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In recreation of chipko movement, thousands gather to oppose felling of over 10,000 trees in Uttarak- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

DEHRADUN: In recreation of famous ‘Chipko Movement’ dating back to 1973, thousands gathered in Thano of Dehradun on Sunday opposing felling of over 10,000 trees for expansion of Dehradun airport. 

A 12-year-old ‘Global Climate Activist’ Ridhima Pandey termed as Greta Thunberg of India, who was also there to support ‘Save Thano Forest’ movement said, “We are hell-bent on destroying our ecosystem mercilessly. This is a threat to whole mankind. These forests are source of life. We will be protesting against the felling of trees until the decision is reversed.”

Thousands of locals of Thano, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Bhaniyawala gathered and tied ‘Raksha Sutras’ to the trees pledging to protect those trees.

Slogans were raised and Raksha Sutras were tied around trees which represent that ‘we the people’ are the protectors of the forest.

A man hugs a tree after tying the Raksha Sutra.

Ayush Joshi, an environmental engineer and one of the protestors said, “At this age, where we as a country pledge to plant more trees, we are cutting more than ever. Thano forest works as the carbon and pollution sink of Dehradun, keeping it free of pollution issues. We must find a way to develop plans to allow our future generations to a be able to feel and benefit from the natural resources.”

Activists, environmentalists are apprehensive that the move to cut the trees in the Thano range of the Dehradun forest division could affect wildlife movement in the elephant corridors and change course of a river in the vicinity of the forest. 

Aanchal Sharma (28), a resident of Dehradun has started campaign on change.org urging the government to roll back its decision. It has got more than 20,000 signatures within three days. 

“As I have said earlier too that this planet belongs to all species and not only to humans. We should be more considerate if we want our next generations to live and thrive in sync with nature,” said Sharma. 

Many experts pointing out the problems stated that Uttarakhand is already ‘bleeding’ from the ‘devastation’ due to parachuted development ideas.

“Projects like this will destroy our sources of existence and our sources of life. Every single time, the entire model of development adopted by the current government for the sensitive Himalayan region of Uttarakhand is dangerous.

“It should have been taken up with immense care. The government wants to copy paste the development models of the plains and don’t want to invest time and energy even to understand what sustainability means.

“This is a clear evidence that the state has no intentions to conserve and are wearing blind fold to even analyse the needs of the future,” said Vishal Singh, one of the protestors and and expert on environmental issues who has been working on projects for more than a decade now. 

The Uttarakhand government has sought the National Wildlife Board (NWB)’s approval to transfer 243 acres of forest land to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for expanding the airport. 

The current

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Union County Provides Open Space Grants for Recreation, Trees

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders is pleased to announce that grants have been awarded to 19 municipalities for improvements to recreation resources for children, through the Kid’s Recreation Trust Fund. In addition, 14 municipalities were awarded matching grants for planting new trees through the Greening Union County program. Both grant programs are funded through the Union County Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Trust Fund.

“Since first established in 2000, the Open Space Trust Fund has enabled Union County residents of all ages to enjoy continued improvements in public recreation resources and local treescapes, in addition to historic preservation projects,” said Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella. “The Freeholder Board is very proud to carry on this mission as the Trust Fund attains its 20th year of service to the public.”

The Open Space Trust Fund was established by popular referendum in 2000, with an initial focus on preserving open space and improving the Union County park system. In 2004 the mission expanded to include annual matching grants to municipalities for improving local children’s recreation resources, and matching grants to encourage municipalities to plant new trees.

Since its inception in 2004, the Kids Recreation Trust Fund has provided local communities with almost $18.7 million in funding.

The following municipalities received grants from the 2020 round of the Kids Recreation Trust Fund:

  • Berkeley Heights: $50,000 to install new play area at the new municipal complex 29 Park Avenue, and to resurface tennis courts and bleacher pad at Columbia Middle School Softball field.. As part of the Columbia project, PAL will add gates to dugout fencing.
  • Clark: $16,029 for improvements to the Nelson and Dolan Girls Softball fields and facilities, and for replacing the flooring the Senior Fitness Center.
  • Cranford: $65,000 for renovation of indoor tennis court, upgrades to the Memorial and Centennial Avenue Pool, and resurfacing of basketball courts at the Adams, Buchanan, and Johnson parks.
  • Elizabeth: $115,000 for ADA compliant improvements to the Kellogg Park playground.
  • Fanwood: $40,000 for Master Plans to improve Forest Road Park.
  • Garwood: $3,362 for a deep clean of the turf field at the Garwood Sports and Recreation Complex, and for the purchase of field hockey goals.
  • Kenilworth: $75,000 for removal and remediation of asbestos tile in the recreation building, and for removal of tennis courts.
  • Linden: $70,000 for reconstruction of the tennis courts at Dr. Martin Luther King Park.
  • Mountainside: $30,000 for upgrades to playground, and renovations to the Deerfield softball and baseball Fields.
  • New Providence: $40,000 for modifications to the walking path surrounding the Recreational Complex
  • Plainfield: $90,000 for the installation of new lighting at the basketball courts in Rushmore Park.
  • Rahway: $25,645 for milling, resurfacing, color coating, relining, and adding ADA access to the basketball court at Howard Field.
  • Roselle: $75,000 for Phase II of improvements at Grove Street Park, with new toddler playground that meets State of New Jersey safety requirements.
  • Roselle Park: $50,000for
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