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Town Council proceeding slowly toward resolution on recreation facility

Presented by its Administration with a number of questions and observations concerning the proposed multi-use Recreation Facility, Town Council, at its most recent meeting, found itself in a position of having as many questions as answers.


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At its core, progress on the project is, and has been, slowed by three main concerns, all of which can be generally classified under the topic of “finances”. They are:

–  lack of a well researched cost estimate for the building.  Presently, as proposed, the facility is to have a footprint of 15,200 sq. ft. and, as of this writing, the latest cost forecast is $1.3 million. There has been mention of a basement but that was described as being negotiable.

– lack of confirmed public and private sector financial supporters/donors who, to this point in time, have not been fully solicited or have been reticent about making financial commitments without being made fully aware of anticipated costs and the resultant potential amount which might be asked of them.    

– and finally, lack of well established estimates of annual operating costs.

Out of deliberations on these concerns, there arose conversations on other matters, however brief some may have been. They include:

–  eligibility of financial contributions for tax receipts. Administration confirmed that cash donations, which should be received by year end, are eligible for tax receipts.

– without cost certainty there is the possibility of having to reduce, postpone  or eliminate future planned projects.

– lack of cost certainty is giving rise to speculation on possible tax increases.

– Administration brought to the attention of Council that Provincial regulations prohibit a Municipality from borrowing for a project that has already commenced; consequently, should borrowing be required for the project, a bylaw which authorizes said borrowing will have to be passed prior to construction.  It must be stated here however that the need for borrowing is not anticipated.

– aesthetics of the building. Given the proposed location of the facility near the Temple at the E..J. Wood property, Council must be credited with concern about the building’s exterior appearance. Exterior material, the cost of which is to be borne through fundraising is yet to be determined.  

– going forward, to provide further resources for the project, members of the previously constituted Recreation Facility Ad Hoc Committee will be asked to become involved.

– once all the pertinent, required information concerning the project has been established, it is the intention of Council to consult the public to determine their level of enthusiasm and acceptance. The manner in which that consultation is to be accomplished is yet to be determined.

This article began with mention of the subject of “finances”. It will end on that same topic.

As mentioned above, the latest cost estimate for the building is $1.3 million. A major portion of that total, $1.0 million has been allocated by the Town Council to its 2020 CY Capital Budget and will be paid for out of that budget. The balance, $300,000, will be

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Coronavirus is driving a vacation town real estate boom

In another sign of how the pandemic is reshaping America, communities that have traditionally been seen as vacation spots have experienced a buying boom as housing tastes have shifted.

a large body of water in front of a lake surrounded by trees: Lake home viewed at dusk across the water.

© Perry Mastrovito/Getty Images
Lake home viewed at dusk across the water.

Bankrate previously analyzed USPS change of address data and found that over the summer this trend was especially strong in New York, where many Manhattan residents decamped to the Hamptons on Long Island’s east end – traditionally a summer weekend playground for the city’s wealthy, but not somewhere most people would have their mail redirected to.


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The Hamptons as a case study

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” said Brendan Skislock, lead broker on Douglas Elliman’s Skislock Frezzo Team, which focuses on the Hamptons. “We’ve always had inventory, and now that inventory has really been depleted.”

He said that low inventory is leading to many situations with multiple offers on existing homes, an unusual trend in an area that generally appeals to a relatively limited pool of very wealthy buyers.

That’s also led some potential homebuyers to be closed out of the market, especially in the early days of the pandemic when there was a flood of movers.

“You had people who were hemming and hawing, and unfortunately those were the people that the prices kept spiking up and up, to the point where some people could not find places to stay out here to rent or to purchase,” Skislock says.

This sort of thing isn’t just happening on Long Island’s east end, either.

Vacation towns are growing all around the country

Whether they’re beach villages or mountain getaways, vacation communities of all types have seen a spike in real estate interest in the last six months.

Gay Cororaton, director of housing and commercial research at the National Association of Realtors, said home sales in vacation communities were up 1 percent between May and September 2020 compared with the same period in 2019. That equates to about 30,000 more sales in those areas this year than last.

On the surface, 1 percent may not seem like a major increase, but Cororaton said it is, especially in vacation towns. For one thing, she said, sales in traditional second-home communities are outpacing the national average. But that’s not the only reason this spike has made such an impression.

“Vacation home counties are typically small areas, so,” she said, “it’s more noticeable.”

And people have indeed noticed, according to Cororaton.

“The feedback that we’re getting just anecdotally is that there’s a jump in these vacation counties,” which includes seaside destinations like areas in Maine, New Jersey and Delaware, and ski resorts like Lake Tahoe and Salt Lake City.

Now’s a good time to offload your second home

Because demand has been so high, Skislock said he’s been encouraging potential clients to take advantage of the seller’s market if they’re considering changing up their real estate portfolio.

“People that are thinking of putting their houses on the market, maybe because

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Richmond-based developer is planning a $25 million-plus project in Colonial Beach with town homes, condos and a hotel | Business News

For the entire project, Dodson said “we are gathering input in what it can be and should be. We promise to continue these conversations, listen and learn, and move forward responsibly in a manner that benefits the town and provides residents and visitors alike with valuable new real estate.”

Dodson stressed that the architectural style of his developments will pay homage to the town’s history.

“One of the reasons we went with Dodson is that he appropriately wants to keep the Chesapeake Bay authentic look. He wants to keep the character and charm of the town. He’s trying to take his new development and fuse it with the architecture in this area,” said Quinn Robertson, who has been Colonial Beach’s town manager for nearly three years.

In addition to buying the parcels for $2.7 million, Dodson Development will donate a total of $20,000 over each phase of the project ($5,000 per phase) for continued historic preservation, tourism promotion, and town beautification.

The deal to sell the 12 parcels to Dodson clears the way for the largest redevelopment project in Colonial Beach in decades, Robertson said.

“Our real estate market has gone through the roof,” he said. “Colonial Beach is a hidden gem.”

Robertson and Dodson began discussing the idea of the redevelopment project earlier this year after Town Council voted to list the properties for sale. The town hired Richmond-based Motleys Asset Disposition Group’s SVN/Motleys commercial real estate team to market the properties.

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Ready To Get Out Of Town? How And Where To Travel In 2021

Most of us have been quarantining for almost nine months, waiting for a safe vaccine, and jones-ing to travel again. “If this year has taught us anything, it’s that travel is a privilege and not a right,” says James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel. “There is still so much uncertainty about where we will be able to travel to, but we must start reimagining how we go. We need to travel with a deeper understanding that travel is more than a holiday. It’s a way to critically support local communities around the world if we do it in the right ways.” The adventure travel company is proposing five foundations for the future of travel.

Go slow: Travelers are looking to unpack their bags just once and spend more time in a single destination away from crowds, Think of it as a Retreat. You can choose a destination just a few hours’ drive or a short flight from home. But the intrepid adventurer prefers an exotic destination and might want to fly to a quaint and safe little island such Lastovo Island on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia.

In this small village, locals still catch fresh seafood for dinner and make their own wine with locally grown grapes. Swim in the glistening waters of the Adriatic or wander around the rustic stone port. Lastovo was once occupied by the Venetians, and there is stunning Venetian architecture everywhere. Soak up the history and culture. Take a fishing trip with a local fisherman and enjoy a seafood lunch. Try an island bike ride or a wine-tasting trip. But do it all slowly and really savor the ambience. This is, after all, a retreat.

Go into the wild: Now is the time to plan for that  life-changing bucket list trip. Antarctica, the last of the untamed landscapes, allows you to get up close with different breeds of penguins, elephant seals, whales and more. Or, try the Galapagos Islands to watch spiky marine iguanas, albatross takeoffs and the mating dance of the blue-footed booby. Prefer the Big Five? Then choose an African Safari and feast your eyes on the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo. And for a close encounter of the Gorilla kind, go see these majestic animals on a Gorilla trek in Uganda.

Go your way:  With travel restrictions, customization and flexibility are key. Prefer to travel in your own little pod or perhaps, solo? Try a Tailor-Made trip and see what you want on your terms. Think Egypt for a private trip to the Pyramids, ride a camel and shop the souks in Morocco, visit the Temple to the Sun in Mexico – the choices are limitless. Spin the globe and decide what you want: culture? History? Adventure? The world is yours for the taking.

Go on a human-powered adventure:, Last year,

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Town Crier: Sports & Recreation | Announcements

The new 2020 Fall Activities Guide is now available online and is packed with a variety of programs, classes and recreation activities. Registration is open for all classes and private lessons offered through the Casper Recreation & Aquatics Center and also the Casper Ice Arena when it re-opens in November. Classes in Fitness, Dance, Martial Arts, Arts & Crafts, Specialty, Sports, Ice Skating, and swimming will start next week or later.

Along with all the favorites, new classes and programs include: Earlybird Boot Camp, a Wednesday Ballet Barre, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Cake Decorating for Teens, Cake Decorating for Adults, Youth Knitting & Crochet, Youth Photography, Teen Knitting & Crochet, and Science Lab.

Make sure to register early to guarantee a spot in a class and insure classes meet their minimum.

Registration may be completed online at www.activecasper.com, at the Recreation Center, 1801 East 4th St., or by phone with credit card at 235-8383.

Register for youth hockey

Want to know more about Casper Oilers youth hockey? Casper Amateur Hockey Club’s online registration is now open for the 2020-2021 season and they are accepting registrations for our 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and Girls 19U divisions. Did you know that the first time skater fee for the season is $200 and that they have an equipment rental program that includes almost all the gear needed to play? Please check out the website at http://casperhockey.com to find all the information you need under the Player Registration menu. For families that have new players interested in registering for hockey for the first time and have questions about the youth hockey program, please contact Diane at clubcasperhockey@gmail.com or 315-0188 for more information.

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Town Council in a quandry over proposed Recreation Centre

In the spring of 2019, the Town decided to develop a Recreation Strategic Plan to identify strategic priorities.

In the process of completing that Plan, it was determined that, while there is public support for indoor recreation facilities, the capital and operating costs of a facility are expected to create a long-term financial burden on the municipality.

To address that issue it was determined that municipal priorities needed to be consolidated into a single project in order to address a wide range of strategic goals such as recreation, economic and residential development.

At the time of its completion, the Plan proposed the development of an indoor recreation facility that would promote economic activity, tourism and a higher quality of life for residents. It was proposed that the facility be located at the south end of Town adjacent to the Golf Course so that it would act both as a Club House as well as an “innovative service centre” for new residential development.

The Plan anticipated that construction would occur in the 2021 and 2022 calendar years with a grand opening in the fall of 2022.

As an indication of intent, at their Planning Meeting of September 22, 2020, Council directed its Administrative Officers to allocate $1.5 million of capital spending in the 2021 CY budget. Those funds are to be specifically directed to the proposed replacement of the golf course clubhouse and the proposed indoor recreation facility.

During the last Municipal Election campaign four candidates included the need for improved recreational facilities in their personal platforms. The next Election is one year from now, a new facility has not been brought to fruition and it would appear that there is a feeling of urgency on the part of some Councillors in order that it can be said that, although not completed, the project is nevertheless a work in progress.

Balancing the enthusiastic support of some, Mayor Kronen, who acknowledges that she is a fiscal conservative who brings the interests and concerns of taxpayers to the table, has asked some tough, penetrating and needed questions which have the potential to paint her as the obstructionist member of Council.

As of this reporting there are many unknowns. They include the absence of finalized architectural drawings with its attendant cost uncertainty; uncertainty concerning partner participation such as the County of Cardston and the Westwind School Division; the issue of the size of tax increases which, without cost certainty, makes determining increases extremely problematic; based on the increase of taxes, the extent to which the project receives public support; ongoing operational costs; final location; and the need, if any, for borrowing funds.

Although there was lengthy discussion on the matter, little was resolved. One item which seemed to receive consensus was the nature of the project itself. Rather than one building as envisaged in the original Plan it is now proposed that there will be two in different locations. The new, renovated Club House will, of course, be located at its current site at

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Trump, Biden to Have Dueling Town Halls, as Harris Cancels Campaign Travel

President Trump and Joe Biden were set to face off in dueling town halls Thursday, and Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris canceled campaign travel after an aide tested positive for coronavirus.

As the pandemic continues to rattle the campaign, Ms. Harris suspended all campaign travel through Sunday “out of an abundance of caution,” said Mr. Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon. The decision was made after Ms. Harris’s communications director and a non-staff flight crew member tested positive for the virus.

Mr. Biden’s campaign said Ms. Harris was not in close contact with either individual during the two days prior to the positive tests. Ms. O’Malley Dillon said Ms. Harris had twice tested negative for coronavirus since Oct. 8, with her most recent negative test on Wednesday, and was scheduled to be tested again Thursday.

Sen. Kamala Harris arrived on Capitol Hill Tuesday,.


Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press

Earlier this month, Mr. Trump was hospitalized after he and several White House and campaign aides tested positive for the virus. Mr. Trump’s physician said in a memo released Monday that he had tested negative on consecutive days.

Mr. Trump’s diagnosis prompted the organizers of the second presidential debate, initially scheduled for Thursday, to change the format to a virtual event. The debate was canceled after the president said he would not participate unless it was held in person.

Mr. Biden instead signed up for a town hall on Thursday evening hosted by ABC News. Days later, NBC News announced it had scheduled a competing town hall with Mr. Trump.

A recent WSJ/NBC News poll shows women voters favor Democratic nominee Joe Biden over President Trump by a large margin. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib explains why we’re likely headed into an election with a gender gap of historic proportions. Photo: Lori King/Associated Press

An NBC News spokesman said it programmed Mr. Trump’s town hall opposite Mr. Biden’s because it had given the same slot to the Democratic nominee in a previous town hall and wanted to keep all things equal. But the network has faced both public and internal backlash over its decision, with critics saying the move forced viewers to choose between the two candidates.

Mr. Biden will field questions from voters in Philadelphia, while Mr. Trump will do the same in Miami. Both ABC and NBC said their town halls will follow local public-health guidelines.

A final debate between the two candidates is still expected to take place on Oct. 22 in Nashville, Tenn.

With less than three weeks remaining until the election, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of registered voters found Mr. Biden leading Mr. Trump by 11 points nationally. Recent surveys also show Mr. Biden ahead in several battleground states.

Mr. Trump returned to the campaign trail this week with rallies in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Iowa, while Mr. Biden traveled to Ohio and Florida. The final sprint comes as millions of Americans have already cast their ballots in early voting.

Ms. Harris had been scheduled to

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Town recreation department offers scaled-back Halloween events | Local News

Without resorting to trickery, local children will have several opportunities to get their treats come Halloween.

Making good on promises to provide traditional Halloween activities that adhere to coronavirus social precautions, town Recreation Director Deborah Giardino this week announced a series of low-risk events aimed at safely entertaining the little monsters.

“Halloween as a whole is happening,” Giardino stated on Tuesday night while briefing selectmen on Foxboro’s haunted happenings.

The first activity, which already has sold out, is scheduled for Oct. 17-18 and Oct. 24-25, and involves recreation staffers hiding Halloween eggs filled with nut-free candies in the yards of participating families. According to Giardino, eggs will be hidden between 6 and 7 p.m. on the above dates.

Next, on Saturday, Oct. 31 from 2 to 4 p.m., a trick-or- treat drive-by is planned for the Ahern Middle School driveway loop — envisioned as a socially-distanced version of the long-standing Halloween parade through the town center.

Describing the drive-by as a “down-home event,” Giardino said representatives of the Kraft Group, Grace Chapel and other participating businesses, along with the town recreation, police, fire and highway departments, will set up stations along the school driveway and distribute treats to children in passing vehicles.

Vehicles will enter via the Mechanic Street entrance and exit on Chestnut Street.

“Friends of Foxboro Recreation have been instrumental in helping us pull that all together,” Giardino explained.

There will be no charge for the drive-by, but online registration is required to assist in planning. Parents can register by visiting the recreation department website.

Finally, the recreation department once again is asking local goblins and ghouls to bring their carved pumpkins to the town Common, where they will be outfitted with battery-operated tea lights (provided by the recreation staff) and displayed just outside the iconic Common fence.

Launched four years ago, the pumpkin display has been growing and this year will be judged, with prizes awarded to winners in several categories targeting different age groups.

Assistant Recreation Director Renee Tocci said that anyone interested should drop off their carved pumpkins at the Common on Sunday, Oct. 25. During the ensuing week, recreation staffers will take pictures of the entries for judging purposes and possible positing on the recreation department’s Facebook page.

If participants wish to retrieve their pumpkins they may be picked up on Sunday, Nov. 1. Any pumpkins remaining at that time will be donated to an area farm for animal feed, Tocci said.

Thanking Giardino and Tocci for their efforts at preserving a sense of Halloween normalcy for local families, Selectwoman Leah Gibson acknowledged that townspeople have different thoughts on the wisdom of maintaining social rituals during the coronavirus pandemic.

“People are looking for us to take a stand,” Gibson said, “and it sounds like our stance is we have the CDC and board of health guidelines, follow the rules and do what you feel comfortable with for you and your family.”

Giardino added that alternate low-risk activities suggested by members of the local board

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Hotel In Old Town Fort Collins

Located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, The Elizabeth Hotel is a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. The cornerstone of Firehouse Alley, our luxury Fort Collins hotel features deluxe amenities like an Instrument Lending Library and in-room record players, plus, an array of local artwork showcasing Fort Collins’ fun-loving, laid-back personality. An eclectic mix of bold details and traditional elements, our downtown Fort Collins hotel is home to 164 guest rooms, including three sophisticated signature suites. Featuring locally-loved dining, an energetic live music venue, and a chic rooftop lounge with mountain views, The Elizabeth Hotel embodies the very best of colorful Colorado.

Autograph Collection

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Town of Vernon, CT – Parks and Recreation




Hours of Operation                                               

Monday through Friday; 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Parks and Recreation Department


  Phone Number: 860-870-3520

  Email: parksandrec@vernon-ct.gov


Mission Statement

The Vernon Parks and Recreation Department is committed to the effective management of its parks and other facilities in which to provide positive leisure opportunities.  These opportunities benefit the individual, the economy, environment and the entire community of Vernon.

The Vernon Parks and Recreation Department is proud to be able to provide a variety of safe accessible, physically attractive and enjoyable, leisure time facilities and activities for Vernon residents of all ages.  You are invited to enrich your recreational opportunities in your leisure time through participation in the Vernon Parks and Recreation Department.



  Community Links                                      


Vernon Greenways Volunteers                          The Tankerhoosen                              Vernon Railroad Depot        



   Rockville Heritage Trail



Program Pictures by:

 Andre Garant-Photography on Demand



Important Documents: See http:\www.vernonrec.org for more information. 


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