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Travel-starved ‘passengers’ dine on parked Singapore Airlines jet

Hundreds of travel-starved diners ate lunch and watched seat-back films aboard two parked Singapore Airlines jets turned into pop-up restaurants on Saturday.

With the aviation industry in deep crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, airlines have turned to alternative ways to raise cash, from offering “flights to nowhere” to tours of aircraft.

Singapore’s flag carrier, which has cut thousands of jobs and grounded nearly all its planes this year, offered passengers the chance to dine on board two A380 superjumbos — the world’s biggest passenger jet.

On Saturday more than 400 diners checked in at Changi Airport and went through the usual security checks before arriving at the aircraft for lunch.

“The food is pretty amazing, it’s better than the one they serve during the flight,” Zhou Tai Di, a 17-year-old student in economy class, told AFP as he tucked into his soy sauce-glazed chicken with spicy fried eggplant and rice. 

Some settled in for a nap while waiting for their meals to be served, while others watched movies on the seat-back entertainment systems. 

About half the seats were left empty, in keeping with social-distancing guidelines.

Calvin Teo, a 29-year-old civil servant and aviation buff, paid Sg$321 ($236) to be served a six-course meal in business class, saying he missed flying and hoped to recreate the experience.

“Of course the feeling of actually flying will be better, because there’s the excitement of going to a new destination, to explore a new destination, and even though we can’t do it now due to Covid, this is a good substitute for now, to recreate the feels of taking a long-haul flight,” he told AFP.  

The most expensive option is a Sg$642 eight-course meal in a first-class suite, while the cheapest costs Sg$53 and consists of a three-course meal in economy class.

A limited number of diners were also able to tour the double-decker aircraft and take selfies with pilots in the cockpit. 

The tarmac meals proved surprisingly popular — the airline announced six additional sessions after more than 900 lunch tickets sold out within 30 minutes of bookings opening earlier this month.

The airline is also offering home deliveries of plane meals, but it has ditched plans for “flights to nowhere” — short journeys starting and ending at the same airport — following an outcry over the potential environmental impact.


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EU May Shut Door to Travel From Canada, Allow Singapore Visitors

(Bloomberg) — The European Union plans to remove Canada, Tunisia and Georgia from its list of countries whose residents should be allowed to visit the bloc amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to EU officials familiar with the matter.

a person standing in front of a store: A French soldier stands guard near health workers at the Covid-19 test center in the arrival hall at Charles de Gaulle airport, operated by Airport de Paris, in Roissy, France, on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020. The European Union’s battered aviation industry may soon get some relief from the confusingly wide range of travel curbs across the continent, as the bloc’s governments seek agreement on a common threshold for imposing restrictions.

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A French soldier stands guard near health workers at the Covid-19 test center in the arrival hall at Charles de Gaulle airport, operated by Airport de Paris, in Roissy, France, on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020. The European Union’s battered aviation industry may soon get some relief from the confusingly wide range of travel curbs across the continent, as the bloc’s governments seek agreement on a common threshold for imposing restrictions.

The EU intends at the same time to reopen its doors to travelers from Singapore as a result of improved virus trends there, the officials said on the condition of anonymity because the deliberations on Tuesday in Brussels are confidential. The U.S. will remain blacklisted along with most other countries in the world.


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The changes would be the first in more than two months to the EU’s recommended travel “white list,” shrinking it from 11 foreign nations at present to nine. The other eight are Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand and Uruguay.

The update of the list comes amid a resurgence in coronavirus cases in Europe itself and, barring any changes in the plan, is due to be endorsed by EU member-country envoys on Wednesday in the Belgian capital. In a third planned move, which affects the format of the list, the EU aims to identify the Chinese regions of Hong Kong and Macau as separate entities as a result of the bloc’s visa rules, one of the officials said.

Germany’s New Cases Hit Record; India Peak Seen: Virus Update

The EU on July 1 recommended that member states allow foreign visitors from 15 countries as part of a move to loosen coronavirus-triggered restrictions imposed in mid-March on non-essential travel to the bloc.

Since then, Serbia, Montenegro, Algeria and Morocco have been delisted as a result of resurgences in virus cases. The EU normally reviews its list roughly every two weeks, with the last change being the removal of Morocco in the first half of August.

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Singapore and Hong Kong agree to set up a travel bubble, and other news from around the world.

Officials in Singapore and Hong Kong said Thursday that they had reached a preliminary agreement to establish a travel bubble between the two Asian financial centers, allowing travelers of all kinds to bypass quarantine.

Under the agreement, travelers must test negative for the virus and fly only on designated flights. Officials did not say when the bubble, which was first reported by The South China Morning Post, would begin.

Travelers from Singapore would be the first allowed to enter Hong Kong since the semiautonomous Chinese territory barred all nonresidents in March; residents returning to Hong Kong are required to quarantine for 14 days. Singapore currently requires travelers from Hong Kong to quarantine for seven days after arrival.

“Both our cities have low incidence of Covid-19 cases and have put in place robust mechanisms to manage and control Covid-19,” Singapore’s travel minister, Ong Ye Kung, said in a statement.

Hong Kong’s secretary for commerce and economic development, Edward Yau, called the agreement “a milestone in our efforts to resume normalcy while fighting against the long-drawn battle of Covid-19.”

Singapore and Hong Kong have both been reporting daily new cases in the single or double digits since late August.

Efforts to establish reciprocal travel bubbles in Asia and other parts of the world have been halting as case numbers fluctuate and new outbreaks emerge. Starting Friday, Australia will waive quarantine requirements for travelers from New Zealand, which recently stamped out the virus for a second time, though New Zealand will still require quarantine for travelers arriving from Australia.

Singapore has also lifted restrictions on general visitors from Brunei, Vietnam, New Zealand and Australia except for the state of Victoria, the center of the outbreak there. But all four of those countries are still closed to almost all foreigners, and in the case of Brunei and Australia residents must apply for permission to leave the country as well.

In other global developments:

  • The European Parliament announced on Thursday that it would cancel a meeting scheduled to be held next week in Strasbourg, in northern France, as the outbreak widens. The meeting would have been its first in-person session in Strasbourg since the start of the pandemic. Belgium, where most parliamentary staff and members are based, is also seeing a sharp rise in cases.

  • Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, went into quarantine for a second time in two weeks after being exposed to the virus. She tweeted on Thursday that she had tested negative, but a member of her office had tested positive. She wrote that she was leaving a European Council meeting in Brussels that was being held with strict social-distancing measures.

  • Portugal announced new virus restrictions on Thursday, including a five-person limit on public gatherings, after a rise in new cases. In Spain, which is seeing an even sharper increase, the city of Salamanca, famous for its 12th-century university, became the latest area to be cut off from the rest of the country, under new

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Hong Kong, Singapore Announce Plans for Travel Bubble | World News

By Farah Master and Aradhana Aravindan

HONG KONG/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Hong Kong and Singapore will set up a travel bubble, the two cities announced on Thursday, as they moved to re-establish overseas travel links and lift the hurdle of quarantine for visiting foreigners.

Hong Kong’s Commerce Secretary Edward Yau and Singapore’s Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung said travellers under the scheme would need to get negative COVID-19 test results and travel on dedicated flights.

Further details, including the launch date, will be fleshed out in coming weeks, they said.

“It is a safe, careful but significant step forward to revive air travel, and provide a model for future collaboration with other parts of the world,” Singapore’s Ong said.

For Hong Kong, which has banned non-residents since March, the deal with Singapore is its first resumption of travel ties with another city. Travellers from mainland China and neighbouring Macau still face 14 days in quarantine.

Singapore has already announced pacts on essential business and official travel from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and opened unilaterally to general visitors from Brunei, New Zealand, Vietnam and most of Australia.

This week, Singapore eased quarantine to just seven days for travellers from Hong Kong, from 14 earlier. It has put the city on its list of low-risk places.

International travel in Asia has collapsed during the pandemic because of border closures, with passenger numbers down 97% in August, the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines says.

Following the news, shares in Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific surged more than 7 percent in afternoon trade.

Hong Kong’s daily coronavirus infections have dropped mostly into single digits since August and it has eased some social distancing curbs. Singapore has similarly seen its daily cases fall below 10.

(Interactive graphic tracking global spread of coronavirus: https://graphics.reuters.com/world-coronavirus-tracker-and-maps)

(Writing by Farah Master; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)

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Hong Kong, Singapore Agree ‘Travel Bubble’

Hong Kong and Singapore on Thursday said they had agreed “in principle” to set up a bubble allowing residents to travel freely between the two financial hubs as long as they test negative for the coronavirus.

The announcement is a rare moment of good news for a tourism industry battered by the pandemic and offers a glimpse into how places with less severe outbreaks might be able to safely restart some travel.

The two cities released joint statements announcing the deal which they said would be implemented within weeks.

“This milestone arrangement will help revive cross-border air travel between the two aviation hubs, in a safe and progressive way,” Hong Kong’s government said.

“I think it’s a significant step, a small step but a significant one because both Hong Kong and Singapore — we are regional aviation hubs, even global aviation hubs,” Singapore transport minister Ong Ye Kung said.

Ong said he hoped the travel bubble could be “a model and a template for us to forge more such relationships and partnerships”.

Shares in Hong Kong’s flagship carrier Cathay Pacific which, like all airlines, has been hammered by the coronavirus closed more than six percent up on Thursday. Singapore Airlines was trading up a more muted 0.5 percent.

Singapore is one of major source markets of Hong Kong’s tourism industry with over 450,000 visitor arrivals recorded in 2019, according to the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Under a new travel bubble agreement those travelling between Hong Kong and Singapore will need to have a negative coronavirus test result and travel on dedicated planes Under a new travel bubble agreement those travelling between Hong Kong and Singapore will need to have a negative coronavirus test result and travel on dedicated planes Photo: AFP / May JAMES

The joint statement said there would be no limit on what type of travel will be allowed between Hong Kong and Singapore, meaning tourists will be as welcome as business travellers.

Those travelling between the two hubs will need to have a negative coronavirus test result and travel on dedicated planes.

They will not need to quarantine for a period of time on arrival. No transit passengers will be allowed on board the travel bubble flights.

Both governments “look forward to the resumption of travel between both cities, with the necessary safeguards in place to ensure that public health concerns of both sides are addressed,” the joint statement said.

Industry groups welcomed the announcement and said they hoped similar bubbles would be formed.

Jason Wong, Hong Kong’s Travel Industry Council, said the arrangement — though welcomed — wouldn’t save the city’s tourism industry that has been largely paralysed by the epidemic.

“We would most love to have similar schemes with destinations like Japan, Thailand and South Korea,” Wong told AFP.

“Hopefully having the first one would help Hong Kong to convince more partners.”

Public health experts cautiously welcomed the Singapore Hong Kong travel bubble but cautioned corridors only worked for those places that have got a handle on the disease.

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Hong Kong and Singapore to set up a ‘travel bubble’ as Covid cases fall

(CNN) — Hong Kong and Singapore plan to open an “air travel bubble” that allows residents to travel between the two Asian hubs without requiring quarantine or restrictive control measures, authorities announced on Thursday.
Open travel in both the Chinese city and the Southeast Asian country has been suspended for months. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, both governments shut borders and denied entry to most non-residents and short-term visitors. In Hong Kong, returning residents are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine and wear an electronic bracelet to track their location.

But both cities have managed to get their Covid outbreaks under control, and reported low numbers of local infections in the past few months — which is why they agreed in principle to the travel bubble plan during discussions on Wednesday, according to the statement.

“This is a milestone in our efforts to resume normalcy while fighting against the long-drawn battle of Covid-19,” said Edward Yau, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, in the statement.

Ong Ye Kung, Singapore’s Minister for Transport, called it a “significant” move forward.

“It is a safe, careful but significant step forward to revive air travel, and provide a model for future collaboration with other parts of the world,” he added.

There isn’t yet a launch date for the travel bubble, but details will be fleshed out in the coming weeks, they said.

Under the travel bubble plan, travelers are required to have tested negative for Covid-19 using a “mutually recognized” test.

There are no restrictions on travel purpose — visitors can come and go for business, pleasure, study or otherwise. They will fly on designated flights that only serve travel-bubble passengers.

Critically, travelers will not be subject to any quarantine or stay-home notice requirements, or a controlled itinerary.

However, this all depends on the Covid-19 situation, the statement added — if the virus numbers shift in either location, the plan could change with it by increasing or decreasing the number of flights, or even suspending the program.

Containing local outbreaks

The travel bubble and the low Covid-19 cases reflect a remarkable turnaround in both places.

Hong Kong experienced a third wave earlier this summer, with daily new cases leaping from the single digits up to a peak of 149 in July. Restrictions, which had been slowly easing swiftly came back, with public gatherings capped at two people and a brief total suspension of all dine-in services.

The restrictions drew public criticism at times — construction workers and daily laborers, for instance, were photographed crouching by the sidewalk or near public bathrooms with takeout boxes.

But the restrictions also appear to have worked: Hong Kong’s new case count had dropped back to about a dozen a day by August, and even reached zero on some days.

Earlier this spring, Singapore struggled to contain soaring infection numbers, with daily cases surpassing 1,000 a day by April. The vast majority of cases occurred in crowded dormitories for migrant workers, many from South and Southeast Asian

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Hotel In Singapore

There is no such thing as a single thing that makes an excellent hotel. The Hotels are the “Official Hotel Group of UK Athletics and the Nice Britain and Northern Eire Athletics Group.” Hilton Hotels at the moment are constructing laptop information on customer preferences utilizing a system called OnQ, pronounced “on cue”.

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For that reason, a variety of New Orleans hotels provide pet-pleasant companies to make holidays extra satisfying. Clients get pleasure from profiting from particular discounts on certain companies supplied by hotels. Having someplace to relax and perhaps have a chat with other friends is all a part of the hotel expertise and most visitors make use of the hotel bar in some unspecified time in the future of their keep.

You can measure the effectivity of your housekeeping services via KPIs such because the number of out there workers members for cleaning, the suggestions of consumers based mostly upon the housekeeping providers they have acquired and the overall amount of time required for cleansing among others.

Location: Hotels that are located close to an airport or located in a metropolis’s business district usually cater to business vacationers as a result of they will completely respond business vacationers travel style. This helps to elucidate why some folks do select to remain in a tent, moderately than choosing a hotel.…

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Hotels In Singapore

The word hotel originated from the French phrase hotel, derived from the word hote – meaning host. While 5 star hotels can cater to the needs of affluent guests, small and medium vary hotels and lodging homes can be found for use by a middle class traveler. Distribution of services continues inside your hotel and involves each your workers and your means to communicate together with your company (i.e., telephone programs, TELEVISION ordering, even doorknob signs).

The distinguished Hilton Malta promises the best in accommodation and a excessive commonplace of service for which Hilton hotels are famend. Some individuals wishing to have Cotswolds weekend breaks keep at a Cotswold mattress and breakfast that’s truly an English nation home with magnificent gardens.

Most prospects enjoy making the most of hotel recreational providers. Queen Victoria’s father, the Duke of Kent, travelled to Exeter to obtain the liberty of the city, however died while staying in Sidmouth on twenty third January 1820. High growth areas of the hospitality business include meals and drinks, and full service hotels.

If you’re planning to show your services and products to the hospitality business, you have to approach hotel planners. Simple Transportation: Enterprise travelers need to be places on time and with minimal trouble. It will result in greater exposure of your companies to individuals within the hospitality industry.

Enterprise hotels make the important distinction of providing good customer service quickly and efficiently, rightly to your wants. Since 1919, Hilton Hotels has led the way in which with innovations for executives on the street. The corridors of such hotels come alive with international clothing manufacturers sported by elite friends.…

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