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Best & Worst Cities for Recreation

Adam McCann, Financial Writer
Jul 2, 2019

Staying active isn’t just good for your health. It’s also good for your wallet. One of the best ways to maintain an active lifestyle is to choose a city that encourages and facilitates recreation. The best cities have a wide range of leisure activities, both indoor and outdoor. Those activities require varying levels of exercise and contribute to a city’s overall well-being and economy.

Consider neighborhood parks, which are instrumental to building a sense of community, boosting property values, improving public health and reducing pollution. In Washington, for instance, close proximity to a park increases a home’s value by 5 percent while the same types of spaces in Sacramento, Calif., result in nearly $20 million in health care savings. “A regular vigorous run can cut medical costs by an average of $250 a year” per individual, according to The Trust for Public Land. Recognizing these benefits, 100 major U.S. cities together invested more than $8 billion in parks and recreation in 2018.

But some cities offer more and cheaper options than others. To determine the places where recreation is a high priority, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 48 key metrics that speak to the benefits of recreational activities. In each city, we examined basic living costs, the quality of parks, the accessibility of entertainment and recreational facilities and the weather. Read on for our findings, expert commentary and a full description of our methodology.

Main Findings

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Best Cities for Recreation

Overall Rank


Total Score

‘Entertainment & Recreational Facilities’ Rank

‘Costs’ Rank

‘Quality of Parks’ Rank

‘Weather’ Rank

1 San Diego, CA 58.27 4 70 11 34
2 Las Vegas, NV 58.14 10 38 21 18
3 Orlando, FL 58.13 2 50 54 28
4 Honolulu, HI 56.71 3 85 4 43
5 Tampa, FL 53.73 14 36 74 13
6 Atlanta, GA 52.90 13 64 37 41
7 Cincinnati, OH 52.20 18 9 19 58
8 Scottsdale, AZ 51.96 29 52 24 3
9 Portland, OR 51.31 9 53 25 78
10 Los Angeles, CA 50.93 11 92 55 7
11 San Francisco, CA 50.25 1 99 6 49
12 Denver, CO 49.37 16 60 13 64
13 St. Louis, MO 49.16 19 4 16 94
14 New Orleans, LA 49.14 20 66 8 53
15 Minneapolis, MN 48.96 22 40 2 77
16 Chicago, IL 48.74 5 94 5 92
17 Seattle, WA 48.54 8 89 9 70
18 Sacramento, CA 48.49 25 72 42 9
19 Boise, ID 48.42 42 6 57 26
20 Tucson, AZ 47.46 34 27 82 16
21 El Paso, TX 47.24 87 1 28 25
22 Philadelphia, PA 47.08 17 81 34 52
23 Lincoln, NE 46.95 50 33 18 46
24 New York, NY 46.84 6 100 1 55
25 Henderson, NV 46.68 83 2 69 4
26 Albuquerque, NM 46.63 57 51 12 37
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Finest And Worst Instances To Travel To Europe

Milan is a metropolis with diversities it affords a pleasant expertise for tourists with varied taste. When you choose the bus, it can save you your self this uncomfortable state of affairs and it also can prevent money as a result of it will not get you sick. They are provided by tour corporations, accommodations, conference and customer bureaus, airlines and cruise strains. FURTHER JUICE ON YOUR ELECTRONICS: It is important to carry round devices when travelling similar to flashlight for emergency, alarm clock, and cameras to take snapshots of magnificent views.

Tourism brings in some huge cash and will increase employment alternatives within the nation the tourism ministry in every country seeks ways to develop and promote tourism in their respective countries. In a quick, seashores, wine, superb food and resorts ready for you to have a stunning encounter with the fun and leisure provided by the country.

The other locations that you need to not overlook visiting is the Tiananmen Sq. and the Forbidden Metropolis in addition to the Temple of Heaven. Planning an international trip will be an pleasurable expertise when in comparison with the hassle involved years ago.

Additionally, get to know more about its individuals and culture by visiting the temples, shrines and palaces of Japan. If you are traveling on a decent budget, then there are quite a few accommodations with inexpensive rents but with excessive residing requirements.

In the event you put the trip off the exchange price could change for the worse and you can lose money after arriving at your destination. Whereas those traveling to foreign areas and NOT wanting to actively have interaction in a new culture may be quick-altering themselves, it should not cause an entire trip to be ruined.…

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Best And Worst Instances To Travel To Europe

When people decide to go away the comforts of their dwelling and venture to different areas there is normally a cause behind it. Whether or not the cause to travel was a last minute whimsy or had an actual goal, it makes one think about all the the reason why folks travel. Don’t forget to go to, too, the Buddhanikantha Temple, one other considered one of its famous tourist locations. The Barbadians, or Bajans as they are more commonly referred to on the island, costume business informal most of the time. 27. Familiarize yourself with prepare and bus schedules before traveling.

Buses do service the various small resorts, though you might have to wait quite sometime, whereas taxis are way more available, however can be dearer than car rental throughout a holiday, considering also transport to and from the airport.

Another unique place to visit is the Katmandu the place you’re going to get to know more about its tradition and other people by strolling in the Katmandu Durbar Square. To get away from the stress and pressure of their work, they usually take a couple of days off to go to vacationer locations with their households to see locations and luxuriate in a incredible trip.

There are reputed resort chains which have luxury hotels in numerous vacationer destinations of the nation. It’s a beautiful lodge and in case you have some money to spend on a nice trip this is the resort to choose. Probably the most visited nation on the earth today, occurs to be France and Paris is the world’s most visited tourist destination.

Traveling, whether for a protracted weekend away to a close-by country, or clear throughout the globe, is invigorating, refreshing and expands so much in one’s life that it is something that extra folks should do. Traveling abroad can tremendously change your life for the better because there are a lot of cultures and life to expertise.…

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