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You Could Spend Winter In A Mallorcan Boutique Hotel From $950 A Month

As temperatures drop and COVID-19 infection rates surge across Europe, digital nomads and just about anyone else with the freedom to work remotely are starting to think about where to spend the coming months. As the Spanish government prepares to announce a plan for air corridors to the Balearic and Canary Islands, many Europeans are considering the possibility of flying south to Spain for winter.

Mhouse launches offer for digital nomads

Located in the Mallorcan capital of Palma de Mallorca, popular boutique hotel Mhouse has launched an innovative, new long-stay offer, specifically targeting digital nomads and people seeking an extended stay on the idyllic Mediterranean island.

“The pandemic has accelerated our desire to achieve, adapt and develop our minds and, despite the circumstances, it also drives us to get the best out of life,” says Christian Coll, founder of Mhouse, adding: “We want to offer you a place to stay and work, where you can enjoy mid-to-long-term stays that help minimize our environmental footprint through responsible travel.”

Mhouse’s new WORK & STAY offer covers stays of up to six months, with a monthly charge that includes accommodation in one of the hotel’s impeccably designed rooms—which range from a standard double to the spectacular penthouse suite—as well as access to coworking spaces, shared kitchen facilities, the hotel’s dreamy rooftop and plunge pool, and leafy outdoor patio. The cost also covers all bills, in addition to mineral water, coffee, bathroom amenities, and Smart TV with Netflix and HBO, not to mention the full range of 24/7 concierge services provided by a modern boutique hotel. Additionally, long-term guests will be able to enjoy Mhouse’s weekly program of social events, workshops, and fitness classes.

“We are living in extraordinary times that require extraordinary measures,” continues Christian Coll. “At Mhouse, we believe in experiences that connect you to people, not just places. Our vision is rooted in creating a community that echoes the rhythm of the city and the local way of life, with the objective of leaving the world a little better than we found it.”

Mallorca offers unrivaled quality of life

In 2017, Palma de Mallorca was voted the “best city in the world to live” by British newspaper The Financial Times, and it is easy to see why. With its laid-back Mediterranean approach, beautiful architecture, endless sandy beaches, fantastic gastronomy, and more than 300 days of sunshine a year, few places in the world can rival Mallorca when it comes to

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These 2 Credit Cards Want to Give You $2,000 to Spend on Travel

Earning 180,000 credit card points has never been easier.

Between quarantines and heavy travel restrictions, 2020 has given many of us a severe case of cabin fever. Travel will be possible again, though unfortunately it might seem out of reach in terms of budget — especially if you’re one of many who lost income this year.

The good news is you could earn up to 180,000 credit card points, worth at least $2,000 in travel spending, with just two travel credit cards. Both the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card are currently offering limited-time sign-up bonuses that are bigger than ever before.

The bonus offers

Each of these credit cards has a limited-time welcome bonus on offer that’s worth at least $1,000 in travel spending.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is offering 80,000 points if you can spend $4,000 in the first three months, up from its usual 50,000-point bonus. As a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card holder, you can redeem your Ultimate Rewards points through Chase’s travel portal for flights, hotel stays, rental cars, cruises, and tours at a rate of $.0125 per point, making this bonus worth $1,000. You can also transfer your points to a long list of airline and hotel partners at a 1:1 rate, and these high-value redemptions can help you get even more than $1,000 out of your sign-up bonus.

The Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card is currently offering its highest sign-up bonus ever, with the chance to earn a total of 100,000 bonus miles. You’ll earn the first 50,000 bonus miles if you spend $3,000 in the first three months, and the second 50,000 bonus miles if you spend $20,000 total in the first 12 months. Venture® miles are easy to redeem for travel because you can use them to “erase” any travel purchase you made in the last 90 days at a rate of $0.01 per point. This makes 100,000 Venture® miles worth $1,000.

There’s no published deadline for these limited-time offers, but some clues have suggested the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card offer will expire in early November. If you think you can put either of these bonuses to good use, act fast.

How to qualify for the cards and earn both welcome bonuses

It’s important to make sure you have a good shot at qualifying for these cards before applying. Good credit — that is, a FICO® Score of at least 670 — will give you good odds at qualifying for most travel credit cards, although a score above 700 is ideal.

Submitting lots of credit card applications in a short period of time can damage your credit score, and some credit card issuers won’t approve you if you’ve applied for too many credit cards recently. However, assuming you haven’t been sending out multiple credit card applications in the past few months, you can apply for two cards at once. A couple new inquiries might cause a small, temporary dip in your credit score, but

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What it’s like to spend the night in a shipping container hotel in the Texas Hill Country

It started out as an intriguing opportunity to spend the night inside a quirky shipping container hotel tucked in the Texas Hill Country.

A good friend tipped me off to it. I had to go there, out of sheer curiosity.

“Let’s just get out there and explore this place,” I told my friend, Emma. “Why not? Life is short. There’s a whole world out there for adventure. Let’s go.”

Both of us had raised kids who were now teens, and we needed a break.

Step inside one of the creatively decorated

Step inside one of the creatively decorated “houzes” at FlopHouze Hotel in Round Top, Texas.

Flophouze Hotel Instagram/Matt White

She hesitated at first, but finally caved after I sent her the details about FlopHouze.

BREAKFAST, RANKED: 5 boudin kolaches that are the epitome of Houston’s culinary fusion

I’d heard a lot about this unconventional hotel just a few minutes from Round Top, Texas. One of the things that attracted me was its lack of televisions, leaving only time to soak in the Texas countryside and take in the breathtaking Round Top sunsets. Even better, each room has old-school record players with a handpicked vinyl collection.

First things first: I put a Van Morrison record on to get the ambience just right.

If you want a refreshing break from the heat and antique hunting, take a dip in the FlopHouze Hotel pool.

If you want a refreshing break from the heat and antique hunting, take a dip in the FlopHouze Hotel pool.

Flophouze Hotel Instagram/Matt White

I was deeply curious about the FlopHouze shipping container cabins. Don’t worry that you’ll simply be stuck in some metal box. Once I walked into my room, I was struck by the cabin’s interiors, which were creatively decorated with original artwork and reclaimed lumber. Before my stay, I thought the place might be too small. But the funky decor and the flow of natural light give the space an open feel. If imaginative recycling and upcycling is your thing, this hotel is worth a visit. Even the kitchen counter tops are made of reclaimed wood from Texas bowling alley floors.

A look inside my spot,

A look inside my spot, “Houze 3.”

Flophouze Hotel Instagram/Matt White

Yes, there are cows, cats and critters meandering about the place. But that was fine by me. FlopHouze is located next to an active ranch, which added to the feel of the vast Texas countryside for me. No trip to FlopHouze is complete without visiting with the hotel’s coolest, happiest cat of all, Bob.

FlopHouze fixture Bob, sunning outside the hotel.

FlopHouze fixture Bob, sunning outside the hotel.

Alison Medley

Each “houze,” as they are called, features a queen bed in a far bedroom, a mid-ships bathroom with a shower, and a kitchenette open to a living room space with a couch that doubles as a second bed. Outside, a small deck and yard feature much-needed hammocks, a fire pit and deck chairs.  A common area provides a grill.

A note to travelers: don’t expect a lap pool when you roll in. There is a diminutive little pool that you can take a dip in to cool off called the Modpool.

Peering into the back bedroom with expansive windows.

Peering into the back bedroom with

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Where to Spend and Save in Your Vacation Rental

When it comes to spending money on a vacation rental, you need to consider different factors than when spending money on your primary residence. For one thing, when you invest in improving your primary residence, the goal is to add value to a prospective buyer. But when you’re improving your vacation rental (unless you’re selling it right away), your goal is to make the property more appealing to prospective renters. Vacation renters generally don’t see the property in person before deciding to stay, making decisions based on how well the property is presented in a listing, as well as the overall functionality of the property.

With that in mind, here are some of the best value-adding ways to spend money on your vacation rental, as well as some expenses unlikely to create the type of value you’re looking for.

5 smart ways to spend money in your vacation rental

The two best, cost-effective ways to boost your rental income are those that help your property’s listing appeal to more renters and make the home itself more functional. Here are five low-cost ways to add value to your vacation rental:

  • Professional listing photos: Sure, you can snap a few pictures with your smartphone, upload them to your Airbnb listing, and call it a day. But professional photos (or even those taken by a real estate agent with experience making properties look great in listings) can go a long way toward attracting more renter interest in the property.
  • Exterior appearance upgrades: Fresh landscaping, a new coat of exterior paint, and other lower-cost items that make the property look better from the outside can produce an excellent ROI. This type of upgrade will help your property show better on rental listings, which can significantly boost renter interest.
  • More beds: Many travelers search for vacation rentals by sleeping capacity, so by increasing yours, you also increase your potential renter base. For example, if a kids’ room currently has two twin beds, upgrading to two bunk beds adds to sleeping capacity. So does swapping a standard sofa for a pull-out sleeper.
  • Lighting upgrades: This idea piggybacks off the first two points and can help your rental look more warm and inviting, especially in your listing photos. By investing in some moderate lighting upgrades, you could boost the listing appeal of your rental — and make it more comfortable — for not much money.
  • (Good) Wi-Fi: If you offer Wi-Fi to your renters, do a speed test next time you have a chance. If it’s slow or only works in certain parts of the home, you could be turning off travelers who may need to get work done on the road. You can get a great mesh system for about $200, which could be a major selling point for people who need it.

3 vacation home expenses that aren’t worth it

With all that in mind, some expenses are not likely to produce a good return on your vacation home improvement dollars. Here are

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