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$11K Lottery Ticket | Book A Haunted Hotel Room: Saturday Smiles

Are you looking for some lighter news this weekend? We have a dozen stories that will make you smile.

Livermore Store Sells Winning Lottery Ticket

  • Find out where one of the top winning tickets, drawn Saturday, was sold.

Masked Intruders Paw Their Way Inside Redwood City Bank

  • The trespassers knocked over a computer before being shooed to safety.

San Francisco Runner Spells ‘Vote 2020’ On Virtual Marathon Map

  • Emily Hou sent the message to Chicago, via the virtual Chicago Marathon, to encourage residents there to get out and vote.

Want To Meet A Presidential Ghost? Book This Hotel Room

  • San Francisco’s storied Palace Hotel has hosted presidents and movie stars. Some, it’s said, never checked out.

Danville K-9 Patrol Officer ‘Loizo’ Turns 2

  • Happy birthday to this good boy, trained in tracking, scent detection, searches and criminal apprehension.

Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week: Bay Area

  • Stay up late to see the Orionid meteor shower, known for its extended peak, this week in the Bay Area.

New Drive-In Movie Theaters Popping Up Across Bay Area

  • Drive-in movie theaters are opening throughout the Bay Area amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Laugh It Off With Bay Area Comedy Streaming

  • There’s a variety of Bay Area-based comedy available online.

Watsonville Police Cruiser Getting Pink Makeover

  • The effort is part of the department’s “Pink Patch Project” for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

New Regional Park Opens In East Bay

  • The shoreline park has an observation pier, connects to the Bay Bridge Bicycle-Pedestrian Trail, and other amenities.

Halloween Haunts, Fun & Pumpkin Patches 2020: SF Bay Area Guide

  • Halloween is still on the calendar! Check out nearby events, corn mazes & trick-or-treating for this most spook-tacular time of the year.

How To Roast Perfect Pumpkin Seeds For Halloween

  • If you visited a pumpkin patch, you have some carving and cooking to do. Here’s our favorite seed recipe and how to preserve your pumpkin.

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Is This Historic Santa Monica Hotel Haunted?

SANTA MONICA, CA — One of the earliest stays and great architectural designs in Santa Monica is also rumored to be one of the spookiest. The Georgian Hotel on Ocean Avenue opened in 1933 and was converted to apartments in the 1960s. In the 1990s it was converted back into a hotel—and some say some guests never left.

The gorgeous, bright blue and gold art deco gem is recognized as a historic landmark in the city. It was built at 1415 Ocean View Avenue in 1931 by architect M. Eugene Durfee, according to the Santa Monica Conservancy. The building was one of the tallest in Santa Monica for many years. Durfee was also known for the Art Deco Central Tower Building at 1424 Fourth Street, which was completed in 1929.

The Georgian Hotel was built in the Depression, which halted much of the city’s tourism and leisure industry at the time, but some wealthy clients still wanted to be near the ocean. Once it was completed and opened, the hotel attracted the rich and stylish, including some of the early Hollywood celebrities.

Stars like Carole Lombard and Clark Gable would sneak away to the coast to get away and stay there. People also loved the famed speakeasy, where it was private and guests could drink in comfort—before Prohibition was repealed.

According to Santa Monica Daily Press, “some current guests allege the spirits of former tenants still linger” with stories circling of staff getting phone calls from unoccupied rooms and hearing voices in the former speakeasy space.

“One of our overnight officers tells a story about getting a telephone call from a guest room that was not occupied and he just heard giggling,” Westermeier told SMPD. “A guest claims to have checked into their room, put their stuff down and jumped into the shower. When they came out the television was on, the bed was open and the suitcase was empty.”

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The Burlington Hotel: Haunted Or Not?

PORT COSTA, CA — If the rumors are true, then one of the most haunted places in the Bay Area is right here in Contra Costa County: the Burlington Hotel in Port Costa.

Touted as the “Victorian jewel of historic Port Costa, California,” the Burlington Hotel is “set in a canyon in John Muir country on the shores of the Carquinez Strait and surrounded by sprawling parkland and open space, the hotel offers a glimpse into the region’s colorful past … and 19 unusual rooms to choose from.”

One source describes it as an, “Historic three-story 18-room hotel with a reputation for disarray, vintage trappings, and playful spirits. It may have been a bordello, but no one knows for sure. Look for the E Clampus Vitus historical plaque.”

A cruise by showed the plaque was still in place:

The Burlington Hotel
Established 1883

Port Costa’s old timers are quite certain that the rumor of the Burlington Hotel being a bordello is untrue. The reasoning is that the respected owners and their families lived nearby, therefore it could not have been a bordello.

However, the archives of the ancient and honorable order of E. Clampus Vitus will once and for all put to rest these rumors. Our records indicate that not only was the Burlington Hotel a bordello but it was highly ranked among the California bordellos of the era. This five star rating was maintained for many decades in the early 1900s.

Dedicated by Joaquin Murrieta Chapter 13
E. Clampus Vitus

Bordello as in brothel; “Credo Quia Absurdum” as in “I believe because it is absurd.”


The Burlington Hotel was built when Port Costa was a stop on the Transcontinental Railroad.

“There were businesses built on the docks — boarding houses, saloons, shops — but the Burlington would have been the place ‘in town’ where people who wanted to avoid the riff-raff would have stayed,” according to another source.

When the Benicia Bridge was built in the 1930s, Port Costa “went from boom to bust, immediately ending the need for the train ferries that supported the waterfront town.”

When the Warehouse Cafe opened across the street from the hotel, many a patron reportedly stumbled into the Burlington for a tipsy tryst or a place to sleep it off, helping restore the hotel’s lagging business.

According to a more frightful account, the Burlington has a reputation of being one of the oldest operating hotels in California, if not the oldest, which could explain the invisible figure who taps guests on the shoulder.

“In its heyday, the building was known for the parties that were thrown on its grounds and is said to have been used as a brothel. Some of the guests who used to frequent it may still be here.”


In an effort to confirm or dispel rumors it is haunted, Patch reached out to the Burlington Hotel; should we hear back we’ll update this post.

A reporter who visited the hotel in 2018

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The most haunted hotel in your state

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

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Arizona’s Most Haunted: The dark history lurking inside the Jerome Grand Hotel

Rumors of spirits roaming the halls, ghostly wails, and moving inanimate objects have spread through the Jerome Grand Hotel.

JEROME, Ariz. — Dominating the views of central Arizona’s rolling hills is a mission-style building draped in shades of beige and red that’s rich with history… not all of it good.

A steel gate greets guests as they make their way up the nearly 100-year-old elevator and towards their rooms. On the third floor, just a few steps through the antique yet regal hallway is Room 32 of the Jerome Grand Hotel: one of the state’s most haunted places.

From spirits roaming the halls, ghostly wails in the silence, and inanimate objects becoming alive with movement, guests of the Jerome Grand have shared paranormal stories since the hotel opened in 1996.

Three 12 News digital producers wanted to find the answers for themselves. This is their story:

Some clues about the hotel’s haunted history still remain, like a row of unused industrial lights in the hallway, a clinical layout to each room or strangely wide doors big enough for a gurney.

Before the building’s revival as a hotel, the Jerome Grand was a hospital where many people spent their final hours.

Countless souls have passed through the halls of the Jerome Grand Hotel in its previous life, and some believe a few of those spirits still linger on – perhaps malevolent or maybe just lost.

Accidental deaths, tragic suicides and even rumors of murder are just a few of the stories that have swirled through the hotel for the last century. 

The Jerome Grand has garnered a dark reputation for anyone brave enough to wander through.

Three 12 News employees booked Room 32 to find out the truth.

Just moments after checking in, a family asked them if the hotel was truly haunted. A curious couple next door wanted to peer inside Room 32 and see what lurked inside.

The ghost-hunting digital producers gave the spirits every chance they could to make their presence known.

They used an EMF reader designed to detect traces of strange radiation, a special radio that cycled through hundreds of frequencies, an infrared camera to see through the darkness and even an Ouiji board to communicate with whatever may haunt the halls.

Thick binders in the lobby contain reams of testimonials from visitors who swear they came face-to-face with a spirit.

It’s now become part of Jerome’s appeal, and its residents have embraced the town’s haunted reputation.

But what is it about ghost stories that captivate the human imagination?

Perhaps learning more about the paranormal gives us more insight into what happens after our own inevitable demise.

However, the reality of what spirits may or may not exist inside Room 32 is something you must experience yourself to believe – if you dare.

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5 Of The Most Haunted Hotels In Devon

Within the modern times, the best way individuals spend their vacations has undergone a fantastic change. In late afternoon, evening, or nighttime (for those who prefer to remain in your hotel), you will positively wish to sit back within the hotel’s 24-hour restaurant or enjoy a beer or cocktail in café or bar (or coffee lounge). Comfortable hotels and accommodation facilities play a vital function in popularizing any tourist vacation spot.

Hilton hotels are upscale, full service properties catering to business and leisure company. Within the POS sector there are various working hospitality management systems catering for the food vendor sector, particularly eating places, cafés, takeaway retailers and delis.

One of the vital widespread plumbing problems confronted by hotels, motels, condominium buildings, nursing homes and different massive services is clogged or damaged sewer mains. Hilton Hotels are internationally known for their Hilton Conferences Business Facilities.

In searching for a dependable measure of how a hotel is performing on charges and income, ARR produces an inflated impression of the actual figures, while RevPar offers a true image of revenue achieved from lodging obtainable ie. overall capability.

The chain is targeted on the needs of enterprise and leisure travelers who want a full array of high quality services. The reality is hotels and successful companies of all types usually share one related trait and this is they are nice at communication. three) Internet, emails, direct mailing, print media are all good mediums of getting your message across to people within the hospitality enterprise.…

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