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UBC Fitness and Classes is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the UBC Community. We have two facilities, the Student Recreation Centre and the Activities and Recreation Centre, that host a variety of fitness centre, gymnasium, and studio spaces to accommodate for the full spectrum of ways you can stay active while on campus. The two facilities offer a variety of fitness classes – everything from yoga to boot camps, personal training opportunities, a spin studio, climbing cave, fitness centre and yoga & Pilates memberships, there is something for everyone.

Our staff strive to ensure a clean and safe environment, where you are encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We want you to feel great, not only from your workout, but from the experience and friends you make while on your fitness journey.





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By: Isabelle Pasin

With all of us now spending our days at home, it can feel like a major change in routine. While our daily routines previously consisted of getting outside, being active, going to class, going to the gym, and seeing friends, now we are staying at home and looking for new routines. Having some kind of daily or weekly fitness routine can help us keep a sense of normalcy as we adapt to this new lifestyle. Here are a few ways you can develop new fitness habits and routines while you are staying at home.

  • Set an alarm! I always have the habit of setting an alarm every morning, even if I do not necessarily have anywhere to go. This helps keep your sleeping schedule consistent, which maintains your energy levels for your fitness activities! It can also help you get out of bed to do that morning at-home workout 😉
  • Create a workout schedule! This will help keep you accountable to your fitness goals and create a plan of action for how you want to stay active at home!
  • Find your favourite time to exercise! This is something that I always suggest to students, whether you are working out at home or at the gym. Some people like to work out early in the morning, and some people prefer to work out at night. Figure out when your energy is highest and stick to what you like! This will keep you motivated.
  • Make use of online resources! With everyone #WorkingFromHome, the amount of online fitness resources available has grown a lot. Be sure to check out our Instagram account @ubcrec for examples of at-home workouts, live workout classes, and fitness tips! Follow along with our workouts if you are unsure of how to exercise at home.
  • Find a fun workout playlist! When you are exercising at home, you can play whatever music you want! Find something that makes you happy, keeps you moving, and keeps you motivated to finish your workout. You can check out Spotify or Apple Music for some playlist ideas.
  • Keep it up!
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