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The world’s best hotel bars and their top cocktails

a room filled with furniture and a large window: Blu Bar is way up on the 36th floor of the Shangri-La.

© Shangri-La Hotel Sydney
Blu Bar is way up on the 36th floor of the Shangri-La.

Hotel bars are the fast track to opulence.

a dining room table: Famous Paul Ninas murals flank the curvaceous walnut-paneled room, furnished with elegant bar stools and plush banquettes.

© The Roosevelt New Orleans
Famous Paul Ninas murals flank the curvaceous walnut-paneled room, furnished with elegant bar stools and plush banquettes.

When your wallet says no to spending hundreds of dollars on a bed for the night, the price of an Old-Fashioned will let you sail past the uniformed doorman, glide through a marble-clad lobby and sink into a leather armchair beside an open fire.

a group of people in a boat on a body of water: Guests must ride a special cable car down a dramatic cliff face to arrive at this brilliantly-engineered bar, perched 46 feet above the Indian Ocean.

© Ayana Resort & Spa Bali
Guests must ride a special cable car down a dramatic cliff face to arrive at this brilliantly-engineered bar, perched 46 feet above the Indian Ocean.

Budapest-based and New York-raised travel writer Alia Akkam’s new book, “Behind the Bar: 50 Cocktail Recipes from the World’s Most Iconic Hotels,” celebrates hotel bars and their signature drinks.

While Covid-related restrictions mean that we can’t jet-set like we used to, the hospitality industry is opening back up and is in need of our support.

Most major cities have at least one grande dame hotel keen to have you back through its doors, so let this selection of edited excerpts from Akkam’s book inspire you to pay a socially distanced trip to a local hotel or to make plans for future travel adventures.


Connaught Bar, London

What to drink: Mulata Daisy (rum, lime, creme de cacao liqueur, Galliano, fennel seeds)

This Mayfair institution, at which Charles de Gaulle often lodged, telegraphs a hushed country estate; its carpeted staircase with glossy wood bannisters is a highlight. Scope out the massive art collection — peppered with pieces by greats such as Louise Bourgeois and Julian Opie.

a chair sitting in front of a store: The Drake: Rooftop views in Toronto.

© Courtesy The Drake
The Drake: Rooftop views in Toronto.

Lobby Bar at Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, St Petersburg, Russia

What to drink: Million Red Roses (vodka, grapefruit juice, honey syrup, sparkling wine)

a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a wooden chair: Chill Bar, Six Senses Laamu

© Six Senses Laamu
Chill Bar, Six Senses Laamu

Past the Ludwig Fontana-designed, neoclassical façade of Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, the barrage of marble and gilt carries one back to tsarist 1875, when the property opened as Grand Hotel d’Europe. Dostoevsky came around often, Tchaikovsky honeymooned here and the enigmatic monk Rasputin, from behind drawn curtains, dined with politicians and paramours alike.

a large pool of water

© Rock Bar Ayana

KOLLÁZS, Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, Hungary

What to drink: Smoky Forest (mezcal, blood orange, pine)

A 1906 Art Nouveau masterpiece, originally built for the Gresham Life Assurance Company by Zsigmond Quittner and József Vágó, it retains gobs of Secessionist-style features, including Zsolnay ceramic tiles, Miksa Róth-made stained glass, wrought-iron railings and peacock gates.


Sazerac Bar, Roosevelt New Orleans, Louisiana

a glass of wine sitting on top of a wooden table: KOLLÁZS is on the ground floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest.

© Courtesy Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
KOLLÁZS is on the ground floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest.

What to drink: Ramos Gin Fizz (gin, simple syrup, egg white, cream, soda water, lemon and lime juice)

Seymour Weiss, owner of the Roosevelt New Orleans hotel, was buddies with Huey P. Long,

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GCSC presents radio recreation of ‘War of the Worlds’ panic

Tony Simmons
| The News Herald

PANAMA CITY — In 1938, the great director and actor Orson Welles frightened scores of people with his broadcast of “War of the Worlds.” He’d updated the events for a modern-day radio show, and presented them as if they were happening live and being covered by radio station broadcasters.

“I tell the kids it’s the original ‘fake news’ story,” said director and Assistant Professor Hank Rion. “It’s really relevant today to the way people react to news. I think it’s very timely.”

So Gulf Coast State College’s Division of Visual & Performing Arts is partnering this Halloween season with Commodore Productions and WKGC 90.7-FM to present “War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast,” a radio play based on the classic show.

Complete with vintage commercials and live sound effects, this radio-play-within-a-radio-play is described as a “thrilling homage to the form’s Golden Age and timely reminder of what fear can do to a society.” Audiences will be able to view the actors via online streaming, or listen to the show live on WKGC 90.7-FM.

Directed by Rion, the cast includes Christopher Grover, Andrew Rowell, Jacob Lambert, Susanna Lloyd, Cassidy Cobb, Sarah Mathis, Drayce Sears, Jeff Floyd, Alex Seeley and Tyler Kent. Crew includes stage manager Maggie Jones, assistant stage manager Julianna Everhart, assistant director/voiceovers by Ian Bingham, and costumes/makeup/hair by Lauren Patterson.


GCSC Presents “War of the Worlds – The Panic Broadcast”

Gulf Coast State College to live stream a radio show recreating the notorious 1938 “War of the Worlds” broadcast by Orson Welles believed to have caused widespread panic..


“COVID has changed theater a lot, and I think for us the primary thing was safety and keeping our students safe,” Rion said. “I thought a radio show would be great, so this is kind of a radio show with a twist. It’s set in 1948, and they’re doing a recreation of the 1938 broadcast.”

Mathis, a sophomore majoring in music, portrays a jingle singer and does radio announcements, among other parts in the play. At one point, she plays the digeridoo.

“But you do miss the intimacy of live theater,” Mathis said of the radio show format. “Most shows, you’re very close together — you’re hugging, you’re crying, you’re touching. Contact with other people. We’re close, but we do miss being able to be in contact with one another.”

Voice acting is one of the challenges students are facing with this production, as they aren’t using their bodies to emote.

“All they really have is from the chest up, so it’s very hard for them to try to contain all that energy without moving,” Rion said.

“I’m so used to projecting out into an audience, and I never used a microphone before for a show,” said student actor Drayce Sears. “Having to be quiet and so close up to a microphone is personally very weird for me.”

The 1938 show wasn’t intended as a hoax, but was just a regularly

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One of the world’s longest flights to return


As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, travelers are becoming fearful of flying leading major airlines to cut their flights and change their policies.


One of the world’s longest flights is going to be restored next month, a hopeful sign for Americans anxious for global travel who aren’t deterred by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Singapore Airlines announced Tuesday it is bringing back its nonstop between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport, flying three times a week starting Nov. 9. 

At a scheduled 18 hours, 40 minutes, the flight is few minutes shy of the airline’s longest from the U.S., the Newark, New Jersey, to Singapore route, which remains suspended.

But airline officials say the time is right to add an East Coast ultralong counterpart to nonstops it has continued to operate between Los Angeles and Singapore, scheduled at a little less than 18 hours in the air. Only Singapore citizens or those with long-term passes, however, have been allowed into the country.

Though Singapore shut its borders months ago, the Southeast Asian trading center has been gradually easing restrictions to allow foreigners to transit to other countries through its airport, Bloomberg News reported. 

Aside from travel restrictions, there’s also the issue of safety aboard on an ultralong flight when fears still abound about the chances of being infected by the virus. The airline hopes passengers will be reassured by its enhanced cleaning schedules, the air filtration systems it uses aboard the Airbus A350-900 jetliners it uses for the ultralong flights and face mask requirements.

More: Ask the Captain: All your air-travel questions, answered

“There are some early signs of optimism about a recovery in air travel,” Lee Lik Hsin, an executive vice president for Singapore Airlines, said in a statement. “Our customers say that they are increasingly confident about air travel, given the robust health and safety measures that are in place, as well as testing regimes to protect them and our staff.”

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 lands at Changi Airport in Singapore (Photo: WALLACE WOON, EPA-EFE)

The return of the ultralong flight underscores that consumers are anxious to get back in the air, said Henry Harteveldt, industry analyst for the Atmosphere Research Group in San Francisco.

“People want to travel and our research shows in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, the desire to travel remains strong,” Harteveldt said. He pointed to a survey that his firm conducted in July in which 84% of those participating in the U.S. agreed with the statement, “I can’t wait to travel again.” He said there were similar strong responses in eight other countries, ranging from 77% in Germany to 90% in China.

More: Is your airline voucher from a canceled trip about to expire? Here’s what to do

The problem, of course, has been the inability for those who want to travel to find a means to do so. And if countries didn’t bar them outright, some have imposed quarantine periods that potentially could ruin any vacation.

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Safely and Sustainably Enjoy Brews at World’s First Craft Beer Hotel

Companies around the world are shifting their focus to the green — not money — but sustainability. Beer is no different. The largest beer company in the world, Anheuser-Busch InBev. says that by 2025, they plan to have packaging that is 100% returnable or made from majority recycled materials — among other long and short term goals to help the planet. BrewDog, the world’s largest craft brewer, announced in August that it had officially gone carbon negative—the first international beer brand to do so.

a store inside of a building: DogHouse, the world’s first craft beer hotel, outside of Columbus, Ohio.

© Courtesy of BrewDog
DogHouse, the world’s first craft beer hotel, outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Top 7 Coolest Hotels in the World



What does this mean? BrewDog is not only reducing its carbon footprint, as many companies are looking to do as climate change and global warming continue to threaten the planet, but it is removing carbon from the air.

“We thought we were doing part for the planet as a business, but after our co-founders, James and Martin, heard a talk on climate change, we started doing more research into the matter,” Jason Block, CEO of BrewDog USA tells Newsweek. “When we looked at the totality of our carbon footprint, it was clear we were part of the problem—and even with the measures we had already taken, we needed to do more to positively impact the planet and climate crisis.”

a park bench next to a body of water: An early sketch of what the hop farm will look like on the campus of DogHouse in Ohio.

An early sketch of what the hop farm will look like on the campus of DogHouse in Ohio.

BrewDog does more than brew beer, it also is responsible for the world’s first craft beer hotel, DogHouse, which opened in Winchester, Ohio, in 2018 and features 32 beer-themed rooms with a beer tap in each.

Located 20 minutes from downtown Columbus by car, the hotel is a great getaway for beer lovers and those looking for a unique lodging experience. Beyond the beer-themed rooms, there is also a craft beer museum and of course the brewery located right next door.

a close up of a bottle: Punk IPA is the beer that "started it all" for BrewDog. Courtesy of BrewDog

© Courtesy of BrewDog
Punk IPA is the beer that “started it all” for BrewDog. Courtesy of BrewDog

From the ground up, BrewDog is looking at ways to be more green. In the coming year, they are planning on installing more solar panels on their U.S. headquarters to help power the DogHouse hotel, breweries and the headquarters themselves. There are also plans of opening a hop farm on the grounds of the hotel that will take guests’ brewery experience to the next level. The company plans on using the hops, and an additional apple orchard as a way to source ingredients organically.


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BrewDog has bars and breweries around the world from Brisbane to the U.K. to Ohio. It purchased 2,050 acres in Scotland, where the parent company is based, to create BrewDog Forest, which will be home to 1 million trees by 2022 to help offset the company’s carbon emission. It also plans on investing $39 million in “green investments” back into BrewDog, which has been raised in

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    10 of the World’s Most Famous Hotels

    You might already know these famous hotels by name, but do you know why they’re famous? Here’s what earned some of the world’s best-known hotels their prominence—and why you should stay there.

    Burj Al Arab, Dubai

    famous hotel burj al arab from a distance
    Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

    An architectural wonder and one of the most famous hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab is a Dubai icon. The third-tallest hotel on Earth, it sits on its own private island and is shaped like a giant ship’s sail. The hotel is over 1,000 feet tall and features infinity pools overlooking the Persian Gulf, nine restaurants, a luxury spa, and a $24,000-per-night suite fit for a king. And if staying here isn’t ritzy enough, the hotel also offers guests the option to arrive by private helicopter transfer or via Rolls-Royce (the hotel owns the world’s largest fleet of the half-million-dollar car; 10 of them).

    The Plaza Hotel, New York City

    New York’s most famous hotel is a French-style historic landmark adjacent Central Park that opened in 1907 and was quickly dubbed the “greatest hotel in the world.” The Plaza has served as a filming location for classic movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and millennial-favorite Home Alone 2—and even offers a Home Alone 2 package that will serve you the ice cream Kevin eats in the movie. Because it was the setting of the beloved children’s book Eloise at the Plaza, the hotel also offers an all-pink Eloise Suite. And if all that isn’t enough, The Plaza has also hosted some of the 20th century’s most famous musical names—from Miles Davis to Peggy Lee. To this day the ultra-luxurious hotel staffs a white-gloved butler on every floor and offers traditional etiquette lessons at The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program.

    Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    famous hotel marina bay sands from afar
    Vichy Deal/shutterstock

    A symbol of Singapore’s crazy-rich luxury offerings, the Marina Bay Sands is a famous hotel that’s become best known for its massive rooftop infinity pool, which connects the hotel’s three buildings and overlooks the Marina Bay. You have to be a hotel guest to visit the pool—but base room rates are surprisingly reasonable, starting at around $300 per night. The Marina Bay Sands made headlines when its first opened in 2011, and again in 2018 when North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited it during a summit of world leaders.

    Brown’s Hotel, London

    Brown's hotel suite bathroom
    Brown’s Hotel

    Famous hotels don’t get much more “fit for a queen” than the five-star luxury hotel where Queen Victoria took her tea: Brown’s Hotel in London’s Mayfair district. Instagram-worthy interiors (hello, marble soaking tubs) and an award-winning afternoon tea program make it the ultimate splurge when staying in the heart of London, just a short walk from Buckingham Palace’s Green Park and Birdcage Walk.

    Atlantis Bahamas, Nassau

    famous hotel atlantis towers
    Yevgen Belich/shutterstock

    The massive resort and casino built around Nassau’s Paradise Island, Atlantis is a famous hotel for having the largest open-air marine animal habitat in the world. Named for a mythical underwater empire, the real-life resort’s Royal Towers make

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