast as more straight-laced characters, it’s clear that she can hold her own when it comes to showcasing her comedic chops. But does Jones prefer to play more over the top characters or ones that are on the straight and arrow?

In an interview with Award’s Circuit, the Parks and Recreation star confessed that she liked to play over the top roles more than sane, dependable ones. Citing her role as Joya in Black AF,

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Construction of Las Colinas hotel set to start soon

Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi plans to break ground this before then end of the year on a luxury hotel in Las Colinas.

Gaglardi’s Northland Properties Corp. for more than a year has been planning h the 205-room, six-story hotel at State Highways 114 and 161 in Irving.

The hotel is part of Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones 36-acre Star Park mixed-use development.

A filing for the first $18 million construction of the project was just filed with the state of Texas.

Dallas-based Studio RedDot is designing the project.

The hotel will include a 6,788 square-foot, 225‐seat Moxie’s Grill restaurant with an outdoor patio.

The Las Colinas hotel is one of the first Texas projects for Northland Properties’ hotel group.

The Canada-based Sandman Signature Hotel chain already operates a 233-room hotel in Plano, its first location in the U.S.

Gaglardi bought the Dallas Stars in 2011. His company operates a chain of Sandman and Sutton Place hotels in Canada, the U.K. and now Texas.

Along with the Sandman hotel, the surrounding Star Park development includes a 288-unit apartment community being built by Lincoln Property Co.

And Jones’ Blue Star Land and Lincoln Property are building a 36,000-square-foot retail strip adjoining apartments and hotel site.

Lincoln Property also has a site for an office building in the project.

The Sandman Hotel is one of two new hotels on the way in the area. Type Six Design & Development has received zoning approval for a six-story, 150-room Hotel Indigo in Las Colinas.

Construction on the Indigo will start in the second quarter of 2021.

The Hotel Indigo in Las Colinas starts construction next year.

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Kareena Kapoor treats fans to unseen pictures with Saif, Taimur from vacation

Nov 30, 2020 20:50 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 30 (ANI): Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan on Monday treated her fans to some unseen glimpses from her dreamy vacation in Himanchal Pradesh with husband Saif Ali Khan and little munchkin Taimur.
‘The ‘Heroine’ star shared some pictures on her Instagram Story, as hubby Saif continues to shoot for a horror-comedy with Arjun Kapoor and Yami Gautam – ‘Bhoot Police’.
Taking to her Instagram story, Kareena revealed that she is now in Palampur as she shared a stunning scenic shot and captioned it, “Incredible India.”

The ‘Jab We Met’ star then went on to share two adorable photos. In the first picture, Kareena is seen posing for the camera with Saif Ali Khan and their little son Taimur. The toddler can be seen wearing a cute beanie and warm winter clothes like his mum and dad.

In the photographs, Kareena looked stylish in her athleisure and pink winter jacket. The second photo shows Saif and Kareena posing for a group photo with the hotel staff where they were staying. The ‘Ra One’ star also thanked them for their hospitality as she called it the ‘most memorable stay’.
Apart from these pictures, earlier in the day, Kareena also shared a close-up selfie in a post in which she flaunted her flawless skin. The actor captioned her photo, “Pink in Palampur,” as she looked striking in kohl-lined eyes and pink lips were the most striking features in the photo.

Of late, the mom-to-be actor has been updating fans on here activities by posting pictures and videos.
Earlier, Kareena shared pictures as she spent time learning pottery with her little son Taimur.(ANI)

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Virtual Hearing Set For Proposed Stone House Hotel In Warren

WARREN, NJ — A virtual public hearing to discuss plans to build a hotel on the grounds of the Stone House Restaurant in Warren is set for Monday, Dec. 7.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, a remote Zoom Meeting will be available for the public
to join in and ask questions individually at 7 p.m.

A three-story, 48-room hotel is being proposed at the venue at 50 Stirling Road. The hotel will also have an underground parking deck with 37 spaces.

The proposed hotel will be located in the wooded area to the right of the existing hall near Stiles Road.

Maddy Realty LLC, is seeking two variances. One for use of the land for a hotel and the second for the height of the building. The proposed height exceeds 10 percent of the permitted amount.

The proposed hotel has received some negative reviews from nearby residents in a township. Many are planning to speak out against the project at the hearing.

Chris Williams who lives on Carol Terrace with his family near the project is among those planning to speak out against the project. Read More: Warren Residents To Speak Out Against Proposed Stone House Hotel

Here are the details for residents to join the Warren Township Board of Adjustment Meeting Zoom meeting:

  • Join Zoom Meeting: click here
  • Meeting ID: 908 753 8000
  • Passcode: 081576
  • Dial by your location: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
  • Meeting ID: 908 753 8000
  • Passcode: 081576

For questions about how to access the documents or participate in the remote only meeting contact the Land Use Coordinator, Lisa Sammartino at 908-753-8000 ext. 244 or
[email protected]

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Widow sues hotel after husband fell to death after opening window

Deborah James is suing the owners of the White Lion Hotel over the death of her husband Christopher (Picture: Champion News/Google Maps)

The widow of an RAF officer who plunged to his death from a hotel window while ‘intoxicated’ is fighting the owners over a £400,000 compensation payout.

Sergeant Christopher James, 41, fell 20ft from the sill of his second-floor room at the Grade-II listed White Lion Hotel in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, after attending a friend’s wedding in July 2015.

He lost his balance after opening the sash window to get some air and smoke a cigarette in the early hours of a sweltering night and suffered fatal head injuries when he hit the pavement, the Court of Appeal heard.

His widow, Deborah, 43, who is a teacher from Cornwall, won the first leg of her legal battle when a judge in Bristol ruled she was entitled to a payout following a hearing back in January.

Judge Barry Cotter QC found Mr James was ‘mildly to moderately intoxicated’ when he returned to his hotel late that night, but ruled that ‘he was not drunk’.

But the White Lion Hotel is now appealing that judgement, arguing that Mrs James’ claim should be thrown out because her husband ‘chose to sit on the window sill and accept the risk of falling out’.

Christopher James pictured with his wife Deborah (Picture: Champion News)

Mrs James is claiming £400,000 in compensation.

In court documents, her barrister, Robert Weir QC, outlined the likely events leading up to the fall, which he said resulted from a combination of a low window sill, the fact that the window could be opened fully, and the sash mechanism being defective.

He said: ‘Mr James had opened a sash window in his second floor bedroom at night as he was struggling with the heat and was considering smoking a cigarette.

‘The window sill was much lower than normal height.

‘The lower window could be opened to its full height and the sash mechanism of the lower window was defective such that he ended up sitting on the window sill, adopting a slightly awkward position to hold the sash up, and leant out to cool down.

‘At some point he lost his balance and fell from the window to his death on the pavement below.’

Mrs James paid tribute to her husband, who she said was a ‘very loving father’ (Picture: Champion News)

Mr Weir added: ‘He was certainly careless but, in sitting on the window sill, he was not freely and voluntarily undertaking an activity with inherent risk, let alone with an obvious risk of falling.’

Judge Cotter held the hotel owners liable for the fall, while finding that Mr James was himself 60% at fault ‘for choosing to sit on the window sill’.

He found that had the hotel not breached its duty of care Mr James ‘would not have been in a position to open the sash window fully and so would not have accidentally fallen out’.

After the

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