Vacation in Barbados – An Authentic Barbados Vacation Guide

Welcome to Vacation in Barbados  Come enjoy a Barbados Vacation

So you are planning a Barbados

You’ve decided you need a break from
burdens of everyday life and that it is time for a trip to a
tropical paradise

You’ve heard that “Bajans
[bay-juns] are laid-back friendly people, that the weather here is
perfect and the food is truly unique…..

You’ve dreamt of relaxing on one of
beautiful sandy beaches under the warm afternoon sun without a care in
the world…..

Barbados Vacation West Coast Beach

But you don’t have time for all the planning…..

Well I am here to help prepare you for
well deserved vacation in Barbados!

Barbados has become one of the most
Caribbean destinations for family and romantic vacations with its…

Beautiful white
beaches for sun tanning

Magnificent coral
for scuba diving and snorkeling

Spectacular cliff
for site-seeing

caves for exploring

Excellent waves

World class Barbados
courses to tee off on

Exhilarating Barbados
for partying

And you guessed
best damn Caribbean rum for drinking!

These are just a few of the island’s
attractions awaiting you.

Vacation in Barbados East Coast

Here at I strive to provide you with the most comprehensive information to aid
in planning your trip to my beautiful home as well as to ensure your
visit is as safe, memorable and cheap as possible.

I love this island and as a local I
want to
help save you time by showing you how to find cheap
flights to Barbados
, the best
Barbados hotels
, Barbados
and Barbados
our beautiful south and south-west coasts have to

I would also like to tell you about
our must
do Barbados tourists attractions
so that you spend your
vacation money wisely while you are here.

Many of the other Caribbean islands have become very commercialized
with American fast food restaurants and private beaches.

However, we
are proud of our authenticity
and if you expect to dine at a
McDonald’s or pay a fee to tan on the beach you are traveling to the
wrong place!

I want to help you become engulfed in
culture and to leave with a true experience of the Caribbean.

Not only do I hope you find this
helpful while planning your Barbados vacation but I hope that you find
it useful as a tour guide during your stay.

So sit back and relax and let us
proceed as
I prepare you for “An Authentic Experience in The Gem of The

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