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outdoor swimming pool splits alexis dornier’s ‘bond house’ in two in bali

located on a lush green plot in ubud, bali, alexis dornier’s ‘bond house’ is a private residence split in two by an outdoor swimming pool area. a cross diagram defines the home’s spatial organization, with different elements intersecting to create zones for gathering and recreation throughout its two levels. the pool area forms the dominating main axis of the building, splitting the living room into two living spaces.exterior with round window in alexis dornier's 'bond house' in baliall images by KIE



alexis dornier has designed ‘bond house’ as a non-intrusive building that frames its natural surroundings without obstructing the eye, that is left free for gazing. the approach to the residence leads straight onto the pool area, which forms the main axis of the project, and, together with the living room spaces, the main gathering level for its residents. the sculptural spiral staircase in the pool area connects to the vast roof terrace, from which one can enjoy views of the surrounding rice fields as well as of the pool area below.


‘the cross is one of the oldest diagrams of space organisation in architectural history,’ explains the bali-based architecture studio. ‘”bond” is designed through the interplay of intersecting elements coming together to shape planefields for gathering and recreation on all levels – a junction that unifies elements traveling in all directions.’

front view of the entrance and pool area in alexis dornier's 'bond house' in bali



the slab, which is seemingly hovering above the pool, has large openings that provide views from the roof terrace back onto the pool. a curtain wall façade wraps the two living rooms, creating very little visual barrier to the outside. a collection of remarkable furniture pieces, the sculptural kitchen and dining table complete these spaces, while the wooden ceiling adds warmth and creates a distinction between interior and exterior.pool area with roof terrace in alexis dornier's 'bond house' in bali



below the main level, the ground level of the house encloses five bedrooms, which have access to the living room spaces through voids that hold stairways. all rooms can also be individually accessed from the outside, and without having to go through the living rooms they form the pedestal for upstairs. chosen materials amplify the seamless continuation of the outside, such as sukabumi stone, which defines all hard surfaces as conceptual fossilization of the jungle.sculptural spiral staircase in the pool arearooftop terraceoutdoor swimming pool splits alexis dornier's 'bond house' in two in balioutdoor swimming pool splits alexis dornier's 'bond house' in two in balioutdoor swimming pool splits alexis dornier's 'bond house' in two in balioutdoor swimming pool splits alexis dornier's 'bond house' in two in bali

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Frankford splits vote on Culver Lake Golf Course renovation plan

Kyle Morel
| New Jersey Herald

FRANKFORD — For the second time in the past four months, the Township Committee failed to pass a resolution Tuesday to allocate $50,000 in open space funding to renovate Culver Lake Golf Course. 

The Greater Culver Lake Watershed Conservation Foundation, an organization created to create the environment surrounding the lake, had sought funds to turn the 92-acre property on East Shore Culver Road into a space for hiking, biking, bowhunting and other outdoor activities.

The vote at Tuesday’s meeting was 2-2, with Nick Civitan and Deputy Mayor Jim Ayers for the measure and Sam Castimore and Ed Risdon against. Mayor Chris Carney abstained because he lives near the property.

Foundation President Rick Ferruggia said the group’s proposal had been “very well-received” from the lake community and other township residents. He said he envisioned the renovated property as a spot that would showcase the natural beauty of Sussex County and entice others to visit or move to the area.

Aside from the $50,000 from open space, Ferruggia said, “there won’t be one dime on the taxpayers of Frankford,” with the state’s Green Acres program and other grants funding the rest of the project and future maintenance.

Castimore said Frankford residents would still partially fund the project through their tax payments each year.

“What you’re saying is it’s not paid for by the taxpayer, but Green Acres funds is taxpayer money,” he told Ferruggia. “So you kind of hide behind the veil of, ‘it’s free,’ but it’s not free money.”

Ferruggia said about 70 residents sent letters in support of the proposal. Castimore said he has spoken to plenty of residents who oppose it. 

“I guess the people that I talk to would rather see their taxes go down and don’t (want to) buy things that cost more money down the road,” Castimore said. 

The Township Committee voted the same on the renovation as they did on Tuesday. The foundation modified its proposal since in the hope it would pass on the second try. 

The three members of the public who spoke on the matter Tuesday, along with Ferruggia, said they support the project and see a potential benefit for the township.

“We very much are in favor of the foundation and their proposal. We think it’s the best-case scenario,” said Ralph Smith, president of the Normanoch Association of homeowners in the Culver Lake neighborhood. “I hate to see it go as a golf course, but I think hiking trails and the natural area would be wonderful for our township — a great asset.”

Danae Dotz, secretary of Frankford’s Lake Owassa Community Association, read a letter stating the association’s full support of the project and requesting the township approve the resolution.

“Preserving this important tract of land for walking, hiking, snowshoeing and other forms of recreational use for the residents of Frankford Township could not be more timely in this era of COVID-19, where additional options for outdoor activities are of the greatest value,” Dotz read.

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