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We believe that when a hotel advertises free WiFi, they should provide travelers with a fast and reliable connection. Business travelers depend on the internet to stay connected to clients, remain in contact with the office, and to conduct meetings on the go. Recreational guests want fast WiFi for entertainment purposes, and for keeping in touch with family and friends. Unfortunately, many hotels who boast about free WiFi neglect to ensure that the quality the connection is worth the price they charge for the stay.

The availability of WiFi has become a major factor when it comes to how many people choose their accommodation, but selecting a hotel for their WiFi is useless when service is spotty, bandwidth limited. No one wants to deal with constant buffering and slow speeds that limit browsing and downloading. This is why we urge you to take our speed test during your next hotel stay.

Our speed test accurately assesses the speed and other characteristics of the hotel’s network, and allows you to leave a venue tip on foursquare or tweet with mentioning the hotel’s Twitter account. Because your results are bound to the hotel in which you are staying, our speed test is an excellent way to alert them about problems with the service they offer, and motivate them to make changes for the better. You can also offer praise for hotels that go above and beyond and offer great service. During your next hotel stay, visit, take the test, and start sharing so that better hotel WiFi becomes a reality for all of us.

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Travel Deals: Find Cheap Flights Plus Hotel Discounts

Get the best hotel deals

If you’re looking for exclusive vacation deals, you’re in the right place. Travelocity offers one-of-a-kind hotel deals and discounts that match every budget. Whether booking your accommodation for 1 night or 1 week, for a romantic getaway or a family fun trip, you’ll find a variety of discount hotels at your fingertips. Use the extra cash you saved on lodging to splurge on sightseeing: view local landmarks, taste authentic cuisine and experience the cultural sites now that you’ve saved big on your hotel.

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Enjoy a worry-free trip when you book your vacation package on Travelocity. Find fantastic seasonal travel deals—such as cruise and flight deals or last-minute travel deals—that will keep your wallet and your adventurous spirit full. Discover how to bundle your flight and hotel or perhaps your flight and rental car; there is no shortage of cheap vacation packages. Why don’t you explore cheap vacations for two to surprise your special someone? No matter what your vacation goals are, there’s sure to be a package within your budget so you can get the best travel deals out there.

Top flight deals

Planning for a trip doesn’t have to be a hassle. Travelocity makes it convenient and easy for you to book a flight. Filter your search to round-trip flights or check out our offers on cheap international flights—whichever you choose, you’ll be happy with the exceptional discounts. With Travelocity, you can also book last-minute flights with ease. Book online now and find cheap flight deals that you won’t see anywhere else. Trust us.

Find the best cruise deals

With countless cheap cruise deals to popular destinations, why not travel by sea for your next vacation adventure? There’s no need to spend hours combing through cruise websites; Travelocity does all the hard work for you by finding cheap cruises to destinations all over the world. The only work you’ll need to do is figure out which activities you’ll participate in while on board. There’s no need to be jealous of your friends’ cheap vacations; choose from Travelocity’s cruise deals that cater to all sorts of budgets, and, before long, you too will find yourself sipping a cocktail on deck.

Best rental car deals

Put yourself in the driver’s seat when you rent a car with Travelocity. Find a discount car rental from major car providers so you’re in control of getting where you want, when you want. Whether you’re reserving a car for a longer road trip or looking for rental car deals for the weekend, simply pick your style, load up your bags and head out onto the open road. It’s as easy as that! Score a cheap discount on a rental car and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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Find a Park

Bicentennial Park Image

233 Civic Center Dr.
Columbus, OH 43215
View on Map

Historically one of Columbus’ most popular parks, Bicentennial Park has been transformed to a downtown destination with the addition of a one-of-kind fountain, park restaurant and eye-catching performance pavilion. From flower gardens to fountain play and concerts to culinary delights, the park offers something for everyone.


The Promenade, a grand boulevard that stretches along Civic Center Drive from Broad Street to Rich Street, connects Battelle Riverfront Park with the John W. Galbreath Bicentennial Park. The Promenade features a stone colonnade with swings, gardens, water canals and table seating for a game of chess or dominoes. Lined with trees and seasonal flowers, the stone-paved pedestrian walk provides a canopy of shade during hot summer days.

The Huntington Plaza fountains, in the center of the promenade, feature unique bronze fish playfully spouting water. The Town Street Prow, located at the site of the former Town Street Bridge, provides a scenic overlook of the Scioto River. Free Wi-Fi service, provided by Spectrum, is available along the Promenade and throughout the Scioto Mile.

Scioto Mile Fountain presented by the American Electric Power Foundation

The American Electric Power Foundation Fountain is the centerpiece of Bicentennial Park. The stunning 15,000 square-foot fountain has more than 1,000 jets of water that take on a multitude of forms and shapes. The fountain has interactive features with access for children of all ages, as well as a 75-foot towering jet of water. At night the fountain experience is enhanced by unique lighting and fog effects that form a backdrop for artistic light projections. Fountain shows take place daily throughout the summer.

The Fountain within Bicentennial Park is now closed for season. We’ll see you in 2020!

Fountain Rules

  • Children under 8-years-old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Pets are not permitted in any of the fountains at any time.
  • Children not potty-trained must wear swim diapers in the fountains.
  • Please walk and do not run.
  • Fountain water is re-circulated, so please avoid getting water in your mouth.
  • Please stay out of the fountain if you are ill.
  • Diaper changing permitted only in the public restrooms.
  • Please wash hands after using the restroom or changing a diaper.

Milestone 229 Park Restaurant

Overlooking the park is a state-of-the-art, glass-enclosed restaurant with a covered outdoor dining terrace. Offering panoramic views of the fountain and riverfront, the restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. An architectural icon along the riverfront, the building design includes roof-top solar panels to help power the fountain and restaurant. Official Website

Bicentennial Park Pavilion

Designed to enhance downtown arts and cultural experiences, Bicentennial Park is home to a brand new performance pavilion. The venue hosts free music, dance and theatrical performances presented by the Recreation and Parks Department, and offers rental opportunities for other community events.

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Virginia Beach – Find Hotels, Things To Do, Restaurants & Events

Virginia Beach Events

virgnia beach event

World Record Holding Beach

The Guinness Book of World Records has awarded us the title of “Longest Pleasure Beach.” We have 35 miles of coastline waiting to be explored. Are you looking for great campgrounds? Do you want to swim alongside dolphins in the wild? Are you looking for your first Billfish catch? Do you want to return to work with a killer tan that makes everyone envious? You’ll find everything you need right here.


Incredible Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Where the Atlantic meets our shore is our world famous boardwalk. Here you’ll find a 3-mile long concrete path that guides you through 59 blocks of popular statues, stages for music and entertainment, shops, restaurants, hotels, and gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you’re walking around during the day or night, there’s never a dull moment when strolling along this boardwalk. Don’t be surprised when you run into unexpected art shows, musical performances, or festivals on the Boardwalk – especially in the summer! If you like to roller-blade, skateboard, or bike ride, there is a bike path that is parallel to the Boardwalk. It’s designed for everything with non-motorized wheels. Get your wheelie on without worrying about pedestrians!


Beautiful and Scenic Oceanfront

Naturally, this one of the main reasons so many people come to visit. It’s so easy to relax when you’re sitting or laying in the warm sand by the gentle yet powerful lapping waves of the Atlantic. Enjoy swimming in the warm ocean and experience the health benefits of the salt water and other healthy minerals you’ll absorb at the VA Beach Oceanfront. It provides its guests with a super clean atmosphere to enjoy while soaking up the sun on soft tan sand.

Virginia Beach’s Best Hotels

Popular Things To Do in Virginia Beach

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Cruise Search | Find Cruises for 2020-2022

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Find a Park – Oregon State Parks and Recreation

Best Hotel Booking Sites (to Find Cheap Deals in 2020)

As with the best flight booking sites, there’s no shortage of resources available when you need to book a cheap hotel room. From metasearch engines that send you to company sites, to bookable OTAs (online travel agencies), to corporate hotel sites, the options for the best hotel booking sites can be overwhelming. But when doing your hotel search, deciding which sites to compare should depend on how often they offer the best hotel deals, and how you prefer to view and filter search results.

The Best Hotel Booking Sites for Comparing Prices

For most travel planning, the best overall strategy is to compare prices from multiple sources including the hotel’s own website, as it will sometimes offer deals not shared with third-party sites, or offer the same rates as third-party sites minus pesky booking fees. Hotels sites will also offer package deals—bundled amenity inclusions and the like—that aren’t shared with third-party sites.

Bottom line: Whether you search with a hotel site on this list or a preferred hotel search engine of your own, always check the hotel’s actual website as well, or call its reservations line, to make sure you really are getting the best hotel deal.

If you’re trying to figure out how best to search for cheap hotels: First, scan this quick list of the best hotel search sites, in no particular order. Then, scroll down to read in-depth summaries of each.

No list of the best hotel booking sites is exhaustive, but these 11 represent a combination of great crowd favorites mixed with some newer, similarly performing hotel search options that you might not know about.

All of them fared well in tests: Prices for the same dates and destinations were fairly consistent from site to site, but the volatility of results may vary based on your destination, how far in advance you’re looking for the best hotel deals, and the time of year you visit (i.e., high season vs. low).

With that in mind, here are the best hotel booking sites to compare prices with for your next trip, plus the best feature of each one. If any hotel sites are missing that you think should be included, please mention it in the comments.

Check out SmarterTravel’s roundup of the best in booking sites for 2020. Want more expert tips and vacation inspiration? Subscribe to SmarterTravel on YouTube! Hotel Booking Site Screenshot

Insofar as keeping your options open goes, returns the most eclectic search results by far, with a healthy mix of hotels, apartments, and hostels. But whether this is a good or bad thing depends entirely on your preferences. If you’re not a fan of hostels, for example, hotel search results like this mean that you have to filter them out, creating an extra step that other hotel booking sites don’t require. That said, offers something for everyone. And its handy hotel search engine displays the total cost up front (except taxes) which, like HotelsCombined, is helpful when comparing cheap hotel rates; being able to see