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Bring Travel Home With Your Senses

New Normal is now cliché, but there’s no denying that 2020 will likely become slang to our kids for anything terrible. Between sitting through Zoom meetings, masking up to buy groceries and standing on the six-feet-apart dots in line, any joy we can bring to our lives is appreciated.  

In other posts we’ve talked about creative staycation activities including backyard camping and geocaching. Today I want to share some of my favorite ways to bring travel inside your home. Sometimes it’s about evoking memories from a specific destination, but just as often you may be craving something more ethereal: The serenity you can only get from a luxury hotel stay. 

I have a term, Gilded Cage Syndrome (GCS), that describes the paralysis that comes from the feeling you can only get from lounging in a perfectly serene hotel room.  In fact, I don’t tend to book fancy hotels in destinations that I want to explore because I’ve had too many days slip through my fingers between the perfectly white high thread count sheets, the bespoke toiletries and the absolute quiet you can only get when you are alone with a great book and maybe a glass of Syrah. 

I think moms are most susceptible to GCS, especially now that your home is full of little people (and maybe big people) who constantly demand our attention. While I can’t remove the kids from your home, I can at least share how you can bring the sensations of travel into your own space.  


If you do better with auditory lessons, Cambria Hotels has come to the rescue with a series of short-but-sweet podcasts giving you actionable tips on the hotel experience at home.  Between designing tips about bringing the local environment into your space to creating a spa experience, the Travel Inspired with Cambria Hotels podcasts are a soothing balm for frazzled nerves. I listen on Spotify, but you can also find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Stitcher, Pandora, iHeart and Google Podcasts.

While we’re on Spotify, let me also introduce you to Le Meridien Hotels’ playlists.  The Le Meridien chain, like Cambria mentioned above, lies in my sweet spot between value and luxury, with a dash of culture and a taste of local flair. If you’ve ever stayed at a Le Meridien, you’re already familiar with the jazzy, sultry and relaxing vibe the hotels demonstrate every time you step into an elevator.  You’ll never hear about pina coladas and getting caught in the rain at a Le Meridien. The hotel chain has made a number of curated playlists on Spotify that, if I close my eyes, take me back to Shanghai or Paris, if only for a moment.  


I’ll understand if your memory of Las Vegas scents runs to old cigarettes and industrial solvent, but my Sin City scent story features coconut, banana and pineapple with clove and cinnamon spices finished with vanilla. I breathe deeply every time I enter the Mandalay Bay resort on the

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Six Senses Opens Final Lodge on Bhutan Circuit

It’s been years in the making and now Six Senses has unveiled its fifth and final lodge in Bhutan. Luxury adventurers can embark on a circuit around the Himalayan kingdom, staying in diverse accommodations across Bhutan’s western and central valleys, each designed around a specific theme. The five-valley Six Senses khamsa (“journey”) is a reflection of the hospitality brand’s values: a commitment to wellness, sustainability and unique, immersive experiences. 

Six Senses Bumthang is called the “Forest Within A Forest” and is a celebration of trees (the accommodations were built around them instead of clearing them). The sacred heart of Bhutan, Bumthang is known for ancient monasteries in four pristine valleys carved by scenic rivers. Activities in the area include half and full-day treks to important Buddhist pilgrimage sites, a palace tour, excursions to local villages, not to mention a visit to the Red Panda brewery to try the local barley beer. 

Six Senses Bumthang has eight suites with balconies overlooking the forested valley. In keeping with the tree theme, a pine sapling has been planted in a vestibule in the center of each suite. Traveling with friends or family? The two-bedroom villa has spacious living and dining areas alongside a spa treatment space. The lodge’s restaurant is called Tongtshang, or Pine Forest, and offers local dishes made with seasonal ingredients like freshwater algae, hazelnuts and mushrooms. True to Six Senses’ brand philosophy, the wellness treatments are rooted in the traditional therapies of the region; after a day of hiking, guests can try a dotsho hot stone bath or the Bhutan-inspired Hingsangsa Zoni bathing ritual which incorporates Himalayan salts.

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