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Pre-travel testing program allows tourists to visit Hawaii free of quarantine

Angela Margos was among the first passengers in San Francisco to get on a plane headed for Hawaii, where travelers who test negative for the coronavirus will no longer be required to self-quarantine for two weeks.

“Vacation, peace of mind,” said Margos, a nurse from San Carlos, California, of why she’s flying to Hawaii. “I need time to relax, unwind.”

The pre-travel testing program began Thursday and allows visitors who test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their arrival in the islands to avoid quarantine — a measure that’s been in place for all arriving passengers for most of the year.

Officials had touted the mandatory quarantine rule as an integral part of Hawaii’s early success in keeping the coronavirus at bay. The new testing program is an effort to stem the devastating downturn the pandemic has had on Hawaii’s tourism-based economy.

Margos ran into hiccups with getting her test. She first did it at the hospital where she works, only to find out it wasn’t an approved site for United Airlines and the state of Hawaii. She then paid $105 for a drive-thru test, but was later informed there was an error with that test.

Margo ultimately paid $250 for a fast-result test Thursday at the airport in San Francisco, which came back negative.

Thousands of airline workers furloughed


Is Hawaii ready?

But gaps in the pre-travel testing program coupled with increasing cases of COVID-19 across the U.S. have raised questions about whether Hawaii is ready to safely welcome back vacationers.

And when local restrictions were eased before summertime holidays, community spread of the disease spiked to alarming levels, forcing a second round of stay-at-home orders for residents and closures for nonessential businesses.

Opponents of the testing program have said a single test 72 hours before arrival — especially when coupled with the option to fly without a test and still quarantine — is not enough to keep island residents safe.

Kathleen Miyashita and her husband were among those who came to Hawaii Thursday without getting tested. They said they plan to quarantine at their family’s farm on Oahu.

“We chose to do the 14 day quarantine,” Miyashita said. “We have no issues with having food being brought in. It’s like a quarantining haven in terms of having fresh fruits and vegetables at home.”

She said she and her husband were “not at all” concerned about being asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

“We’ve been traveling and we just take precautions,” she said, adding that they had already done one quarantine in Hawaii about two months ago.

How restaurants keep outdoor diners warm


Reliance on tourism

Hawaii’s economy is almost entirely built around tourism and local families who rely on the sector to survive need to return to work.

More than 100 of Hawaii’s approximately 4,000 restaurants, bakeries and caterers have closed permanently and more than 50% predict they will not survive the coming months, officials have said.

Monica Toguchi Ryan, whose family has owned and operated

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Visit Australia – Travel & Tour Information

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Best in Travel – The best places to visit in 2020

Best in Travel – The best places to visit in 2020 – Lonely Planet

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Top Ten Majestic Locations To Visit In Asia

The value of traveling as a part of schooling is great. These are the kinds of tourists that unhealthy people want to benefit from. You possibly can beat a whole lot of this with widespread sense and a little planning before you go in your trip. Squash your concern and cold-name NGO’s, travel institute, Magazines, Resorts or Authorities tourism board.

Vacations are supposed to be fun and fulfilling and this is another reason for traveling overseas immediately. Could also be back dwelling pining for that favorite metropolis or country, favourite seaside or mountain journey and actively saves for another journey to the identical spot or perhaps a new vacation spot as an experiment.

Many people choose bus transport because it’s low cost. You want pocket money to purchase food and drinks, to pay cabs or rental vehicles, and, most likely, to purchase some take-home mementos from the place you visited. There may be a wide range of lodges to choose from.

Tourism brings in a lot of money and increases employment opportunities in the country the tourism ministry in every country seeks ways to develop and promote tourism in their respective international locations. In a quick, seashores, wine, amazing food and lodges ready for you to have a stunning encounter with the enjoyable and leisure offered by the country.

There are a wide variety of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and chalets to go well with almost every finances making this probably the most in style locations in the Alps. Often individuals love to get out on their trip but the destination spot will range based on their wishes.…

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