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Theo Epstein offered Joe Maddon a midseason vacation during Cubs tenure

Often left unsaid in all the reports and speculation about the scenarios Major League Baseball is considering in efforts to play a 2020 season is the especially high health risks that many essential personnel in the game will face, regardless of how much coronavirus testing is available by then.

That includes two former Cubs managers considered in the high-risk age range: the Angels’ Joe Maddon, 66, and the Astros’ Dusty Baker, 70.

Has Maddon worried about that risk as he makes plans for a possible season amid the global COVID-19 pandemic?

“I haven’t to this point until you just asked me,” he said with a chuckle during a conversation this week with NBC Sports Chicago.

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Maddon, perhaps not surprisingly, seems less concerned with the risk-factor statistics than the process of being as prepared as possible to stay healthy.

“I’m on a roll right now,” he said of his health and fitness regime. “When I was in Arizona, I rode my bike for 40 consecutive days — four-zero. And I’ve been getting my rest, and I’ve been trying to stay proactive in front of everything also.

“I want to believe if I were to contract it, I’d be able to fight it off. That’s the premise I’m working from. So I don’t necessarily worry about it. I have a faith that I’m doing the right things leading into it.”

That includes a focus on daily nutrition, he said: “the supplements I’m taking, a lot of Vitamin C, a lot of zinc in my water, all the necessary seleniums. I research everything.

“I’m doing this stuff proactively to give myself the best shot that if I was impacted I’d be able to fight it off.”

He and Baker aren’t the only potential baseball personnel in the high-risk groups. Some coaches and umpires also are fall into the age range considered higher risk, along with some clubhouse personnel.

And underlying risk factors even affect some players. Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow, for instance, has Type I diabetes, which is considered one of those factors.

Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo and pitcher Jon Lester are cancer survivors who underwent chemotherapy to recover early in their professional careers. Some research has suggested that’s another risk factor for more severe reaction if the virus is contracted.

Rizzo said several weeks ago he didn’t believe he was at a higher risk.

“I’m at full strength,” he said. “All my blood work — it’s not like I’m low on any levels. All my lungs and liver and everything functions like it should be functioning, as it should be functioning as a 30-year-old athlete. So I’m not worried about it.”

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He might be right. But Americans in their 20s and 30s, with no apparent underlying risks, already have died in this country from COVID-19.

The Oakland A’s on Friday announced the coronavirus death of

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Recreation Worker Job Description, Duties and Jobs

Basic Job Description:

Conduct recreation activities with groups in public, private, or volunteer agencies or recreation facilities. Organize and promote activities, such as arts and crafts, sports, games, music, dramatics, social recreation, camping, and hobbies, taking into account the needs and interests of individual members.

Part 1

Duties / Tasks

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5



Job Duties and Tasks for:
“Recreation Worker”

1) Enforce rules and regulations of recreational facilities in order to maintain discipline and ensure safety.

2) Organize, lead, and promote interest in recreational activities such as arts, crafts, sports, games, camping, and hobbies.


3) Manage the daily operations of recreational facilities.

4) Administer first aid according to prescribed procedures, and notify emergency medical personnel when necessary.

5) Ascertain and interpret group interests, evaluate equipment and facilities, and adapt activities to meet participant needs.


6) Greet new arrivals to activities, introducing them to other participants, explaining facility rules, and encouraging their participation.

7) Explain principles, techniques, and safety procedures to participants in recreational activities, and demonstrate use of materials and equipment.

8) Evaluate recreation areas, facilities, and services in order to determine if they are producing desired results.

9) Complete and maintain time and attendance forms and inventory lists.

10) Confer with management in order to discuss and resolve participant complaints.

11) Supervise and coordinate the work activities of personnel, such as training staff members and assigning work duties.

Is being a “Recreation Worker” your very best career choice?

Our Career Interest Test
will show you which careers match your interests.

Our Free Personality Test will show you which careers match your personality and why.


12) Meet and collaborate with agency personnel, community organizations, and other professional personnel to plan balanced recreational programs for participants.

13) Schedule maintenance and use of facilities.

14) Direct special activities or events such as aquatics, gymnastics, or performing arts.


15) Meet with staff to discuss rules, regulations, and work-related problems.

16) Provide for entertainment and set up related decorations and equipment.

17) Encourage participants to develop their own activities and leadership skills through group discussions.

18) Serve as liaison between park or recreation administrators and activity instructors.

19) Evaluate staff performance, recording evaluations on appropriate forms.

20) Oversee the purchase, planning, design, construction, and upkeep of recreation facilities and areas.

Job Description for “Recreation Worker” continued here…

Part 1

Duties / Tasks

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


“Recreation Worker”   Holland / RIASEC Career Code: 


Click here for “Recreation Worker” Jobs

See the Future Outlook and Educational Requirements for “Recreation Worker”


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I Need a Vacation From Parenting in Isolation

My ex-husband, the father of my two young children, moved to the Catskills with his girlfriend. He hasn’t been seeing our kids during the pandemic because he says his girlfriend is “terrified she will die if they visit.” She claims to have a lung issue (that he only learned about recently). The kids and I have been staying at home in Brooklyn for over a month. No one is sick. And I’ve been on my own with them this whole time. I could use a little break. Can I ask my ex to take them to the Catskills for a visit?


I can only imagine how stressed out (and exhausted) you are by now! But please don’t send your children to the Catskills. It’s risky. The president’s Coronavirus Task Force calls for 14 days of self-quarantine after leaving hot spots like Brooklyn. Do you really want your kids alone in a guest room for two weeks before they join a household where one of the adults is terrified of them?

It’s not fair to question the girlfriend’s recent claim of a pulmonary condition either, tempting as that may be. Before this pandemic, there was little reason to share relatively minor health problems that could be big risk factors now.

You will probably notice that I’ve been no help to you so far. So, here’s an idea: Can your ex come to Brooklyn? If he stays at your apartment or finds a place nearby, he can pitch in with the kids. It’s not ideal. He will have to quarantine when he goes home again, and his girlfriend may not love the idea. Still, after a month (and counting!) on your own with two children, it’s the least he can do as a co-parent.

A woman I know has become much friendlier since our stay-at-home order was put in place. She often calls just to see how I’m doing. Then she asks whether I’m going grocery shopping and if I will pick up some things for her. I have done so a few times, dropping off her groceries in her lobby. But when I ask her to reciprocate, she says she’s too busy. Her risk from coronavirus is no greater than mine. By asking me to spend more time in stores and at her building, she is jeopardizing my health to protect her own. How can I say that I’ll help her only if she helps me?


Selfish friends are the worst! But for me, they are only slightly more annoying than friends who police strict tit-for-tat arrangements. I don’t like ledgers in my friendships.

Sure, friends make mistakes all the time. If you actually like this woman, say: “Why do you keep asking me to shop for you?” Then discuss the imbalance. Otherwise, when she next requests delivery service, just say: “Sorry, I don’t want to prolong my time in the shops or on the street.”

My father

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The Intern Group — Worldwide Internship Programs

The Intern Group is a leading provider of global internship programs in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. They also provide virtual/remote internship programs so that you can build your career from anywhere. They provide internships in all career fields year-round. Learn from leading professionals in your field while making friends from all over the world and living like a true local. The Intern Group’s programs include a professional internship, accommodation, visa assistance, professional development tools &
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Vacation rental ban continues in Phase One of Florida’s reopening

The statewide ban on vacation rentals will continue in Phase One of Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ plan to reopen Florida.

For more than a month, guests have been unable to schedule vacation rentals through services like Airbnb or HomeAway. And with phase one, starting Monday, that won’t change — at least for another two weeks.

Earlier this month, DeSantis extended the vacation rental ban until Thursday. On Wednesday, the Governor issued a carryover order (Executive Order 20-111) that extends the ban until phase one begins on Monday, and another, 20-112, that carries the order through phase one.

The original order, issued March 27, (Executive Order 20-87) suspended vacation rentals in homes and condominiums. It did not apply to hotels, inns and resorts, and it did not apply to long-term rentals.

Vacation rentals have become popular with tourists and spring breakers, who have drawn DeSantis’ ire throughout the pandemic.

According to the order, “many cases of COVID-19 in Florida have resulted from individuals coming into the state from international travel and other states, posing great risk to Florida residents.”

Additionally, “vacation rentals and third-party platforms advertising vacation rentals in Florida present attractive lodging destinations for individuals coming into Florida.”

However, with spring break come on gone, DeSantis can’t point to college kids crowding beaches and taking body shots for why to close the rentals.

One of the reopening’s tenets calls for preventing new infections from travelers.

The Governor’s Re-Open Florida Task Force report suggests vacation rentals could open in phase two, but only to Florida residents. Anyone traveling internationally or from domestic hot spots couldn’t rent, according to a subsequent suggestion.

President Donald Trump‘s “Opening Up America Again” framework outlines at least two weeks between phases, and DeSantis seems set to follow a similar timeline. On Wednesday, he told reporters the second phase was hopefully weeks rather than months away.

With the Memorial Day weekend less than three weeks away from the beginning of phase one, vacation rentals will likely have limitations if there are not still closed.

As COVID-19 began spreading in the United States, the Governor ordered that people traveling from New York City, New Orleans and the surrounding areas self-isolate for 14 days upon entering the state, which he says reduced the number of plane trips from the New York area. The state also set up highway checkpoints at the border on Interstate 10 and Interstate 95.

Restaurant dining rooms and retail storefronts will be open to customers but limited to 25% capacity under phase one. The first phase also permits outdoor seating at restaurants, as long as tables are spaced 6 feet apart.

VISIT FLORIDA CEO Dana Young, who led the task force’s working group involving tourism, said she hoped Florida residents, who would be more likely to immediately take an in-state trip, could put that industry on a path to recovery.

On Friday, Pensacola-area Republican Matt Gaetz weighed-in on the vacation rental ban during a press conference

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Lake Ouachita

 One of the most popular outdoor recreation activities at Lake Ouachita is camping. The Corps of Engineers manages 16 campgrounds at Lake Ouachita, with campsites ranging from primitive to paved pull through sites with water and electric hook-ups. Many of the campgrounds on Lake Ouachita feature amenities such as restrooms, showers, boat ramps, sanitary disposal stations, playgrounds, electric and water hook-ups, courtesy docks, and designated swimming areas. Six of the campgrounds feature contract or volunteer park attendants who register incoming campers, provide information, and ensure the campground is operated to provide the safest, most enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Group Camping areas are available by reservation through the Lake Ouachita Field Office which allows clubs, families, and friends to camp together in a common area for a reasonable fee.Group camping areas are located at  Little Fir, and Spillway Day Use area. Denby Point and Crystal Springs Group camping area reservations can be made by calling the National Recreation Reservation System.

The outdoor activities at Lake Ouachita are numerous.  From your campsite base you can enjoy a day boating or fishing on the 40, 000 acres of crystal clear water, hike, swim or picnic at one of our many designated beaches and picnic areas, or just sit back and enjoy a campfire or relax in the shade of your campsite. 

Camp at Lake Ouachita and enjoy some of the best scenery nature has to offer in the state of Arkansas. 

Island Camping:

With over 200 islands, Lake Ouachita is an extremely popular site for island camping.  Be sure to Leave No Trace.  If you carry it in, please carry it out-this will eliminate litter.  Protect water sources from contamination – use biodegradable soap, or try hot water soapless dishwashing, bathing and clothes washing.  When using soap (even biodegradable) and toothpaste, dispose of the wastewater at least 100 feet away from natural water sources.  Remember that nails and wires should not be used on trees because they can cause serious damage to trees, and that burn damage will permanently scar or kill a tree.  If building a campfire make sure that you keep it contained with rocks and build it at least 10 feet away from trees and other brush.  Never leave a campfire unattended.  By following these and other safe camping practices you can keep Lake Ouachita’s islands healthy for future generations to enjoy.

Camping Policies and Regulations


Class A Camping Areas

All campsites are non-reservable and are available on a “first come-first serve” basis from 26th September through 30 April.  Reservable campsites are available from 1 May to 25th September. Fees: $14– $30 per night

Reservations for Class A sites at these camping areas (excluding Stephens Park)  may be made by calling the National Recreation Reservation System’s toll free number 1-877-444-6777 or on the internet at

 Stephens Park – 9 campsites Location:  Highway 227 in Hot Springs to Mountain Pine, then follow Blakely Dam Road past school.  Park is on left at the base of Blakely Mountain Dam. 

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Miami Beach Hotel | National Hotel South Beach Luxury Hotel

South Beach Oceanfront Hotel with Exceptional Location

Consistently rated among one of the best South Beach Miami hotels, The National is a 4 star hotel in Miami Beach, ideally located directly on the beach and 1 block east of Lincoln Road, 2 blocks north of Ocean Drive and respectively 10 and 15 minutes away from Downtown Miami and Miami International Airport.

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Vacation – Maxim


Lonely Planet Names Absolute Best Travel Destinations for 2020

Salma Hayek Promo

Salma Hayek Is Posting Bikini Pics From Her Tropical Vacation, and She’s as Stunning as Ever

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This Personalized ‘Selfie’ Luggage Will Terrify Everyone at Baggage Claim

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Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid Went on Vacation Together, And It Was Glorious

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The Importance and Impact of Recreational Activities in the Educational Curriculum | Ms. Rituparna Devi

“All Work and no Play make Jack a dull boy” goes a popular saying.

The significance of this saying has increased manifold in today’s fast-paced and competitive world where students are forced by both their guardians and the conglomerate of society and situations as a whole to devote increasing hours in academic learning , whether theoretical or practical and knowledge enhancing activities so that they can stay ahead in the rat race. Add to that the present way of life where people mostly stay in small nuclear families and with parents working, the viability of our own home as a place where we can have recreational time has diminished.

What is recreation?

Recreation consists of activities or experiences carried on within leisure, usually chosen voluntarily by the participant – either because of satisfaction, pleasure or creative enrichment derived, or because he perceives certain personal or social values to be gained from them. It may, also be perceived as the process of participation, or as the emotional state derived from involvement.

Students, especially in higher education, now spend most of their time with college friends and outside of home for various purposes and work. Hence, in the current scenario, the best place to include recreational activities in one’s life is one’s place of education rather than at home. This not only provides a chance to include recreations in one’s life, but also helps students to socialize and become less dependent on one’s parents.

Before analyzing the effect of recreations in educational curriculum, it is important to know the impacts and necessity of recreations in one’s life as a whole. Due to the intricacies in present day society and the way of living, students nowadays are weaker than their older generations, both physically and emotionally. This gets reflected in their physical, emotional and mental health as well as their behavior and development which all the more calls for bestowing on recreations the importance that it deserves. Various studies have shown the importance of recreations on one’s life specifically in three aspects- physical health, mental health and improving quality of life.

  • Physical Health: Recreational activities, especially outdoor ones improve one’s health like maintaining lower body fat percentages, lowering blood and cholesterol levels, increasing muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, body composition and cardiovascular endurance. Overall it increases one’s stamina and energy level resulting in more focus for academic activities besides also having an impact on one’s class attendance and attention thus leading to more learning. And as we all know “health is wealth”.
  • Mental Health: Mental health is essential for overall physical health. Recreational activities help manage stress. It provides a chance to nurture oneself and provides a sense of balance and self-esteem, which can directly reduce anxiety and depression. There is also an increased motivation to learn as it can serve as a laboratory for application of contents learnt in classrooms teaching. It provides a channel for releasing tension and anxiety thus facilitating emotional stability and resilience. Such activities help students
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Upper West Side Hotels | NYC Hotel

The Lucerne Hotel offers luxury accommodations in the heart of Manhattan’s posh Upper West Side. Our NYC luxury hotel is housed in a treasured landmark building erected in 1904, and underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. The result is a sophisticated Upper West Side hotel, imbued with European-inspired architectural charm and modern amenities.

The Lucerne’s guest rooms and suites provide comfort and convenience whether you’re here for corporate travel or making memories with loved ones. Featuring full-size work desks and plush bedding, this luxury Upper Manhattan hotel caters to your every need through personalized services. Business and leisure travelers will appreciate The Lucerne’s modern amenities, featuring WiFi, convenient valet parking, 24-hour in-room dining, spa services, and a fitness center.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Nice Matin restaurant and sidewalk café, a popular destination beloved by both locals and tourists. Guests also receive 15% off their Nice Matin bill for breakfast when they stay at The Lucerne. Unwind at the end of the day with some wine during The Lucerne’s Wine Hour. It’s no wonder The New York Times’ review of The Lucerne proclaimed: “Service unrivaled.”

Take advantage of The Lucerne’s desirable location, just a few blocks away from Central Park, Riverside Park and the Hudson River. We are a short subway ride away from a variety of Upper West Side attractions–including Columbia University and Columbus Circle–and within walking distance of The American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center. We’re surrounded by an array of fine dining, specialty boutiques, and cafes on the UWS.

Book your reservations at The Lucerne to begin your upscale, New York adventure.

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